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Feeling Frosty

“This was a Christmas present from my Aunt who literally did Not see how ‘happy’ this snowman was. She bought it as a craft fair in Colorado. (Near a dispensary, maybe that’s why.)”

(submitted by Stephanie) 

Christmas Inferno

“Taken at my parents’ house. We were relaxing by the fire when I saw smoke coming out of the wall. The firefighters showed up and smashed a hole in the wall (pictured) to put out the fire. When we were finally allowed back inside to eat dinner, my mom snapped this candid.”

(submitted by Steve) 

The Latin Lover

“My grandpa and my uncle in 1984. My grandma was obsessed with Julio Iglesias at that time.”

(submitted by IG @chrislohmeyer)

Miss Piggy’s Wardrobe Malfunction

“Just a good old shady Santa pic with an innocent little 4-year-old, a creepy Santa and a scantily dressed Miss Piggy! Even more disturbing, why does the costume even have those body part sewn on?! And why did my in-laws not notice this? I’m not quite sure this wasn’t taken at a pool hall instead of the mall like they claim!”

(submitted by Emily)

World’s Largest Sausage

“That’s my husband and kids posing in front of the world’s largest sausage one summer on a road trip through western Canada.”

(submitted by IG @itshjb)

The Money Shot

“This is a picture of my older brother, Timmy, circa 1994 (around the time Richie Rich came out in theaters). Everything about this picture screams early nineties. And what makes this photo so great is not the modest pile of dollar bills at his feet. This photo is priceless because my mom calls it, ‘The Money Shot.’ My mom may be the real highlight of the story.”

(submitted by Meg) 

Rough Santa

“Mom, there’s a reason there wasn’t a line to see this Santa…”

(submitted by IG @jcarroll331)

Hands On

“My son’s school picture. I don’t know what’s worse, his expression, or the hand creeping in behind him. Needless to say, retakes were done.”

(submitted by IG @mitchellmaryann)

Dog Sitter

“Resentment at it’s finest…not sure if it’s from the elf costume or for us bringing home this baby!”

(submitted by IG @k_to_the_m_to_the_c

Over The Rainbow

“Not sure if my daughter loves rainbows or is in a fight with them.”

(submitted by IG @rachrockslp)