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School Photos

Jersey Girl

“My high school b-ball pic.”

(submitted by [email protected]aluv15  and @carley.murillo)

Laser Bowl

“My 3rd grade school picture. Laser show meets Laura Ingalls Wilder frontier chic meets bowl cut.”

(submitted by IG @carolinehanna90

The Partial

“1991, the year I told the hair stylist to only perm my bangs.”

(submitted by IG @cotton.pots

Denim On Denim

This is me in 1997/98 school photo, the mushroom cut with the Canadian tuxedo picture has followed me ever since.

(submitted by IG @thetomshow13)  

Game, Set, Match

“We were moving scrapbooks/photo albums the other day and only 1 photo fell out. Somehow this amazingness was it. My husband’s senior picture from 1993.”

(submitted by IG @heidinicole9)

The Crossing Guard

“My mother sent me to school on 4th grade picture day with my hair in little pigtails and a cute outfit. I threw my favorite shirt in my book bag and when it was my turn to get my photo taken, I put on my shirt and my crossing guard helmet and badge. Imagine her surprise when she opened the picture envelope and saw her little girl drunk with crossing guard power.”

(submitted by Lealynne) 

Ray Underhill Public School

“This is my twin sister and me on our first day of kindergarten.”

(submitted by Alana) 

Number 2

“This is a picture of my sister-in-law. Why did the photographer think this was a good idea? Why did her mom decide to order the pictures?”

(submitted by Laura)

The Triangle

“My mother got her hairdresser diploma in 1987. I was a poor innocent victim of her experiments. I guess she put a billiard triangle around my head and put in some hairspray.”

(submitted by Karine)

Fit To Be Tied

“My Mamaw gave my Uncle Greg strict instructions not to untie his tie for picture day. He didn’t listen. And then couldn’t remember how to tie it back.”

(submitted by IG @kycakemaker