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Easy Riders

“We had so much fun taking our 1 and 2 year old on a log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.”

(submitted by IG @btorres91

Battle Of The Bulge

“This was taken just before we were attached to a steel cable and hurled through the Thai jungle (like a flying fox – the tour was called “Flight of the Gibbons.”) As you can see, my husband looks like he was quite excited about the tour.”

(submitted by Peta)

Rays Of Sunshine

“A vacation from 1989 to the Luray caverns Virginia. It was a beautiful and magical day.”

(submitted by IG @amberrosecreations)

The Super Flashers

“Not sure how my camp picture got ripped but I taped it back together and was pleasantly surprised to see what our bunk name was. It must have been a crazy summer.”

(submitted by Doug) 

Larry The Lobster

“Me and my 4 kids having a family photo taken in front of Larry the Lobster in Australia. My husband cut the head off the lobster and it looks like something quite different.”

(submitted by IG @alpaldunc

Rock Bottom

“That time in Africa during the early 80’s when we jeeped for like 6 dusty, thirsty hours to behold this…giant rock butthole?”

(submitted by IG @sannningen

Up A Creek

“My husband purchased land for an off-road park. While out for a “work day” his friend managed to drive his bronco into a creek and got stuck. They later posed for a picture not realizing the bronco, now permanently parked in the creek was in the shot. This is what happens on “daddy daughter day!”

(submitted by Kaylie)

Emu And Me

“I wasn’t allowed to have a dog because my sister is allergic with asthma. So I raised an emu that stayed in our suburban backyard of Denver CO.”

(submitted by IG @max.montrose)

Bottom Line

“I was 6 and on a road trip through southern Brazil with my family. At a petrol stop, somebody thought it would be nice to take a picture of me mimicking the plaque which points to the restrooms. I’m not sure if my father included the stranger inadvertently or not but to this day he swears it was a mistake.”

(submitted by IG @mnatel)

There He Blows

“When you ask Grandpa to blow up your lake floatie and he obliges. I think Gramma figured out what was taking shape!”

(submitted by IG @jendlenzi