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Dad Steel

“My Dad’s 1980s glamor shots.”

(submitted by IG @elvismom3

Funny Farm

“Me and my dad practicing some questionable sanitary decisions on a family vacation to Knotts Berry Farm in 1992.”

(submitted by IG @__indiecindy

The Bedtime Story

“1981. My dad reading Cujo while holding unamused me.”

(submitted by IG @kit.poop)

The Not-So-Little Mermaid

“My husband on the couch of a house we rented in St John.”

(submitted by Brigette) 


“This was taken for my first communion celebration. Why the photographer decided to put my face on my Dad’s crotch, I’ll never know.”

(submitted by IG @sirenita_81)

Modem Mischief

“My dad got a lot of his computer hardware second-hand and clearly wasn’t worried if it was kid-appropriate or not.”

(submitted by IG @lera.nykytyuk

The Leaker

“Me with my Dad in Chișinău, Moldova 1986. Pee Wee accidents happen.”

(submitted by IG @tanya.k.skaya)

Heavy Petting Zoo

“Dad and I enjoying a nice day at the family friendly petting zoo.”

(submitted by IG @shanelseger


“Me and my Dad, going for a drive on the freeway. 1988.”

(submitted by IG @nativeorange)

Dog Days

“My dad was into dogs.”

(submitted by IG @justinfromfl