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Light It Up

“Family photo on one of our trips to Victoria, BC in the 1990s. I’m sitting on my dad’s lap on the right in front of an uplifting message on the lighthouse.”

(submitted by IG @julthomps

Vegas, Baby

“On a recent trip to visit family in Las Vegas our 3-year old spotted Mickey and Minnie on the strip and wanted a picture. Little did we know there was a butt in the background.”

(submitted by Carmody) 

Scenic Stop

“This was the only bench around to rest after a long hike, so we sat and took five….”

(submitted by Rhonda)

Black Hole

“Yup, it was a hole in the ground.”

(submitted by Kristin)

The Heights

“Dad posing with me and my sister at the Grand Canyon and yes, we’re still alive.”

(submitted by IG @mistywendymarie

The Drop

“My parents, son and in-laws on a beach in Roche, Spain. They were trying to get a good photo together but my son wanted to run on the beach and escaped my mum’s grip. It was taken in August this year.”

(submitted by IG @@nataliocernuda_

Dad’s Pee Shot

“Dad with a nice drive at Pebble Beach.”

(submitted by IG @kt10milelake

Summer Rental

“My husband on the couch of a house we rented in St John.”

(submitted by Brigette) 

Whale Watching

“I took my boys to Iceland and we took a trip to The Phallic Museum. They were less than thrilled.”

(submitted by April)

(Not) Red Handed

“My dad was afraid of getting sunburned and wore wool socks on his hands at the beach.”

(submitted by IG @emilymorrisatx