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Beauty Sleep

“This is a photo of our daughter sleeping in daddy’s armpit.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

Backseat Driver

“My dad loved motorcycles. This is him on his Yamaha with me in back and my 2 year old brother bungee corded to the seatback.”

(submitted by Miranda)


The Christmas Hangover

“My father and I Christmas morning circa 1982. Mom said he was probably hung over.”

(submitted by IG @creia77)

Dad’s Big Day

“Me, shortly after delivering my twins and with horrible nausea and vomiting from the anesthesia and my husband thought it was the perfect time for a photo.”

(submitted by IG @achave2)

He’s Got This

“My husband was a natural at parenting.”

(submitted by IG @erinmstrouse

The Mustache Above

“Apparently they decided to let my dad have an out of body experience for our super cheesy photo shoot.”

(submitted by Sheri) 

Rise And Shine

“Our kids had experimented with a few different balancing acts and by the time I got my camera figured out, our son had found a new perch.”

(submitted by Alexandra)

The Heights

“Dad posing with me and my sister at the Grand Canyon and yes, we’re still alive.”

(submitted by IG @mistywendymarie

Stupor Mario

“Me and my son at Peddler’s Village in Bucks County PA. He loves Mario even though Mario looks like he’s had better days.”

(submitted by IG @joepedrick


“When I was growing up, my dad was an amateur beekeeper.  When a large swarm appeared in our backyard, Dad posed the neighbor Kenny and me (age 4) in front of it, for perspective I suppose.  Those are finger puppets on my hands.  We have other photos where we are standing even closer, but those didn’t come out as well.”

(submitted by Leslie)