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Ditch Pic

“Car runs into a ditch = perfect opportunity for a family picture!”

(submitted by IG @highkac

The Two-For-One

“Me in 1988 at 9 yrs old. Permed mullets rock.”

(submitted by IG @hawkeye_girl11

Early Bird Special

“My great grandpa and I during my 5th Birthday. He took me to Hooters.”

(submitted by Alex)

Almost A Muppet

“In the early 2000s I went to a photographer in Croatia. I was crying the whole time, so the photographer decided to give me this thing which made me even more sad.”

(submitted by IG @_.vaermina)

Hello My Pretty

“My sister looking like she’s gonna tear my head off when I was an infant being held by my dad.”

(submitted by Erick)

Born This Way

“Our mom who is a photographer thought it was the cutest thing to wear tutus and pretend we were ballet dancers. She could force us to wear those and pose like that, but she can’t force our expressions!”

(submitted by Sinyie)

The Dental Photo Opp

“Our family went to the dentist. The man to the right is our dentist. Our little brother was still feeling the effects of the laughing gas and we all decided to take a picture.”

(submitted by Kate)

Monkey Business

“Caught a little monkey business in the background while taking a picture of my little girl at the San Diego Zoo.”

(submitted by IG @joy_botello

Clown Clan

“This family photo was from around 1980 and I am on the lower left. When I was a child my mother started clowning and we became a professional clown family. We went to hospitals, parades, birthdays, school carnivals, and even began a clown society that outlasted our participation in it. We actually have an entire exhibit dedicated to us at the Museum or Whimsy in Astoria, OR.”

(submitted by IG @g_hod_

Mad Santa

“This is my creepy throwback photo of me and Santa as a kid. Check out his eyes.”

(submitted by IG @gabemickolas)