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Poster Boy

“My brother purchased this Burt Reynolds poster all by himself for our Mom and he was quite proud. She hung it over her bed where it remained for years. I don’t recall Dad objecting to this, or if he did, she still won. I’m the one looking confused in the Dorothy Hamill haircut.”

(submitted by IG @heidiblack)

Seven Heaven

“My beautiful 7th birthday. At least my father was happy.”

(submitted by IG @moonbiien


“This is my kindergarten school picture. I was four, and apparently hated taking pictures. The arm you see on the left is my mother’s, to ensure I would stay put while they took the picture.”

(submitted by Rachel)

In Your Face

“This is our first family portrait. A friend thought it was staged but not at all. After about 10 minutes of taking pictures it was getting pretty hard to wrangle my son. I actually love this photo the most because it really captures the family dynamic well.”

(submitted by Yasemin) 

Party of Five

“That’s me in the middle. This was a promotional photo for my parents’ touring ventriloquism act in the late 90s. The vests were made specially for the occasion.”

(submitted by IG @emilypagemay)

Christmas Ornaments

“This is me in 1970 when I was 5 and meeting a Santa who had face-boobs.”

(submitted by IG @mauisully)


“My sister got to dress me up and do glamour photos.”

(submitted by Emma)

The Perm Team

“Oh just another day at Grandma Straw’s house :D”

(submitted by Melissa)

You Get What You Pay For

“So about 5 Years ago I ran an ad on Facebook asking for an inexpensive photographer to come to my house. I had just had a new baby and wanted some photos of the children. He came and it was a mess from the start. Here’s just a few of the many awkward photos I got back from this man. You get what you pay for.”


(submitted by IG @lorijr4

Mailing It In

“Me with my husband and two daughters in our 1990 Christmas photo when I thought matching postage stamp tees and stone washed jeans was a good look.”

(submitted by IG @gmagigi1