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The Purge: A Christmas Story

“I have no idea why they thought Santa and Miss Piggy was a good idea and I was scared out of my mind to stand between them.”

(submitted by Kate)

Clown Clause

“This picture was taken in December of 1969 in Sherman Oaks, CA . That is me at the age of 6 months. He was this frightening Santa that would visit my grandmother and grandfather’s house every Christmas. To me he looks deranged.'”

(submitted by John)

The Mask

“My dad would always dress in this creepy Santa costume. It didn’t take us long to figure out it was him because he always wore his work boots with the costume.”

(submitted by James) 

Manger Danger

“Christmas, 1997. My baby sister was being held up by my dad through a hole cut in the sheet and he was shouting at my mom to take the picture.”

(submitted by IG @emily_m.g)

87 Couture

“My Christmas gift from my parents and the jacket that was going to bring me into the high fashion scene of 1987.”

(submitted by IG @mimichampa

New Year Cheer

“I’m the second girl from the right in the first row. It was December 1983 and a children’s New Year’s celebration in the USSR. It was common for the children to appear in Halloween-like costumes. Uncle Lenin was also everywhere. Can’t you feel the joy?”

(submitted by IG @julia_sh2511)

Metamucil Moment

“When I was growing up, oh how I loved when my great-uncle would bring his homemade sausage to Christmas dinner.”

(submitted by IG @fiatluxfragrance)

The Standoff Before Christmas

“Christmas 1996. My mom was clearly done with shenanigans and was making a final plea for me to ‘Just take one nice family picture, darn it!'”

(submitted by IG @katie_wilder_)

Clutching Pearls

“The moment my mom realized I was going to be a handful.”

(submitted by IG @sheridanelli

A Christmas Miracle

“Me and my older brother Christmas morning. He was opening a poster that was supposed to be something else but it was mislabeled. My mom didn’t realize it until she snapped the pic.”

(submitted by IG @chelshopper