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Glamour Shots

Glamour Grams

“My grandmother and great grandmother around 1992 or 93. According to my grandma, ‘We went to one of those photo places in the Palm Desert mall and they duded us up like floozies. We howled when we saw these pictures.'”

(submitted by IG @jillisol

Days Of Thunder

“There was a glamor shot group that came to our local Foodland in rural WV once a year, and my sister wanted them done so badly. My mom was always about “making things fair,” so we all got them. Thanks to 1990s Foodland glamor photos and their #24 Nascar jackets for our family classic.”

(submitted by IG @margotsonso)

Bouffant Besties

“Early 90s. All I wanted for my birthday was glamour shots and a bouffant with my two besties. Mission accomplished.”

(submitted by IG

Stay Golden

“I used to watch The Golden Girls a lot. When we showed up for pics at Glamor Shots, my mama let me pick one of the outfits. Blanche Devereaux would be so proud.”

(submitted by IG

Fam Glam

“Glamor Shots came to Ridgecrest California whem my brother and I were 9 & 10 so my mom brought us for a session!”

(submitted by IG @rissa_anne03

The Kitty & I

“My high school senior photo has tortured me for years and now I’m owning the embarrassment.”

(submitted by Paige)

Corporate Takeover

“I was 11 going on 41. Glamour Shots at their finest. I remember being so proud of my hair while walking around the mall, and everyone looking at be because I was so beautiful. I look like I have two volleyballs on the sides of my head.”

(submitted by Lesley) 

Leather Weather

“My mom and I once did glamour shots.”

(submitted by IG @aprilastrickland

Denim Club

“There was a coupon for a free session at Glamor Shots in 1991 and me, my sisters, and my mom took full advantage of it.”

(submitted by IG @maryehrhart1)


“My sister got to dress me up and do glamour photos.”

(submitted by Emma)