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Glamour Down Under

“Toowoomba, QLD, 1997. A family friend who lived next door wanted to get into photography and needed practice so we were the guinea pigs.”

(submitted by IG @tia_vz)

Dazed And Confused

“What’s confusing (echoed by the bewildered looks on our faces) is that *this* is the photo that our parents chose to buy. How bad were the others?

(submitted by IG @kimberly_g and IG @k3v.7n)


“This picture is of my little sister and me in 1996. I loved playing with my baby sister so I was holding her up in the air over my head, playing ‘airplane’. My mom told me moments before this photo was taken that she just ate and that I probably shouldn’t do that but I told her that she already burped and playing with her will be fine. Mom was right.”

(submitted by Rachel)

The Blowout

“My mom and aunt were always into the big huge 80’s hair, but seriously wtf is on my head? My aunt did my hair, and my mom loved it enough to allow me to get professional pictures taken.”

(submitted by Christina) 

The Santa Plan

“As the big sister of little twin brothers, I hatched a master plan for this sinister Mall Santa to snatch them. Counting the miles to the North Pole…”

(submitted by Lori) 

Cat Casual

“My mom saved a ton of 9 Lives cat food labels, and sent away for these awesome customized shirts.”

(submitted by Timothy)

Couch Potatoes: Recreation

“This is me and my two brothers in 1987. We were army brats living in Missouri at the time and my mom was always trying to get good pictures of us to send to our grandparents back home. This one turned out so well that we did a photo recreation for my parents for their 40th anniversary.”

(submitted by IG @bdiddy621)

Christmas Bird

“Christmas Eve in El Paso, Texas. My mom is wearing a Christmas tree outfit while my older brother is the one taking the picture and so I decided to flip him the birdie.”

(submitted by IG @javpez)

Sweater Party

“The photographer of our mother-daughter portrait session posed my younger sister, on the right, as a late arrival to the matchy-matchy sweater party. And my ever-youthful mother was wise to wear a different color to signify that she was the mom and not a sibling.”

(submitted by IG @karas.donut.treks)

Half Baked

“1993. Me and my sister wanted to surprise our mum by baking a cake.”

(submitted by IG @mushroom.pendant)