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“The first was a 1970s gem. The second is the re-do for my sister’s 50th birthday.”

(submitted by IG @kristycarrolltherapy

Paint It Yellow Recreation

“1996 vs. 2017, then and now.”

(submitted by IG @brittyns)

Pocket Sisters Revisited

“My sisters and I recreated our infamous ‘pocket’ photo.”

(submitted by IG @ellendoxey)

Overalls Recreation

“My siblings and I recreated our notorious overall photos. Is this awkward enough for you?”

(submitted by eliselouisesimp)

3 Sailors Recreation

“My sisters and I decided to do a 40 year recreation of us in these gawd-awful sailor outfits. It was our Mother’s Day gift this year.”

(submitted by Adam)

Strike A Pose

“Found a picture of my older brother’s prom. Years later, we recreated them.”

(via source)

Double Vision Recreation

“My daughter’s dance teacher and her daughter reenacted an AFP for Halloween at the dance studio!”

(submitted by Jan)

Overall Recreation

“It’s unexplainable how much effort and commitment my brother and I put into this remake.”

(via source)

Clown Recreation

“I recreated this awkward photo last year. The original is from about 1988. I must have gotten into my sister’s make-up and tried to look like a clown. As punishment she tickled me and took this delightfully awkward photo.”

(submitted by Rosie)

Bachelor Baby Shower

“My cousin sent these thank-you cards for her baby shower. I decided to do a recreation.”

(via source)