May 13th, 2009

Abracadabra - Family Portrait

Their apathy is just an illusion.

(submitted by Victoria)

68 Responses to “Abracadabra”

  1. XVII says:

    This is… disturbing… Just don’t show him the dancing pants trick….

  2. lukas says:

    noooo… it’s kinda cute.. 🙂 I like granpa holding these rings 😉

  3. Luna says:

    hmmm… for some reason this reminds me when you want to go take a nice family protrait… The photographer takes over… Um lady let me pose the way I want! i am paying for this god d*** picutre and i do not want some awkward picture hanging on my wall…. oh and it is also annoying when the dress up the little ones… gosh they did this once with my little brother… they wanted to dress him up like a lady bug…… I was so mad the lady just put him in it with out telling NOTHING..

  4. Slyrob says:

    “If you must wear a cape Billy, the shower curtain will do just fine”

  5. sandifay says:

    This is ghost photography at it’s worst.

  6. Jonnie says:

    No wonder Harry Stone loved Mel Torme so much!

  7. todd says:

    Auditioning as a family unit for Barnum and Bailey Circus.

  8. rug says:

    3 generations of exciting magicians!!

  9. Rob B says:

    This. Disturbs. Me.

  10. Thomass says:

    Why are the cards so big? The rubber chicken is the bomb! The 3 red balls between the fingers must mean something??

  11. Lili says:

    poor kid… hahah

  12. Spadger says:

    Don’t laugh. I caught these guys in Vegas. Best show I ever saw.

  13. Tim says:

    “that’s right, Billy….grab the hoop! You want to be Grandpa’s ‘special helper’, don’t you?”

  14. Micaela says:


    Fala serio, diz se uma familia dessa não é louca?

    porém, ser um pouco louco nessa vida não faz mal a ninguém,

    ainda mais se fomos loucos dentro de casa. rsrsrs

    Brasil, 18 Maio 2009

  15. Birdgirl says:

    gee, Billy, is that a rubber chicken coming out of your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  16. Ang says:

    Grandpa: “I wish these damn kids would give up on the idea I like this magic hooey.”

    Dad: “I’m just here for the old man. I know how much this magic crap means to him.”

    Son: “I just pooped my pants! Is there a magic trick that would make me disappear so dad doesn’t put me on the knife-throwing wheel again??”

  17. di says:

    whoa whoa it’s magggic, ya knowwww, never believe it’s not soooo!

  18. Discombobulator says:

    Mum: What do you want to be when you grow up ?

    Boy: I want to be a magician !

    Mum: No son, its not possible to do both things.

  19. Kraus says:

    These 3 can perform at my birthday party anytime!

  20. Ruth says:

    Is it me or does this stink of a PAX rip-off on the 2 and a half Men dynamic.

  21. Bru Laye says:

    Criss Angel, Marshall Brodien, and Detective Fish

  22. Halfreck says:

    Someone should have told them they didn’t actually have to do this.

  23. TheHater says:

    Wow! What an ingenious idea the Olan Mills guy had to set up his booth right by the docks to catch poor, unsuspecting immigrants.

  24. Emily says:

    For some reason, the younger guy in back looks 2D to me. Dad = cardboard cut-out??

  25. Karin says:

    “We’ve got MAAAAAAAGIC to do, just for YOU!”

  26. Brandi Milne says:

    Shut up. I want a family portrait like this one….

  27. joe says:

    If Dumbledore was here, he’d slap all three of these guys in the head!

  28. Roo says:

    While standing between his father and his son, Dave thought, “I remember when *I* used to get to wear the cape. I wonder if I just rub up against the cape people will know that I’m the *real* cape wearer in the family.”

  29. Art says:

    “Gee, I don’t know why little Billy grew up to be a drag queen.”

  30. Tim says:

    Shortly after this picture was taken, Grandpa and the little boy ‘disappeared’ for a little ‘personal training session’.

  31. Curb71 says:

    quite a handsome tracheotomy on gramps

  32. Shannon says:

    so is it bad to say that i know what everyone of those tricks that theyre holding do and how theyre done? i grew up with a magician father, i kno exactly what is going through this child’s head. he has a poor, poor future ahead of him. lol

  33. Steve says:

    The kid’s eyes are hypnotizing me!

  34. Abra Cadabra says:

    For my next trick, I’ll make Grandma and Mom RE-appear!

  35. alliedallas says:

    The family that performs magic together, stays together.

  36. Simon says:

    Gramps, dad and son. Dad looks thrilled to handle that set of balls and the kid just got caught choking his chicken. No wonder gramps looks ashamed.

  37. whats with teh red balls ? hardly magical ?? how awkward

  38. Lori says:

    following in the family footsteps

  39. eric says:

    The poor kid looks like he wishes someone would make him disappear.

  40. magic lover says:

    I love them, why can’t I have this family? I bet they eat Lucky Charms for breakfast…lol

  41. Pickles says:

    The older gentleman looks reluctant. So does the chicken. Doug Henning could teach these guys a few things about looking more…magiccadrabricle I suppose.

  42. manders says:

    at least the old guy is a cute old guy! 🙂

  43. CTC says:

    Thoughts from left to right:
    “I’ve wasted my life”
    “Man, this is livin!”
    “You want to cut who in half!?”

  44. Hassan says:

    So, three generations, and as usual, the youngest chokes the chicken in public.

  45. Heather says:

    Bahahaha the title and caption. But the joke is truly on the viewers. I will be singing that song all day.

  46. diane says:

    Magic tricks and a cape. Way to ensure your kid gets slammed into the lockers at school!

  47. Jewelsgrl says:

    I’m having trouble with this one…wow. Hey, is that a chicken in your pocket?

  48. first says:


  49. londonlady says:

    i think the kid is wishing gramps and dad would make HIM disappear

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