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Tat Tale

“My daughter came to my studio while I was mid-tattoo. What could possibly go wrong?”

(submitted by IG @tattoorooster0331)


“The first was a 1970s gem. The second is the 2021 re-do for my sister’s 50th birthday.”

(submitted by IG @kristycarrolltherapy

The Heights

“Dad posing with me and my sister at the Grand Canyon and yes, we’re still alive.”

(submitted by IG @mistywendymarie

Shirts And Skin

“My pop was was my brother’s baseball coach. He forgot his shirt for picture day.”

(submitted by IG @kittykittykitty)

Knives Out

“It was my husband’s birthday. Happy 30th Dad.”

(submitted by IG @llaurennmiller)

Alternative Wedding

“My dad got remarried in 2004 when I was 16 and my sister was 12. This was our attire.”

(submitted by IG @khughes215)

Cliff Dive

“My husband obviously had trouble parking his car. Need I say more?”

(submitted by Alix)

Dad’s Pee Shot

“Dad with a nice drive at Pebble Beach.”

(submitted by IG @kt10milelake

Summer Rental

“My husband on the couch of a house we rented in St John.”

(submitted by Brigette) 

(Not) Red Handed

“My dad was afraid of getting sunburned and wore wool socks on his hands at the beach.”

(submitted by IG @emilymorrisatx