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Looking Sharpie

“My son’s senior picture, before which, he inexplicably shaved off one eyebrow. Apparently, the photographer insisted he draw it back on for the photo.”

(submitted by Anna) 

Alien Life Form

“My 1988 school photo.”

(submitted by IG @nicolizabeth17)

Lifting With Lasers

“My senior picture. When my friends asked me what the deal was, I said, ‘I liked to lift weights in high school, and my dad was a photographer. That’s all I got, I honestly have no memory of doing it.'”

(submitted by Jason) 

Beanie Lady

“My 1998 senior photo. Could any other photo describe the Beanie Baby craze better!?!?”

(submitted by IG @michimadeboutique, IG @hippiemommyofseven)


Canal Market

“Was looking through some senior photos when I noticed this gem. A great picture was made absolutely perfect.”

(submitted by IG @tallonmount)

Make A Splash

“Forgot it was picture day at school. My mom grounded me for wearing that shirt.”

(submitted by Joe)

Flower Power

“Why my graduation photographer thought this was a good idea, I have no clue (for the record I’m wearing a tube top).”

(submitted by IG @switchinggenres)

Troll Hunter

“Senior pictures with my troll doll collection, circa 1993.”

(submitted by IG @cambenny

Atlas Chugged

“My husband tried to replicate Atlas for his 9th grade photo. He wanted to use his lacrosse stick as a trident & have the photographer add water so it looked like he was coming out of the ocean but his parents didn’t want him going overboard with the idea.”

(submitted by IG @bnicegogreen)

Flower Potty

“That used toilet was once in our bathroom and instead of throwing it out, my mom decided it would make a great flower pot.”

(submitted by IG @miss_sunnybrook