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Family Portrait

Resident Alien

“First and last family photo taken of my family with my parents still married.”

(submitted by Selena)

C’mon, Get Happy

“In the early 2000s I went to a photographer in Croatia. I was crying the whole time, so the photographer decided to give me this thing which made me even more sad.”

(submitted by IG @_.vaermina)

Laser Denim Mullets

“I don’t think anyone is prepared for the 90s masterpiece of my mom, her boyfriend, me and my brothers. Those mullets. The lasers. And so much denim.”

(submitted by IG @corpsekitten

Parking Lot Communion

“My little sister’s first Holy Communion. She was over getting her picture taken and wanted to get out of that dress. We were like, “Just one more in the parking lot!”

(submitted by Patrick)

Mountain High

“Yes, this is my family photo.”

(submitted by Joshua)

Shaping Up

“Me and my younger sister in the mid 80s taken at a mall in Waukegan, IL. I remember being super upset about having to wear these matching Esprít outfits with my sister, hence the forced smile.”

(submitted by IG @mitz_vee)

The Downers

“1993. My siblings and me (the blonde) got the great idea to take a portrait of ourselves for a surprise Christmas present for our Mom. However, none of us were in the mood for photos on that particular day.”

(submitted by IG @tracymccane)


“This is my Uncle Leonard and his family. Aunt LouJean was a great seamstress, and just HAD to make shirts and pants for the whole family every time we had a reunion. This was one of the CLASSIC examples.  My favorite is how Uncle Leonard’s shirt looks like a permanent bib has been sewn on it, and Aunt LouJean’s shirt is almost blazer-like with the pink lapels and the pink rolled up sleeves.”

(submitted by Ben)


“My sister wanted to make sure her eyes stayed open for the picture.”

(submitted by IG @slebak

Toga Party

“My husband, his mother and sister. My mother-in-law though she was being ‘artistic.'”

(submitted by Lea)