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The Baptism

“I think my family might have liked Seinfeld.”

(submitted by Amelia)

The Scream

“The baby was NOT quite as into the family photo shoot for the holidays this year as the rest of us!”

(submitted by Tara, photo by Amy Zumwalt

Mother’s Milk

“My mom showing off her parenting skills, 1978.”

(via source)

He’s Got The Look

“My baby cousin has hair like a news anchorman.”

(via source)

Spit Take

“My niece looking very pleased with herself.”

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Adventures In Babysitting

“Babysitting a 2-year old. No one made it past noon.”

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Baby Bird

“My son is our first child so of course we took a million pictures of him when he was a baby. It was cold in our house that day so I bundled him up in his sweatshirt. Thinking that he was so cute, I took a bunch of pictures and just snapped away quickly and was able to capture this moment.”

(submitted by Natalie) 


Boss Baby

“My Mom asked me for a ‘formal picture’ of my one-month-old baby. I sent her this.”

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Beast Mode

“This is how my 2.5-year-old niece insists on holding her baby brother.”

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Baby Orca

“My uncle created a Jaws-inspired crib for his sleepy nephew.”

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