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Over It

“My mom took my brother and I to a portrait studio when overalls with one strap down were cool.  He was a junior in high school and I was a 6th grader. I don’t know that we’ve ever recovered.”

(submitted by Laura)

My Sister’s Vice

“I’m with Tubbs, my sister with Crockett. She was in love with Don Johnson back in the day and couldn’t help herself.”

(submitted by IG @tanya77xoxo

Long Distance Dedication

“Mother’s Day with my gorgeous boys. You can see how much my youngest enjoyed his walk (hint: he’s behind us.)”

(submitted by IG @sarahclarkesomerset

Trophy Envy

“My sister won a trophy at the school dance. I did not.”

(submitted by IG @racheljeffery21


“Our family friends were of German ancestry and their kids got their pictures taken in authentic lederhosen. My mom thought it was so cool, so my sister and I had to do the same — we don’t have an ounce of German in us.”

(submitted by Meredith) 


Double Duty

“My twin and I were born 8 weeks premature and were in the ICU for a month before we were released with the doctor’s orders to ‘feed them every 3 hours.’ This is us at 6 months old. The doctor neglected to tell my mom to stop feeding us around the clock…”

(submitted by IG @arianacrow


All That Jazz

“Had to share this god awful photo of my sister and me. The year was 1993 and apparently jazz dance lessons were the choice of torture for young girls.”

(via IG @purrrrseph0nee & @hellomynameis_jackie) 

Back To Back

“Me and my daughter back in 2005 at a mall photo studio in Sacramento, California. My daughter wasn’t happy that I took her to get pictures taken and she was even more annoyed when the photographer suggested this pose.”

(submitted by IG @amybowen157)

King Baby

“I was a large baby with a keen fashion sense. My brothers are 7 and 9 years older than me in this picture but somehow I am the same size (and probably weight). In the picture I look excited (probably because I just ate or was going to).”

(submitted by Adam) 

Laser Clown

“Went to have an enjoyable family photo and instead we were terrified of the clown they had at the portrait studio and ended up having nightmares for weeks.”

(submitted by Danica)