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Mom & Dad

Bringing Up The Rear

“Our family reunion circa 1989. As the youngest child, I was the caboose of the family and I was not happy about it.”

(submitted by IG @hezzlehas

A Mother’s Day Christmas

“At least my mom was excited for Christmas at my grandparents house in the 1980s.”

(submitted by IG @erin_bridget80

No Nap Day: A Photo Essay

“Here’s our family photo shoot taken a half-hour before bedtime on a no nap day.”

(submitted by IG @patsaidso


“We were Celebrating 6 months with twins.”

(submitted by IG @kaymsanders

Hot Tub Time Machine

“Our family vacation in 1990 to the Wisconsin Dells and I have so many questions. Why is my dad wearing a hoodie in the hot tub? Why was I in the chair with the soda in a bad mood while everyone else was in the hot tub? Why all the floaties?”

(submitted by IG @newo_ikkin_2113

The Original Tan Mom

“My mother was so tan, she looked like a member of a different family. On another note, our dog ‘Snowball’ seemed pleased.”

(submitted by IG @douglaswrightmeyer

Baby In Back

“No seat belts, four kids and the baby just tossed In the back of our 60s Rambler station wagon. Because that’s how we rolled back then.”

(submitted by IG @elainekcory

The Placeholder

“This was my parent’s pregnancy announcement in 1991 a couple months before my birth. My dad saved the cardboard outline and gave it to me before the birth of my first child.”

(submitted by IG @lucy_regalado


“This is a picture of me (the little girl), my brother, and my parents. Yes, my brother is wearing acid washed jeans held up by red suspenders. Yes, my father is rockin’ the pencil ‘stache. Yes, I have the ‘I need an adult’ face. I’m not sure what concerns me more – what my parents are doing to my brother or my brother’s enjoyment of it.”

(submitted by Phuong)

Bringing Home The Bacon

“The only thing I know about this photo is that my parents were at a business event.”

(submitted by IG @jj.quelin