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School Photos

She’s With the Band

“My saxy 1983 school photo.”

(submitted by IG @macwendi71)

Power Pose

“My daughter’s kindergarten photo.”

(submitted by IG @cghaybda)

Is It Over Yet?

“My daughter’s 5th grade school photo.. She was not impressed.”

(submitted by IG @pcate_) 

Looking Sharpie

“My son’s senior picture, before which, he inexplicably shaved off one eyebrow. Apparently, the photographer insisted he draw it back on for the photo.”

(submitted by Anna) 

Teal Steel

“My daughter loved going to school but you wouldn’t know it from her first school photo.”

(submitted by Phill)

Alien Life Form

“My 1988 school photo.”

(submitted by IG @nicolizabeth17)

Lifting With Lasers

“My senior picture. When my friends asked me what the deal was, I said, ‘I liked to lift weights in high school, and my dad was a photographer. That’s all I got, I honestly have no memory of doing it.'”

(submitted by Jason) 

Higher Ground

“This is my oldest brother. When he came to the States , his first obsession was rock & roll, followed by big hair.”

(submitted by Rosa)

Beanie Lady

“My 1998 senior photo. Could any other photo describe the Beanie Baby craze better!?!?”

(submitted by IG @michimadeboutique, IG @hippiemommyofseven)



“The year was 1997 and this was the theme for my second grade photos. Just casually selling lemonade & riding my skateboard.”

(submitted by IG @donna__noble)