11 Women Who Didn’t Play Along When Dudes Asked Them To ‘Send Nudes’

One of the most annoying things women have to deal with is men’s constant requests for nudes. “Send nudes,” they’ll text, as though we’re prepared to do anything they say, as if they actually deserve that. It can get tiring just saying no, so these women came up with really creative ways of saying “no” that initially seem like “yes.” If he’s going to waste your time asking for nudes, you might as well waste his time letting him think for a minute he’s actually going to get them.

11. Great tits

So you want me to send nudes?

10. The perfect shower accessory

9. He wasn’t specific enough

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8. Sometimes it takes a while

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7. Ask and ye shall receive

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6. So many directions!

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5. The towel master



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4. Mmmm finger lickin’ good

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3. Nudes = Michael Cera

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2. Jedi mind trick

Response to “send me nudes.”

1. What, her face isn’t good enough?

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