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Scenes From A Thanksgiving

“My niece was done with getting her picture taking on Thanksgiving. As were all of us. Even the dog was pissed.”

(submitted by Candice)

Turkey Day

“It is me with my mom and dad in 1985, taken at a restaurant in St. Paul, MN on Thanksgiving day for their special holiday buffet. I’m the mortified teenager and on the back of the photo, my mom wrote ‘Who is the real turkey?'”

(submitted by IG @curlygirl41)

I Ruined Thanksgiving

“Every year for Thanksgiving my brother and I drink several cocktails and deep fry the turkey.  This year I decided to brine the turkey in apple cider.  Results were the fry oil burnt the sugars in the cider turning the turkey black and my grandmother declaring that I ruined Thanksgiving. Cheers!”

(submitted by Mike)

I Am Thankful For…

“My son was supposed to write what he was thankful for… I believe it’s supposed to say “My House.”

(submitted by Stacey)

Sour Turkey

“My 9 y.o. cousin’s recipe for cooking a turkey.”

(via source)

Spidey Sense

“Best. Thanksgiving. Parade. Photo. Ever.”

(via source)

Thanksgiving Meltdown

“That’s me with the curls. Apparently not being allowed to stay at the table was enough to warrant a complete meltdown at the family Thanksgiving meal. Everyone else is doing a great job of ignoring me.”

(submitted by Traci)

In Plain Sight

“My mother, her father, and her three siblings captured before the family Thanksgiving photo.”

(submitted by Laura)

Food Coma

“Someone had a little too much at the Thanksgiving feast.”

(via source)

Happy Skypesgiving

“The year my mother-in-law had a ‘virtual’ Thanksgiving with us.”

(via source)