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“This was taken at my mom’s surprise 75th birthday tea party. We didn’t notice the sign behind her head when we took the picture.”

(submitted by Rebekah) 

The Mom Ramp

“If your mum wasn’t making herself into a ramp for your new BMX, did she even love you? 1980’s.”

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No Goals

“Seventh-grade me wasn’t very motivated.”

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“Here’s my old breakdancing crew, the Suburban Street Rockers, in 1985.”

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Sock & Sandal Squad

“We all had the same fashion sense.”

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OK Computer

“My fantastic senior photos from 2006.”

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The Training Beard

“Just wanted to have a beard like my dad so I glued on my hair after a hair cut.”

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Fall Out Boy

“How was I even able to see?”

(submitted by Anna) 

Burt’s Mustache & Me

“My mom took a picture of me with Burt Reynolds in 2000 and only got his glorious mustache.”

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“My Mom and my sister were taking photos for her high school senior luncheon. My sister wanted to do something different rather than just stand next to each other. So, she came up with this. And everyone definitely remembered it!”

(submitted by Kelsey)