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Red Christmas

“That’s me in the lap of a suburban DC mall Santa circa Christmas, 1976 when I was 4. I would love to know why Santa’s face matches his suit.”

(submitted by IG @oruck


“My son really wanted to play T-ball but we made him play soccer instead. He got the last laugh.”

(submitted by IG @teresapierce10

Tat Tale

“My daughter came to my studio while I was mid-tattoo. What could possibly go wrong?”

(submitted by IG @tattoorooster0331)

Where’s The Beef?

“This was me in 1985 wearing my favorite outfit I constructed from various bags full of ‘hand me downs’ my cousin used to give my mother.”

(submitted by IG @eirikir)

Into The Void

“My children and our attempt to get a photo for our Christmas card.”

(submitted by Amber)

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Nightmare

“Me on the far left, my sister and some friends from what my mom thinks was a Christmas lunch. The creature behind us is apparently supposed to be a reindeer.”

(submitted by IG @kaitamrazek

Teaching Bad

“Let’s hope my son is better at ‘meth’ than he is at spelling.”

(submitted by Jen)

Hassled By The Hoff

“I got to meet the Hoff at our local radio station in the early 80’s. I don’t look too impressed.”

(submitted by IG

Staten Island Big Bird

“Apparently my mom hired Staten Island Big Bird for my first birthday party and I was petrified.”

(submitted by IG @brinkunis

Bugging Out

“My younger sister was taking family pictures for me, and she managed to catch the exact moment that a bug flew in my face!”

(submitted by Kelly)