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What Was I Thinking

“This is baby me and I don’t know whether I’m judging or disappointed.”

(submitted by IG @neesseee_96)

Kitty Style

“My youngest daughter was learning to crawl, so I snapped a picture of one of her early attempts. I didn’t notice the background action until later when I was looking at the photo again.”

(submitted by Seth)

No Frills

“Taken in 1995 when I was a baby and I’m still not a fan of overly frilly clothing.”

(submitted by IG @alwaysapancake)

Baby On Board

“This is my little brother soon after she was born in 1976, my two older sisters and myself.”

(submitted by Kathy) 

Beauty Sleep

“This is a photo of my daughter sleeping in daddy’s armpit.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

The Everyday Clown

“As a child, I would dress up as a clown whenever there was a reason to celebrate – in this case the birth of my younger brother.”

(submitted by Alex)

This Is Really Happening

“We had just had our daughter two days ago. Nothing says ‘omg what have we done?’ as much as this picture.”

(submitted by IG @itskennafit)

Trunk Show

“Just me and my dad taking a break from a road trip in the 1970s. Apparently my parents found it convenient to just pop the trunk and prop me in a box while they took a break from driving. I had always heard the story and now I finally have proof.”

(submitted by M.) 

Vengeance Baby

“This was supposed to be a cute photo of me and my newborn son in 1997.”

(submitted by IG @natashagrimaldi)

A New Generation

“My fiance and his little brother. From the red overalls without shirts to the Pepsi can AND bottle…its just amazing.”

(submitted by Kayla)