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“So I took my son to the theme park.”

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Missing You

“My dad only took one of my dogs for a walk.”

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The Eyes Have It

“My dad likes to use the automatic red eye corrector tool that came with his camera because he thinks the pictures look better.”

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A Friendly Reminder

“I wore this custom shirt during my wife’s labor. She was not amused.”

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Something Wild

“This happened unexpectedly to my dad’s friend in Idaho circa 1980 while he was leaning into his car to get something.”

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Need A Hand?

“My kid took a panorama shot of me that went horribly right.”

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The Pacifist

“My husband fell asleep taking care of the baby, and I walked in on this.”

(submitted by Kathryn) 

The Uncomfortable Pause

“When you run out of things to talk about.”

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The Nightmare Before Bedtime

“Asked my kid before I went to bed to draw me a nice family photo. Found this hanging on my mirror.”

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Put On A Happy Face

“No, my dad never smiles.”

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