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Our Little Angel

“This is my family Christmas card from 1999. I was the angel.”

(submitted by IG @carolinetheengineer

The Letter A

“When I met my year old niece for the first time I thought it would be nice if she and her sister would take pictures with my son. Needless to say that it didn’t go so well. They kept asking if we wanted a re-shoot but these were way too priceless to get rid of.”

(submitted by Crystal)

Salon de Mom

“This is me and my siblings with our homemade haircuts.”

(submitted by Brian)


“Still not sure why my mom wanted to take us for Halloween pics with the Michael Myers of penguins.”

(IG @80summercamp

The Wild Life

“When we were kids my mom was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator at our old farm in Illinois. So let the raccoon party commence!”

(submitted by Rose) 

Fountain of Youth

“My son was almost two weeks old and I decided to do a cute sibling photo but he started to pee and his sister didn’t notice.”

(submitted by IG @jennawoo22)


Kennel Club

“Me, in the kennel with my two older sisters outside of it and our dog Holly. When I was little, whenever we played, I always wanted to be the dog.”

(submitted by IG @beck.explores

Glammed Up

“The day my Mom and sister got glamour shots.”

(submitted by Kurt)


“My sisters and I were professionally photographed with identical dolls in matching prairie dresses.”

(submitted by IG @carinalindberg_23)

On A Pedestal

“While I was away at college my family had to take a portrait for a church directory, so they took a framed photo of me. It was the photographer’s great idea to put me on a pedestal. Also, my Dad and brother had been fighting over something trivial, my Mom was annoyed, and my youngest brother habitually refused to smile for any picture.”

(submitted by Elizabeth)