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“My son found this at a family get-together.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Playground Peppa

“My daughter, in Viña del Mar, Chile, 2019. And Peppa The Pig (I think).”

(submitted by IG @berni.durand)

Easter Funnies

“Me around 6 meeting either serial killers or the most ratchet Easter Bunnies ever. And yes, that’s her mouth hanging off.”

(submitted by IG @imperiumshaving

Barney And Fiends

“Beaver, Pennsylvania 1992 at a birthday party (mine I believe). I was obsessed with Barney, but I knew this one was a “fake.” His eyes still haunt me in the darkest depths of my nightmares.”

(submitted by IG @jess.paige614)

Pipe Dreams

“As a child, I apparently used my uncle’s bongs as trophies for my ‘award-winning’ living room dance recitals. Also, that pig penny bank was frightening.”

(submitted by IG @jessb_atl

T Is For Terror

“Me with the scariest Bert and Ernie ever at the Jersey Shore in the 1970s.”

(submitted by IG @ediane3

Yellow Fever

“This is what happens when you sneeze during an Olan Mills Christmas picture session. And yes, my parents still used this as our Christmas card. And I have no explanation for the color scheme.”

(submitted by IG @brookeeecoleman

Geared Up

“It was my 11th Birthday blowout, headgear and all.”

(submitted by IG @chefjeremycooper

Easy Riders

“We had so much fun taking our 1 and 2 year old on a log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.”

(submitted by IG @btorres91

Brotherly Love

“This pretty much sums up life with boys. My wife and I couldn’t get through one photo shoot for the fam without them beating the crap out of each other.”

(submitted by IG @bonadooch)