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Co-Workers & Teams

Underneath That

“I was leaving my position at the office to finish my degree and my co-workers got me a going away cake with the best message. I don’t think the bakery fully understood the instructions.”

(submitted by Lauren) 

Bringing Home The Bacon

“The only thing I know about this photo is that my parents were at a business event.”

(submitted by IG @jj.quelin

Retiremint Partee

“The young guy taking my order over the phone had me spell ‘your,’ ‘retirement,’ ‘we’ll,’ & ‘Deb’—clearly I should’ve spelled ALL the words for him! We’re lactation consultants…we fixed it.”

(submitted by IG @erin_juanita

Balls Out

“My Brother-in-Law, Norbert (second mullet from right), is a semi-professional bowler and used to bowl in many different state/national leagues and tournaments. This photo was taken at the big Las Vegas National Bowling Stadium Championship Tournament back in 1985. This was the man and this was his team and they didn’t mess around.”

(submitted by Annie)

Power Suit Pam

“My mother, Pam, prided herself on always keeping in style with her office wear. Here is 1992 Power Suit Pam.”

(submitted by Caroline) 

The Cup

“1975. Little league. In the middle of a game, the league photographer showed up to snap our team photograph. That inning, I had been playing catcher and was wearing all of the catcher’s gear– chest protector, face mask, helmet, shin guards and of course, the team cup which I wore over the uniform. I forgot to remove something before the photograph was snapped and to this day, I believe the photographer got a helluva good laugh out of it.”

(submitted by Bob)

Our Little Pumpkin

“One of the docs I work with made this. I’m thrilled. My co-workers aren’t as impressed.”

(via source

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Stand By Me

“My coworker decided he wanted a standing desk.”

(via source)

I Know What You Did Last Friday

“Found this on my desk Monday morning and the only other person that has a key is my manager.”

(via source)

Fire Starter

“A couple years ago, my friend and coworker set her hair on fire while blowing out the candles on her birthday. This was taken the split second before anybody realized.”

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