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Potty Mouth

“This picture was taken at my wedding, which took place outdoors and yes, we did have a port-a-potty for our guests. My uncle was the photographer and this was a sign of his “professionalism.”

(submitted by Katie)

The Lurkers

“This is my sister’s wedding in 1980. The photographer posed her so that she is looking at her bouquet and my parents are looming in the background seemingly very unhappy about the situation.”

(submitted by Tricia)

Clown of Honor

“My mom’s friend dressed as a clown for my parents’ wedding day. Nobody knows why.”

(submitted by IG @ashmoorevt

Cirque du Wedding

“In 1995, my husband and I eloped to Las Vegas to get married. Cirque du Soleil was just starting in Vegas at the time. Since we had a quick wedding and not many photos, we decided to get this epic wedding photo taken at our hotel. I do not regret a thing.”

(submitted by Amy) 

Gutter Gal

“I was cleaning out a closet and came across our wedding album, now I remember why I never look at it. Don’t skimp on your wedding photographer!”

(submitted by Stephanie) 

Gimme Some Sugar

“This is a picture from our wedding day. After the ceremony, we dismissed the pews and when my new husband leaned down to kiss my Grandma on the cheek, I think he got a little more than he bargained for!”

(submitted by Amy)

Floracular Spectacular

“My parents were married in 1981 and my mom wanted a picture of her looking down at her bouquet with a double-exposure of my dad’s head floating above her like she was thinking of him. Mom cried when she saw the resulting photo, but we all laugh over it now.”

(submitted by IG @mrs.baldwin18)

The Long Goodbye

“This is a picture from the end of my wedding reception back in 1998 when one of our guests gave my husband an exuberant goodbye.”

(submitted by IG @bluebird1101

The View From Above

“This is my mom and stepdad’s wedding featuring the classic 1985 photographer that just learned a new photoshop skill.”

(submitted by IG @tara.p.l

Alternative Wedding

“My dad got remarried in 2004 when I was 16 and my sister was 12. This was our attire.”

(submitted by IG @khughes215)