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She’s With the Band

“My saxy 1983 school photo.”

(submitted by IG @macwendi71)

Power Pose

“My daughter’s kindergarten photo.”

(submitted by IG @cghaybda)

Ghost Baby

“Mom took me to have my picture taken and this is what she got back. To this day we have no clue who the ghost baby is.”

(submitted by Dawnique)


Chuck’s Cheese

“My husband, Nov 1981, at the local pseudo-Chuck E Cheese somewhere in northern New York.”

(submitted by IG @annecavu)

Berry Head

“Exhibit A that I was Strawberry Shortcake obsessed in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @that_lewis_life) 

Is It Over Yet?

“My daughter’s 5th grade school photo.. She was not impressed.”

(submitted by IG @pcate_) 


“For my preschool photo day, my mom made me a pair of airplane print zubaz to match my two-sizes-too-big sneakers. Gotta love that 1992 style.”

(submitted by IG @sparklemeat ) 

Smoke Show

“My 1991 karate class photo.”

(submitted by IG @rioratt419 ) 


“At the Lakeside mall in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1985, I was lucky enough to meet a leprechaun.”

(submitted by IG @alcorniv) 

Dog Dreamer

“I have no idea why the photographer wanted me to pose like this for my 1979 Bat Mitzvah photo session – I don’t like hot dogs that much.”

(submitted by Sue)