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Bottom Line

“I was 6 and on a road trip through southern Brazil with my family. At a petrol stop, somebody thought it would be nice to take a picture of me mimicking the plaque which points to the restrooms. I’m not sure if my father included the stranger inadvertently or not but to this day he swears it was a mistake.”

(submitted by IG @mnatel)


“My wife on the far right and her family circa 1999 right after their dad yelled at the kids for not taking the portraits seriously.”

(submitted by IG @bassesofdeath and @toydollani)

Lady Luck

“Dad trying to juggle his garage poker games while also watching the baby, circa 1990.”

(submitted by @instantkarmaa_, via our friends at @oldschooldads)

Rear View

“This is me with my younger brother, our grandparents, and our father in hot pants. Circa 1985, Australia.”

(submitted by IG @laney_77_)

Ready Player Two

“When Dad’s friend brings over his new Super Nintendo, priorities are made pretty clear. At least I’m not in the beer box.”

(submitted by Annie) 

Stihl Got It

“My brother with his true loves: my nephew and his giant new chainsaw.”

(submitted by IG @sjanez19

May I Have This Dance

“When all you want is to dance with your Dad at a music festival and your sister gets to him first.”

(submitted by IG @nataliecameron2005

Read The Room

“When you just had your third baby in four years and all you get is bunny ears.”

(submitted by IG @jillienj715)


Stranger Danger

“I don’t remember taking this photo but I do remember that my parents had a few to choose from that year and this was the one they liked the best.”

(submitted by Erik) 

Helmet On The Head

“My grandma’s toilet was scary high to me when I was a kid and I just couldn’t use it because I was certain I’d fall off. My dad had the perfect solution for me: his motorcycle helmet. So here I am in a helmet, holding on for dear life.”

(submitted by IG @kaseyvermulm