Two Hilarious Moms Model The Medieval Undergarments They Wear Now That They’ve Had Kids

If you’ve ever looked down at yourself while forcing your flab into multiple layers of nude spandex and thought “what the eff am I doing,” #IMomSoHard may have some answers. These two moms are keeping it tight with the help of various hard-to-get-into undergarments, and they aren’t embarrassed to show you exactly how hilarious that looks.

#IMomSoHard is the creation of Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, two Los Angeles moms who are both originally from small-town Nebraska. The simple concept of their show is that they’re friends who talk to each other, and the viewer gets to feel like a lucky third buddy who’s just sitting there giggling. They explain their popularity—they have over 100,000 fans on Facebook—this way:

“Moms have a sort of shorthand with one another, where you can just say what you’re thinking and feeling without having to qualify it. Moms already know that you love your kids; that goes without saying. So we can make fun of ourselves and our lives (while still loving them) and other moms just get it.”

Their conversations cover every topic a mom could hope for, from what time you can start drinking wine to how to remove your kid’s boogers from your clothes. And of course, post-having-children periods.

When asked if they ever feel awkward exposing themselves to the world, they say feeling uncomfortable is “how we know we’re being honest. If Kristin calls Jen and says, ‘Is this too much?’ it’s probably right where we want to be: being honest and vulnerable.”

And making the videos has exposed them to a supportive and encouraging “mom team” online. They say, “There’s things everyone disagrees on but everyone loves their kids and everyone has hair that grows in weird places.”

Speaking of which, their most popular video is about body hair—including nipple hair.

As the moms put it, “If we didn’t laugh about it, we’d cry. And how funny is crying? Not very.”

h/t: Someecards