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Boss Lady

“This is my Grandma Sadie. She loved her pets and her pall malls.”

(submitted by IG @watemple60)

Another Trip To NASA Space Center

“We moved to Houston from California and every time family would come to visit, we had to take them to the NASA Space Center. It held no interest to me and I hated the long, hot summer days touring the Space Center. These are my German grandparents, and I remember it was really windy and stuff was blowing in my eyes and I was miserable but my grandma would have none of my bad attitude, so here she is yelling at me for not looking up at the camera.”

(submitted by Linda)



Coke Classic

“My grandma in the early 70s introducing me to the finer things in life.”

(submitted by IG @lori_works_from_home)

Hands On

“My sister and her three kids live 2,000 miles away from my family and me. They wanted to make a gift for my mom, their Nana.”

(submitted by IG @amanda_deang)

The Hardee’s Girls

“Far left is my great grandmother in the 90’s, My great grandmother on the far left and her friends at the local Hardee’s in the 90s where they would eat breakfast almost every day. They were known as the Hardee’s Girls.”

(submitted by IG @savanna_hartsyou

The Beehive

“This is my grandma sometime around 1960, years after marrying a GI and coming to America from her home in Germany.”

(submitted by IG @a__avena

I’ll Be Buzzed For Christmas

“Circa 1986. My grandma had two cups of coffee and a pack of cigs that Christmas morning.”

(submitted by IG @barbelle1207)


“My grandma is a little nutty.”

(submitted by Kort)

Gallstones, Meet The Gallstones

“This is my grandmother posing proudly with her gallstones. She had them removed as a teenager and was told they were the biggest they’d ever seen. I shared her pride in this and lucky for me I was willed the actual gallstones when she passed away.”

(submitted by IG @marciepaper)

Oma’s Underwear

“Easter in my Oma’s backyard. That’s her clothesline behind us with her granny panties out to dry.”

(submitted by Heidi)