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The Appetizer

“I was five and my brother was 18 months old and he thought candles were probably something interesting to eat.”

(submitted by IG @laurieompra

Sports Illustrated

“Family photo circa 1993. My mother spared no expense on her new track suit. Funny thing is, we all hate sports.”

(submitted by Erin) 

When Pigs Fly

“My mother’s attempt at a Christmas card photo circa 1994. The family pig Petunia would have none of it and attacked my younger brother while my other brother looks on gleefully.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Laser Clown

“Went to have an enjoyable family photo and instead we were terrified of the clown and had nightmares for weeks. Never wanted to do that again.”

(submitted by Danica)

Seven Heaven

“My beautiful 7th birthday. At least my father was happy.”

(submitted by IG @moonbiien

Hop Away

“Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, circa 1997. One of my brothers is making the best of the situation.”

(submitted by IG @jennyleecapell

The B Sides

“My sister found these in reject pile from a childhood photo shoot, but we think these should really have been chosen for the living room wall.”


(submitted by IG @davislp

You Get What You Pay For

“So about 5 Years ago I ran an ad on Facebook asking for an inexpensive photographer to come to my house. I had just had a new baby and wanted some photos of the children. He came and it was a mess from the start. Here’s just a few of the many awkward photos I got back from this man. You get what you pay for.”


(submitted by IG @lorijr4

The Spirit Of Taking

“This is a photo of my younger sister and I on Christmas in 1996. I’m the one with the triumphant look on my face holding the cards and mashing my hand in my sister’s face. I love this picture because it pretty much sums up the relationship I have with my sister. It also tells you a lot about my family… like the fact that my parents took a picture of the situation before pulling me off of my sister.”

(submitted by Heather)

Me, Myself, And Eye

“Her eyes were closed for the picture but the company said they could fix that. This “zombie” daughter pic sits on my fireplace!”

(submitted by IG @vankannon