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Mom & Dad

Flip Or Flop

“My dad, the belly flop king, about to ruin my moms afternoon.”

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Spit Take

“We were taking family selfies while sitting in the grass. Our girl ate a dead leaf and we noticed it a split second after this picture.”

(submitted by Simon) 


“My parents wedding day. 1980s.”

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The Retirement Gift

“This photo is my mom, about 17 years ago, opening a large package containing a beautiful handmade quilt that the staff at her school gave her at her retirement party (she was school nurse for 27 years). Dad was holding the bottom edges of the bag it was packed in so she could remove the contents more easily.

I found the photo recently, took another look, and fell over laughing!!  We think Dad, who died in April 2011, would have gotten a big kick out of it, too.  (Mom said I could submit this; she has a great sense of humor.)”

(submitted by Laurie)


“Dad uncovered this gem from my high school graduation. I wish I could say we staged this.”

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Adam And Eve

“My parents had the best glamour shots of 1993.”

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Nature Is Calling

“This is my parents relationship in a nutshell.”

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Bug Juice

“My parents in 1980. Mom handing out Dixie cups as my dad administers shots through an insect sprayer he rigged. If only I’ll be half as awesome.”

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The Rookies

“My wife made me a list for the two nights she’s out of town. We’re both first-time parents with a three-month-old son.”

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Father Timer

“These are my parents. My dad thought he was an amateur photographer, and made a dark room out of an unused closet. This was his creepy foray in editing…”

(submitted by Brian)