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Glamour Shots

The Glamorous Life

“Me and my mom in the early 90s. I think I’m 15 in this photo and I remember the thick full body makeup and hot rollers.”

(submitted by Azalea)

Glamour Down Under

“Toowoomba, QLD, 1997. A family friend who lived next door wanted to get into photography and needed practice so we were the guinea pigs.”

(submitted by IG @tia_vz)

Wear & Stare

“Glamour shots at Zellers in the mid nineties. My sister kept blinking when they took the photo so they told her to keep her eyes open.”

(submitted by IG @spaghetti_policy

Glam Dad

“My dad was offered a free glamour shots session to promote a hair salon’s new styling + photo package.”

(submitted by IG @sarashillman

How I Got My Groove Back

“I did Glamour Shots when I was 12 and chose the divorcee who is ‘taking back her life’ package.”

(submitted by IG @totallyradnostalgia

Glamour Girls Day

“My mom thought it would be nice to take my sister and I for a girl’s day at the local glamour shots. She didn’t always have the best ideas. Honestly, topless with a pink boa was not what my sister and I had in mind. But she genuinely thought this was pretty and proceeded to hang it in our family home for all to see for years. Love ya mom.”

(submitted by Marie) 

Glamour Grams

“My grandmother and great grandmother around 1992 or 93. According to my grandma, ‘We went to one of those photo places in the Palm Desert mall and they duded us up like floozies. We howled when we saw these pictures.'”

(submitted by IG @jillisol

Days Of Thunder

“There was a glamor shot group that came to our local Foodland in rural WV once a year, and my sister wanted them done so badly. My mom was always about “making things fair,” so we all got them. Thanks to 1990s Foodland glamor photos and their #24 Nascar jackets for our family classic.”

(submitted by IG @margotsonso)

Bouffant Besties

“Early 90s. All I wanted for my birthday was glamour shots and a bouffant with my two besties. Mission accomplished.”

(submitted by IG

Stay Golden

“I used to watch The Golden Girls a lot. When we showed up for pics at Glamor Shots, my mama let me pick one of the outfits. Blanche Devereaux would be so proud.”

(submitted by IG