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Pumpkin Spice

“We were taking our daughter to her first pumpkin patch and they had a little photoshoot set up that anyone could use. So we tried it and my brother was the ‘photographer’ since my daughter wasn’t cooperating he took a bunch of pictures just hoping for a good one! I think he nailed it! None of us were looking at the camera and my daughter wasn’t happy about any of it!”

(submitted by Chastity) 

Our Little Pumpkin

“My 3 year old was very unhappy about his first preschool field trip even though it was to a fun pumpkin patch. He scowled at everyone and everything the entire time and was even madder after I coerced him to getting behind this pumpkin cut-out to take this picture… if looks could kill, I would have been dead immediately after taking this photo!”

(submitted by Angie) 

Diaper Dandy

“Brother wanted to be Diaper Box circa 1990.”

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Beaver Fever

“My Mom’s 1976 Halloween costume sure was classy.”

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Little Red Riding Nope

“Our youngest daughter, (Little Red Riding Hood), was none-too-pleased about taking a Halloween portrait. Hence the frown of all frowns.”

(submitted by Marianna)

Doc Ock Jr.

“My nephew, the octopus.”

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Always Elvira

“My Elvira costume when I was six. I insisted on it but my mother took it in a different direction. Like a six year old donning her first princess dress that she wears 24/7 as a second skin, I wore this well into June.”

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Uncle Jack

“Meet Uncle Jack, the goth uncle.”

(submitted by Jack)

Miss Piggy

“My parents used to put us through a lot when we were younger, but my sister as the pig definitely got it the worst.”

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The Scarecrow

“Let’s find the worst thing in the pic. My scared face? That mess of hair? The horrifying dress style or the scary pumpkin scarecrow wearing the tee shirt from the preschool?”

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