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The Prom Clown

“My mother was on a tight schedule and was going straight to her clown gig after sending us off to prom.”

(submitted by Carrie)

Little Miss Sunshine

“My sister’s senior prom fell on the same day as my dance rehearsal. My older sister was obviously not too excited to be taking a picture with her can-can clad little sister.”

(submitted by Kim)

Prom Dad

“My dad had a medical procedure the day of my prom and was out of his mind on pain killers when my mom insisted that I pose with him before prom.  I like to think he would’ve put down the hose for the pic if he’d been in his right mind, but in all honesty it could’ve gone either way.  He has no memory of taking this photo.”

(submitted by Emily)

The Chaperones

“My sister’s prom photo featuring our double-exposed parents watching over her.”

(submitted by IG @emkate.t

Triple Play

“In 1988 my husband took three girls to junior prom.”

(submitted by IG @joyornot)

First Date

This is me on my very first date. The lovely young lady in the photo took pity on me and said ‘yes’ when I invited her to the 1987 Los Fresnos, Texas High School Homecoming Game. (We were in 7th grade.) As you can tell, I’m REALLY happy to be on a date.

(submitted by Byrone)

The Dress Code

“My husband is the one in the snazzy suit getting ready for a school dance surrounded by his family.”

(submitted by Kate)

Dinosaur Date

“For prom, my buddy said he was going to get a purple tux. I saw a Barney that was way cheaper than a tux. Long story short, I went as Barney the Dinosaur.”

(submitted by Freddy) 

Prom Envy

“It was my daughter’s 9th grade prom and we wanted pictures as a family. I also wanted one picture of just her and I. My son didn’t like that idea so much, (he’s a big momma’s boy,) and decided to pout in the doorway. My husband captured this hilarious picture, and it’s in a frame at my parent’s house now.”

(submitted by Holly)

All In The Family

“The year was 1990. This was NOT my prom date. It just so happened my brother also attended the prom so we had a picture taken together.”

(submitted by Kelly)