May 7th, 2009

Doubledelish - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Double your pleasure. Double your built-in chaps.

(submitted by Jane)

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  1. shugo says:

    Teal should be legally removed from the color palette.

  2. Bryan Langey says:

    “Double the built-in chaps”

    … yup, and with chokers, too.

  3. bwuh says:

    Hank Azaria? I didn’t know you had a twin!

  4. Axl says:

    no, you are all wrong. its actually a pepsi comercial…

  5. Kristine says:

    I met these guys a few years ago at the Twins Days festival in Twisburg, Ohio. It’s an annual festival of twins. Everyone dresses like their twin to celebrate being alike (in contrast to the day to day when most twins try to celebrate their uniqueness). When I was there in 2002 or 2003, they dressed just like this. They’re odd guys and even amongst the crazy antics of the Twins festival, they stand out.

  6. KatMilkerN-Motown says:

    Sadly…I had one of the neklaces those strappin-fellas are wearing. This is tote early 90’s – damn, I wish we could blame the 80’s though.

  7. cheryl says:

    parachute trackkies…hmmm must go thru photo album and burn all 80’s photos

  8. howie says:

    Robin, you’re wrong. Look closely-er – Those tracksuits are not mirrored.

  9. theresa says:

    wtf wow lmao!! rockin the 80s!!!

  10. D F Stuckey says:

    OMG, not another Greenpeace advert on the dangers of human cloning . . .

  11. lucky says:

    Picture if you will…

  12. bingoandme2 says:

    Obviously it was a twins convention.

  13. Yvette says:

    Actually now that I think of it, I am pretty sure I had a track suit just like that pink one

  14. DM says:

    maybe this has been posted before but: what is the white piece of cloth (i think) between the legs of the couple on the right doing there? is there someone hiding behind them? Maybe a third couple?

    They are not triplets ARE THEY?????

  15. Yvette says:

    this picture is AWESOME!!

  16. The Wisdom Cube says:

    These are the four biggest Color Me Badd fans out there. And it shows.

  17. Laura says:

    Wow! the 80’s were a very special time.

  18. Madison says:

    The mens’ side parts are epic

  19. SweetPea says:

    They are soulful and elegant.

  20. SEM says:

    Wow. The 90’s were so cruel. I’m pretty sure I had that same wind suit thing. Good gawd.

  21. Ricky Bobby says:

    What are the twin girls looking at? They are both looking in opposite directions?!

    • Janet says:

      They are searching for a cuter set of twins. Love the chaps, the chokers, but especially the perfectly matched comb-overs. LOL!

  22. I agree with BDB2 – this looks photoshopped in the back. The only question is WHY?!

  23. Travis says:

    Hey look, cotton candy!!!

  24. Rosie says:


    Is there anything not awkward about this???

  25. Rudat says:

    What’s up with the faux chaps on those denim pants??? Are they 80’s style crotch enhancers?

  26. Me says:

    That’s trippy, mannnn.

  27. MST says:

    This happens to me every time I tilt my head and my bifocals get in the way.
    (Anyone older than 50 is laughing at this comment)

  28. Barb says:

    Looks like this was taken from the “TwinsDay Festival” in Twinsburg Ohio. Held in August of every year. several thousand twins (and multiples) arrive to celebratebeing a twin. Twinsburg was founded by a set of twins. These 4 must have been late for the parade!

  29. Philbrick says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  30. smiling says:

    It’s amazing!!!!!

  31. Mizzdarling says:


  32. Heather says:

    OMG! I don’t know where to look.

  33. Beth says:

    Oh dear god!!!

  34. Mel says:

    something to look back on and be proud of!

  35. valerie says:

    are they wearing paper outfits?

  36. Lisa says:

    It’s early ’90’s…shellsuit era..I lived through it * shudders*

  37. The11thHour says:

    I feel like I’m looking at one of those ‘Spot the difference’ things. Oh! The guy on the right has black beads in his necklace! The girl on the right has a stripe on her leg! Guy on left is showing more chest! Right guy had one more bong hit than left guy!

  38. graphicartist2k5 says:

    this is what yanni would look like if he had a twin brother, and they both dressed like italian cowboys.

  39. BDB2 says:

    I seriously think ya’ll have a “Photoshop moment” here… there are huge inconsistencies in the background angles and exposures. Pieces of things that don’t align and multiple hunks of sidewalk. Everything is well layered in front, but the background is a mess.

    • Sam says:

      You know, I don’t think so. I went back and looked closer and I was totally ready to agree with you. I was thinking there was two photos of the couple cut together, but nope! I think the sidewalk is just screwed up! The ladies hair is different and the guys necklaces are different.

      • James says:

        i agree with sam, i think it’s just the corner of a building (the reason for the color change on the wall) and the screwed up side walk is just bad construction, the couples are legit

      • Barbie says:

        I was going to say so when you first posted, but I didn’t want to be the first, but now I will.. I agree with Sam and the others, it isn’t photo shopped.

        Also, I think these ppl are married as I believe I can see a wedding ring on the chicks hand that is holding the Pepsi.. it’s not in the right place and angle to be the bottom of the Pepsi can.

      • trainwrexx says:

        there are also differences in the patterns of the jackets on the ladies

        • Lacie says:

          I believe we have a legit picture on our hands here. There is too much stuff different in this picture for it to have been photo shopped.

          • twin2 says:

            Nope it’s legit. I’ve attended the twins event there myself 22 times now, and that’s just what the sidewalk outside the school looks like.

  40. Dag says:

    “Before he began faith healing, Benny Hinn had a twin… then he found the ring, my precious.”

  41. jessica says:

    The Pepsi can does, indeed, date this picture. The white stripe in the center of the red and was changed from a more calligraphic form to this one– the same thickness across, ‘soulless’ as my graphic design teacher said– in at least 1990. Also when those bone choker things were in. No excuse for the Gardenweasel hair, though…

  42. GeeCee says:

    I do believe the guys are currently the blue and yellow knights at Medieval Times

  43. Babzgrl says:

    Somewhere over the rainbow………

  44. manfromuranus says:

    They should form a band

  45. twotulips says:

    I swear to god I haven’t laughed this much in so long!

  46. ptmen says:

    The guys are kinda cute in a way. T

  47. type says:

    The Pepsi logo is not from the 80’s

  48. Damien says:

    This is late 80’s, I had the shame shirt as the guys in 87-88

  49. Mycroft says:

    A very old picture..

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