Woman Records Her Life As A Third Wheel

For those of us who are perpetually single and NOT loving it, being around people in committed relationships is a real drag. Nothing reminds us of our misery like seeing someone else’s happiness up close. Sometimes just hearing about someone’s relationship is enough to drive us up a wall. Sometimes, our committed friends don’t even have the decency to complain about the terrible parts of their relationships! They have the gall to talk about the NICE parts!

So rude.

If you struggle with Third Wheel Life, you now have your champion: the creator of the Instagram account Third Wheel Extravaganza, in which she takes selfie after selfie of herself alongside happy couples, always with a deadpan stare that says, “Kill me now.”

After all, what is life without begrudging other people’s happiness? There’s probably a German word for that exact feeling, but for now, check out a gallery of third wheel misery below.

1. Sometimes she’s not a third wheel, she’s a FIFTH wheel. Double ouch.

2. Can’t even grab a soda without confronting your crushing loneliness.

3. She thought tonight would be just her and the girls. Thanks, phones.

4. Nothing kills a party’s vibe like a surprise proposal.

5. On the plus side, since those two are so distracted, she gets to pick what’s on TV.

6. Taken immediately after they tried to explain their “adorable” inside joke.

7. The black-and-white color scheme really compliments her existential anguish.

8. They’ve got the middle seat and the aisle seat. She’s trapped.

9. I’d like a pair of size six pumps, and a quadruple bourbon.

10. Time to see if you can hide beneath those couch cushions.

11. “I got plenty of time to braid my hair since I’m not BUSY WITH DATING!”

12. To a third wheel, weddings are the Super Bowl. For the losing team.

13. “If they start kissing, I’m burning this place down.”