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Scissor Move

“At my niece’s birthday party, everyone was so busy assembling the toy car that no one noticed my son making off with the scissors. (He was fine…my sister caught him at it moments after this pic was snapped).”

(submitted by IG @jessiespatch

Hump Day

“My husband was taking pictures of us while our dogs ran around in the backyard. As I held our son, my husband kept saying, “Now that’s a good one!” I instantly knew what was going on, but it was too late. Our little border collie has a problem with humping our Great Pyrenees, so it wasn’t a shock to us. It just made for an awkward family photo.”

(submitted by Annie) 

Crib Mates

“Me & the creepiest stuffed animals ever.”

(submitted by Micki) 

Here’s Your Smile

“This was my son’s first photos shoot. We tried to get him to smile for 20 minutes straight and got nothing. Finally he had it and gave us the bird. Totally worth the $50 dollars we paid.”


Clown Town

“Here’s a picture of me that my mom took after giving me a new toy. Not sure why I don’t like clowns now. Philadelphia, 1970.”

(submitted by IG @bauerstein87

Baby Bird

“I wanted to give my husband a nice picture of us for his work office but I ordered this particular picture without noticing my sweet baby boy’s hand gesture. My husband had it on his desk for years.”

(submitted by IG @karrionthen)


“We were Celebrating 6 months with twins.”

(submitted by IG @kaymsanders

Hammock Anywhere

“For some reason my dad had a hammock set up in our living room.”

(submitted by IG @sparklebbq

The Bath Of Damocles

“Me in 1993, when health and safety hadn’t apparently been invented yet.”

(submitted by IG @charlenekkkkkk

Sightseeing With Grandpa

“Early 90s there was a train derailment onto a gas line near our house. Grandpa thought that was a nice photo op and drove my little brother to the explosion.”

(submitted by IG @waxandthreadsvintage)