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Miss Piggy’s Wardrobe Malfunction

“Just a good old shady Santa pic with an innocent little 4-year-old, a creepy Santa and a scantily dressed Miss Piggy! Even more disturbing, why does the costume even have those body part sewn on?! And why did my in-laws not notice this? I’m not quite sure this wasn’t taken at a pool hall instead of the mall like they claim!”

(submitted by Emily)

World’s Largest Sausage

“That’s my husband and kids posing in front of the world’s largest sausage one summer on a road trip through western Canada.”

(submitted by IG @itshjb)

The Money Shot

“This is a picture of my older brother, Timmy, circa 1994 (around the time Richie Rich came out in theaters). Everything about this picture screams early nineties. And what makes this photo so great is not the modest pile of dollar bills at his feet. This photo is priceless because my mom calls it, ‘The Money Shot.’ My mom may be the real highlight of the story.”

(submitted by Meg) 

Into The Void

“These are my children and this was an attempt to get a photo for our Christmas card.”

(submitted by Amber)

I Am Thankful For…

“My son was supposed to write what he was thankful for… I believe it’s supposed to say “My House.”

(submitted by Stacey)

Sour Turkey

“My 9 y.o. cousin’s recipe for cooking a turkey.”

(via source)

Throwing Shade

“This is myself as a wee lad, and both of my parents and no one can remember why we were all wearing glasses.”

(submitted by IG @dammdom_)

Semi Perm

“We live in a rural super small town in central Illinois. My Aunt who had moved to the ‘big city’ (Chicago) went to beauty school. She came home to visit with her home perm set. We were all impressed.. She set it up in our kitchen and permed me, my mom and my 3 siblings. I had the longest hair so she just did my bangs. Mullets weren’t even a thing yet!”

(submitted by Devin) 


“Our perfect family photo shoot was only a little hampered by my 2 year old granddaughter who decided to throw a complete fit during the sitting. We gave up trying to get her to look good and let her ‘do her own thing.’ She ended up at the bottom of the stairs and we went on without her…so to speak.”

(submitted by Minda)

Full Body Jacket

“It was the 90s and our grandpa brought us to a Chinese Ice Sculpture event in São Paulo, Brazil. They obviously weren’t ready to provide coats for kids.”

(submitted by IG @flasalama)