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Find Your Beach

“Mom didn’t trust my dad to hold me outside the carrier.”

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Little Squirt 2

“Back in 2014, we sent you a picture of our son’s little ‘accident.’ Well, my wife and I just had twins, and this time it was Mom’s turn.”

And here’s the original:

(submitted by David) 

Little Flipper

“My son wasn’t so impressed with my wife trying to take his picture.”

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Ink Master

“While my husband was on a business trip, my mom took my second-born to the tattoo parlor. He clearly had questions about this decision.”

(submitted by Jenna)

Grandma Pumpkins

“My mother, without me knowing, staged this picture a little after a month my son was born. One of them looks happy. One does not.”

(submitted by Andrew)


“My parents took me out one night in the 80s.”

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The Arrival

“We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby.”

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Little Pumpkins

“We tried.”

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The Fountain Of Youth

“My brother had a photoshoot with his newborn son. Guess someone got too excited.”

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Double Trouble

“Came across some old photos of a weird looking baby today at my parents house. Found out it’s me at 4 weeks. Thank god they captured my beauty before I grew out of it.”

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