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Family Portrait

Staring Contest

“My sisters and I, Casper Wyoming circa 1985. Hair, pearls, blank stares.”

(submitted by IG @lorizluke

Style & Profile

“This was the last time I tried to get my kids to pose for a family picture. My youngest daughter was having none of it and would not cooperate with the photographer. This was the closest we could get to a happy family picture.”

(submitted by Kristen)

The Blowout

“My mom and aunt were always into the big huge 80’s hair, but seriously wtf is on my head? My aunt did my hair, and my mom loved it enough to allow me to get professional pictures taken.”

(submitted by Christina) 

Photo Fracas

“Grandmother was taking pics at Sears with her grandkids. The boys were fussy and didn’t want to be there but the girls were great.”

(submitted by IG @jon_al_sim)

That 70s Family

“My parents and siblings in 1972. Kids couldn’t resist interrupting photo session.”

(submitted by Kathleen) 

Far Out

“Our family photo taken at Olan Mills.”

(submitted by Megan)  

I’m Not Here

“My parents trying to take our first family photo with me (the baby) and apparently it was too much pressure for my brother.”

(submitted by (IG @victoriachrostowski)


“This is my Dad spraying my sister while my cousins and sisters play in the pool.”

(submitted by Skyla)

Maximum Mullet

“My dad’s hair wins the 80’s.”

(submitted by IG @parysite

Total Princess Move

“It was 1999. My grandparents were visiting from Texas and brought me and my cousins all matching t-shirts to get professional photos taken. I refused to wear anything but this. It’s hard being the Kim Kardashian of the family.”

(submitted by IG @shmood69area51laviticus420)