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Spirit Of ’76

“Me and my two sisters at an Olan Mills studio in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1976. My mom was trying to get a surprise photo for a Christmas gift for my dad. I think there was a better option, but this was the one they went with. Obviously, we all chose outfits to match our personal style.”

(submitted by IG @sanctuaryphotographyalaska)

Top Crops

“My wife and her sister in the obligatory children and onion photo in the late 80s.”

(submitted by IG @mikeegrams)

Big Brother Blues

“March 10, 1980, Cedar Rapids IA. I really didn’t want a baby sister.”

(submitted by IG @gutstrings75

Hobby Hour

‘My mother decided it was cheaper to pose all of us together with our hobbies. Still trying to figure out why my youngest brother was wearing a German outfit.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

A Going Concern

“I’m in the middle with my brother and sister. And I’ve peed in my pants.”

(IG @joelbullphoto)

Kissing Cousins

“Circa 2004. The boy in the middle is my brother and all the ladies are my sisters and cousins.”

(submitted by IG @cathiimae

The Wicked Itch

“There’s a reason why my sister’s were accepted into private school and I wasn’t.”

(IG @annemarieleishman

The Sea Was Angry That Day

“This was taken on a boat trip in England in the mid 90’s. Not sure whether it was the rough waters or the matching outfits that was making my little sister so unimpressed.”

(submitted by IG @leannemcclean

Second Thoughts

“Our daughter was not cooperating at the photoshoot.”

(submitted by Jeff)

Squeeze Play

“My siblings didn’t like me very much (I’m the one trapped underneath). This happened more than I cared for.”

(submitted by IG @h.a.i.l.e.y._32