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Possum In Residence

“A possum took up residence in our garage and my dad (naturally) felt like we should have a family photo with it while my mom looked like she was questioning all of her life decisions.”

(submitted by Laura) 

Rear View

“This is what our dog thought of our family photo.”

(submitted by Paul) 

The Litter

“One pet turned into 14 quickly. They’re very well behaved, which is our saving grace.”

(submitted by Troy)

Rat Tales

“My mom and our pet rat, Sugar.”

(submitted by IG @outrageousopenness)

Cat Fancy

“He always posed for photos in the past. Maybe he didn’t like the photographer.”

(submitted by C.)

Dog Sitter

“Resentment at it’s finest…not sure if it’s from the elf costume or for us bringing home this baby!”

(submitted by IG @k_to_the_m_to_the_c

Dog Days

“On my daughter’s first day school, our feisty labradoodle wanted to be a part of the action.”

(submitted by Karen)

Summer Brownies

“I just wanted a nice picture of the baby’s first time in the kiddie pool.”

(submitted by Mareesa) 

Dog Mob

“We were at a friend’s barbecue, and their puppies cornered me and attacked. Not the first time my mother took a picture instead of helping, and not the last time either.”

(submitted by IG @rebeccajnorman

Adventure Time

“My mom thought this picture would be a great surprise for my dad. My little brother looks like a natural bow hunter and my sister apparently enjoy’s bird watching. I got put in the back to catch my pretend fish because my nose is peeling from a very bad sunburn. Our dog isn’t even happy to be in the picture.”

(submitted by Nicholas)