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Family Portrait

True Colors

“This is a photo of me, (front and center, at approximately 8-9 years old), alongside my mom, stepdad, sister (about age 2), and two of my cousins (ages 9-10 and 12-13) in either 1990 or 1991. We are all wearing neon nylon track suits and standing in front of my house in our neighborhood in Louisville, KY. Basically it’s the 90’s in full effect.”

(submitted by Ashley) 

Throw Away Our Shot

“Just a terrible annual family photo. I still can’t believe that this was the best shot they got in the hour that we were probably there. My youngest pictured cousin (bottom row, third from the left) is going to hate me for posting this.”

(submitted by Scott) 

Footing The Bill

“My stepmom decided this picture was a great idea and ordered us all shirts, including my dad whose shirt was a mix of the boy and girl colors. I think our faces show not one of the five of us wanted to participate. We still joke about whether it was to keep him from forgetting or just to make sure everyone knew whose fault we were.”

(submitted by Amber) 

This Is Us

“My husband couldn’t make it to the family portrait photo shoot. Rather than cancel, I brought a “replacement”. This is what went in all our Christmas cards. My husband’s family was not amused and he wouldn’t talk to me for days.”

(submitted by Loretta)

Leather Heads

“Me and my mom in the late 90s/early 2000s.”

(via source)

Nothing But Aquanet

“My mom and her sisters, circa 1990. They always tell me how much Aquanet it took to get their hair like that.”

(via source)

Son Of Anarchy

“My husband’s baby photo is cooler than yours.”

(via source)

Behind The Curtain

“Family photo with picture of Coors to the left. Priceless.”

(submitted by Scott) 

The Scream

“The baby was NOT quite as into the family photo shoot for the holidays this year as the rest of us!”

(submitted by Tara, photo by Amy Zumwalt

Head Games

“Not sure what the thought was behind this picture but my Dad still has it hanging in his room.”

(submitted by Julann)