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“My brother broke his arm so bad that he had to sleep with a wooden stick attached to him to keep it elevated. Clearly Mom found this to be a great opportunity take a photo, and she asked me to get in there too.”

(submitted by Chloe)

Head In An Airplane

“The child with the pilot is my husband. His sister is in the background, for some reason, with her head in an airplane. We refer to any sort of pouting due to personal shame as a ‘head in an airplane.'”

(submitted by Terra)

Knives Out

“My brother cutting his birthday cake in 1967. Times were different then.”

(submitted by IG @ricericebaby142

Circle Of Life

“My dad and brothers photoshoot in 1990. I don’t know where they found the circle prop?”

(submitted by IG @abigailrohan

Trophy Envy

“My little sister was the state champ swimmer. I was the creepy weirdo photobomber with the pixie stick behind her.”

(submitted by IG @sarahbearthecarebear


“My sister and I in the 90s. I think we might have used hydrogen peroxide.”

(submitted by IG @imnomolly

Oh Mother

“This is a picture of my mom, my sister, and me. Guess whose idea it was.”

(submitted by Caren)

Hit It

“My daughter has 4 older brothers so she was a little stinker. She kicked one of her brothers in the privates, felt bad after so she wrote him a sorry note with an illustration. The note says ‘Sorry for hitting you in the Jimmies!’ Take note of my son’s face in the picture, she was spot-on with her illustration. She was 6 years old.”

(submitted by Julie)

Three Amigos

“I tried to do a makeshift photo shoot to surprise my husband with a nice picture of the kids for Father’s Day. The kids were not having it.”

(submitted by Shelly) 

The Waiting Game

“This is a photo of my brother and I playing “Trouble.” Some buy travel-sized board games for traveling, others have them for extended lonesome periods of time in the washroom.”

(submitted by Christina)