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Holy Roller

“I hated taking pictures when I was little, especially ones where we had to dress up. I told my mom I was done and she didn’t believe me. I didn’t mean to make this face. It just sort of happened on its own. So this is the Christmas card she got.”

(submitted by Taylor)

Meh Brother

“This is me and my brother. He was 15 when I was born and clearly I wasn’t sure about him.”

(submitted by IG @melissavand21

The Humpty Dance

“This is me and my sister @alysandra in 1993 at Santa’s Land, a Christmas and nursery-rhyme themed park in Putney, VT. We used to go pretty much every summer until we were 8 and 9. Here we are sitting with a giant Humpty Dumpty statue whose creepiness apparently was lost on us 3 and 4 year olds!”

(submitted by IG @katefoxok

Modern Dance

“Our dance recital picture.”

(submitted by Angela) 

The American Hustle

“My mom forced my brother and I to take ‘Modern Dance’ classes in the early 90s in Brooklyn. I am the one with glasses and I was not as happy as I look.”

(submitted by IG @delap)

Sears Sophisticated

“My husband’s 6 sisters. I believe they were going for a serious pose, a ‘Sears Sophisticated’ style!”

(submitted by IG @aglowkit)

Window Watchers

“While I was having a photo shoot, my mother decided it would be totally acceptable to have the photographer take photos of her and my brother creepin’ through the weird window in this photo. As you can tell, I was pissed and didn’t want to have anything to do with this picture. This picture has been making me, family and friends laugh since 1995! Thanks Madre!”

(submitted by Mercedes)

The Lefty

“Circa 1998, I’m the baby with a mullet and the way my sister is holding me it looks like I have a massive hand.”

(submitted by IG @stuartturkeyleg)

The Third Wheel

“My oldest daughter, with the giant bow, holding my niece. While my youngest daughter sits alone and sad in the background. Somehow my sister and I thought this photo was good enough to purchase. And distribute to family members.”

(submitted by IG @debzimmerman)

Trophy Envy

“My little sister was the state champ swimmer. I was the creepy weirdo photobomber with the pixie stick behind her.”

(submitted by IG @sarahbearthecarebear