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Rudolph The Red-Nosed Nightmare

“Me on the far left, my sister and some friends from what my mom thinks was a Christmas lunch. The creature behind us is apparently supposed to be a reindeer.”

(submitted by IG @kaitamrazek

Pope Santa Claus I

“My wife and her brother with a very strange Santa in Germany, 1990. She still doesn’t know why her mother authorized this pic to happen.”

(submitted by IG @ziofrey


“Christmas sometime in the early/mid 90s and this is me and my two sisters. My neighbor worked for Marlboro cigarettes and my mother decided that since their company sweatshirts were red, we should all wear them for our Christmas pictures.”

(submitted by IG @alekshenry)

Make Yourself Comfortable

“This is my mother, my sister and me posing for our annual Christmas picture in a Walmart in Louisiana circa 2008. Please note the matching Banana Republic sweaters that were purchased on clearance and no, those aren’t spray tans. It was just very hot in the studio.”

(submitted by IG @ayapetev

Santa’s Little Skeptic

“My daughter was very skeptical of Santa and why his glove was touching her.”

(submitted by IG @michellepickering1207)

Christmas Inferno

“Taken at my parents’ house. We were relaxing by the fire when I saw smoke coming out of the wall. The firefighters showed up and smashed a hole in the wall (pictured) to put out the fire. When we were finally allowed back inside to eat dinner, my mom snapped this candid.”

(submitted by Steve) 

Sweaty Santa

“Christmas Eve, 1995; Michoacán, México and it was 40 °C (104 °F). My mom really wanted to get a cute photo of me sitting on Santa’s lap, but I wasn’t having it. So we both posed with this poor sweaty Santa and she actually made the thing into a calendar.”

(submitted by IG @sofiaguagon

A Mother’s Day Christmas

“At least my mom was excited for Christmas at my grandparents house in the 1980s.”

(submitted by IG @erin_bridget80

Happy Holidaze

“I was 45 minutes into family pictures with two hungry and crabby kiddos. Nothing was good. The photographer asked me five times if I really wanted to buy the pics and I said absolutely yes. This was my most popular Christmas picture ever.”

(submitted by Janice)


Schall’s Balls

“This was our Christmas card circa 1987/1988. I am the little girl who is embarrassed and ashamed to be with her family in front of the family owned limo wearing our family bowling shirts. Our team was called Schall‘s Balls. After our last name.”

(submitted by Zoe)