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School Photos

Give Me An S

“I recently found this old cheerleading photo taken in high school. I don’t know what the photographer was thinking with the placement of the megaphone and pom-poms.”

(submitted by Tara) 

Hello Jello

“My husband at age 7 dressed in his best shirt for photos.”

(submitted by IG @ckkmalone

It’s A Hard Knock Life

“I was 6 years old.  My mother was obsessed with me being Annie because I had curly hair.  So, she fluffed it up, bought me a red dress and a stuffed dog and had my picture taken.  I can’t sing, I can’t dance and had no interest in theater.  Hopefully, the photo was enough for her dream.”

(submitted by Kristi)

The Collector

“Third grade school photo day. I collected Beanie Babies pretty obsessively at the time and thought I should show off that hobby by bringing my favorites. The one on my shoulder was my #1.”

(submitted by IG @jillianro

Bead It

“This picture was taken in kindergarten in the post Soviet 90s when it was popular to take different kinds of costumed school photoshoots. I came home and showed my mom the photo and she said, ‘Oh honey, why aren’t you smiling?’ I thought I was smiling!”

(submitted by IG @kuchur

These Are Some Of My Favorite Things

“This was my senior picture in 1998.”

(submitted by IG @kmichel_actor_voiceover_artist)


“This is my pre-school picture.  I had a fit and would not get my picture taken unless I could put my belt on my head.  So my mom did what she had to do.”

(submitted by Mike)

Oh, Shirt

“My 14 year old daughter forgot it was school picture day.  Normally would have fixed her hair and dressed nice.  On this day she wore a Nike shirt that said ‘Just Do It.’ Good thing for us, her hair covered the rest of the shirt and left STD!”

(submitted by Tierra)


The Rod

“This is a picture of me in 4th grade. At the time my mother, was a huge Rod Stewart fan. so much so that she recreated his hairstyle… on me.”

(submitted by Taylor)

Style & Profile

“This is my little sister on picture day. I remember she did not want curls in her hair that morning. The profile says it all.”

(submitted by Sara)