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Grandpa Knows Best

“My grandpa and me. Cullera, Spain 2004.”

(submitted by IG @tonigr99) 

The Birth Announcement

“My son had just been born and I wanted to take a picture of his grandfather holding him for the first time. We didn’t notice what was on the TV screen in the background before sharing it on Facebook.”

(submitted by Sarah)

Another Trip To NASA Space Center

“We moved to Houston from California and every time family would come to visit, we had to take them to the NASA Space Center. It held no interest to me and I hated the long, hot summer days touring the Space Center. These are my German grandparents, and I remember it was really windy and stuff was blowing in my eyes and I was miserable but my grandma would have none of my bad attitude, so here she is yelling at me for not looking up at the camera.”

(submitted by Linda)



Maker’s Mark

“This is my family back in 1977. My Grandpa got into the bourbon early that day. He is the one passed out beside the tree.”

(submitted by Jennifer) 

Grandpa Casual

“My mom sent me this and said ‘I’m trying to figure out where all of us were going??’ I really hope my grandfather wasn’t joining them.”

(submitted by IG @nordybynature)

Relief Appearance

“My aunt and my grandpa on a road trip in the mid 90s, grandma took the picture and wasn’t so aware of her surroundings.”

(submitted by IG @mankonotmankato

Rear Views

“This is my grandfather. The butt on the left is his long time girlfriend, and the butt on the right is my aunt. She is a physical therapist trying to help her with her back pain.”

(submitted by Arianna)

There He Blows

“When you ask Grandpa to blow up your lake floatie and he obliges. I think Gramma figured out what was taking shape!”

(submitted by IG @jendlenzi

Welcome To The World, Kid

“My wife and I just had our first baby. My father drove 3 hours to visit us in the hospital. The excitement was palpable.”

(submitted by Gabriel) 


“My Italian grandfather on his first trip to Hawaii.”

(submitted by IG @maribene_life)