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Backseat Rider

“Christmas of 1982.  I was 2 years old and obviously not the favorite child.  My only option was to take a literal back seat to my sister if I wanted to go sleigh riding. Apparently this was seemed like a safe idea to my dad and my mom who snapped the shot. This picture pretty much sums up the next 30 years of my life.”

(submitted by Kristin)

Free Bird

“I don’t know where this was taken, I think I blocked the whole experience from my memory. I’m not sure why there is a mime next to a Big Bird lookalike. If you look closely you’ll notice Big Bird’s muscular thighs.”

(submitted by Jen) 

The Cookout

“My father and my uncle were more preoccupied with the BBQ than my baby sister drinking a bottle of beer.”

(submitted by IG @sabatini)

Baby Attacks!

“I was a big baby and my dad had this great idea of making me look like a monster on my birth announcement.”

(submitted by IG @makispring

Maximum Mullet

“My dad’s hair won the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @parysite

Heeere’s Blobby

“In the UK we had a TV ‘personality’ called Mr Blobby. My father rented a Blobby costume for my school fair and after trying it on for the first time tripped and fell down the stairs, splitting the suit on the bottom in doing so. Yes that’s me at the bottom of the stairs blissfully unaware of what was hurtling toward me.”

(submitted by Chloe)


“I was taking a picture of my husband and two daughters when it happened.”

(submitted by Miranda)

Dog Days

“My dad was into dogs.”

(submitted by IG @justinfromfl

Glam Dad

“My dad was offered a free glamour shots session to promote a hair salon’s new styling + photo package.”

(submitted by IG @sarashillman

No Fly Zone

“My Dad and I back in ’89 when he had a wardrobe malfunction.”

(submitted by IG @kvh3188)