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Blowing Up

“Glamour shots from the late 80s with me, my sister, and our mom.”

(submitted by IG @karenjune427

Why So Serious?

“The theme of our family photo from the early 80s was I guess: ‘Let’s pretend we’re having a fun family game night…but be serious.'”

(submitted by IG @annette__kennedy_


“When I was growing up, my dad was an amateur beekeeper.  When a large swarm appeared in our backyard, Dad posed the neighbor Kenny and me (age 4) in front of it, for perspective I suppose.  Those are finger puppets on my hands.  We have other photos where we are standing even closer, but those didn’t come out as well.”

(submitted by Leslie)

The Punk & The Hunk

“I was a punk in high school and my brother got all the ladies.”

(submitted by Nick)

Dirt Foot

“A lovely picture of my Mom and I…oh and my sister’s stanky foot!!”

(submitted by IG @gloria951312

Bowl Boy

“I was busy vacuuming up some spilled cereal when I walked into this bathroom party.”

(submitted by Keisha) 

Bizarro World

“Argentina, 1989. These are my sisters and me with ‘The Pink Panther,’ ‘Alf’ and ‘El Zorro.'”

(submitted by IG @aneleypay

Birthday Pox

“Had the chicken pox on my 7th birthday so my mom made me this special cake.”

(submitted by IG @beerbozo

Werewolf In Blackpool

“Blackpool c.1986. I’m the one in the mask and furry gloves standing with my brother. I wanted to be a werewolf and refused to take the costume off for photos or anything for that matter and kept it on all day.”

(submitted by IG @likecyrano


“Fourth of July 2003. just trying to take a cute pic of my grandma and her bf and didn’t realize til we got the pictures developed that my brother was falling out of a swing.”

(submitted by IG @kennzramos