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Night At The Museum

“On a family outing to the museum, we got more culture than we bargained for.”

(submitted by Neil)

Barbie Gone Wild

“My mom attempted the Barbie cake for my 8th birthday. A neighbor gave her general instructions, and my brother and best friend were clearly unimpressed with the results.”

(submitted by Emma) 

Bang Time

“So this was taken in 1988 for my kindergarten picture day. My mom hand picked this shirt/tie combo but I’m not sure of the story behind my hair.”

(submitted by IG @notthatmikepence

Free Bird

“I don’t know where this was taken, I think I blocked the whole experience from my memory. I’m not sure why there is a mime next to a Big Bird lookalike. If you look closely you’ll notice Big Bird’s muscular thighs.”

(submitted by Jen) 

Banged Up Barney

“My parents took me to a Barney festival and they assured me that the real Barney was going to be there.”

(submitted by IG @aleequis)

The Big Tipper

“I was baptised when I was about 10 and yes, those are my legs.”

(submitted by IG @stronger.amy

Picture Imperfect

“I wanted so badly to get the perfect family photo as a gift for the grandparents. We did get a beautiful photo but this one ended up being my favorite. 15 years later, my mom still has it hanging on her fridge.”

(submitted by IG @megan_thurman

Mom Wanted Twins

“This is a photo of my boyfriend when he was two years old. Why does he match that doll? Why is there a lit candle in the middle of the train? Did the photographer provide the doll and matching outfits? We will never know.”

(submitted by Kirsten)

Gals And Dolls

“My mom thought it would be a great idea to dress me, her, and my American Girl doll Samantha in matching nautical themed outfits. Hard to say why we are all staring wistfully in different directions. My mom has not one, but two very large prints of this in their home (one upstairs and one downstairs) in Orange County, CA.”

(submitted by IG @slbedard


Wedding Crasher

“My wife was the flower girl for her cousin’s wedding and decided to slide down the railing while the bird seed was flying after the happy couple was married. This was the result.”

(submitted by IG @b.s.lexb