Bon Family Blowout

May 16th, 2009

Bon Family Blowout - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

They’re back… and this time, they’re relaxed.

(submitted by anonymous)

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  1. BeachGirl says:

    No, it wasn’t a Camaro. It wasn’t Trans-Am.
    It was a Trans-Maro.

  2. thiago says:

    muito boa a foto!!!

  3. Girlgeek says:

    In 1988, that little boy and his hair went onto to star in Willow with Val Kilmer.

  4. Kashaya says:

    Hehe, that’s funny! Could that photo scream anymore 80′s?

  5. Izaelle says:

    Eu até que achei muito fofinho!

    • tanrat says:

      OldPhotoLover, Maybe you need to get your eyes checked because I did not say early 80′s. I said early 90′s! I’m 99% sure it is early 90′s

    • tanrat says:

      Actually, Im thinking it could be from 89-91 because the clothes they are wearing and the big hair but I very much remember that pale lipstick was very “IN” from very end of 80′s to very early 90′s.

  6. Felipe Maddu says:

    Very Very Very Funny aehuaeh cool blog!!!!

  7. Matheus says:

    Thundercats! Hoooooooo

  8. oliver says:

    it´s rock and roll time II !

  9. Micaela says:

    Essa familia é muito louca!!!

    Brasil, 18 Maio 2009

  10. Patricia says:

    Essa foto é a melhor de todas pra mim!
    Que crueldade fazerem isso com uma criança, mas pelo sorriso espontaneo dele, percebe-se que ele está feliz!
    Então eu penso: o que eu tenho com isso?
    Sou brasileira e adorei i site! Dei ótimas risadas
    Parabéns aos criadores

  11. Aaron says:

    Isn’t this a form of child abuse?

  12. Maya says:

    I love them too!
    And, forkicks, you nailed it!!!

  13. Dragonfly says:

    They should have worn leather pants and netted shirts to really make this photo pop.

  14. Gsm Kontor says:

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  15. garethcook says:

    It is actually possible to see families sporting this style today – in most German cities, or their favourite holiday resorts in Greece and Cyprus. I saw a four mullet German family like this in Portugal less than five years ago.

  16. starbender says:

    WoW–remember those dooo’s… hahahaaa, I love the photo’s here, thay are all great! ;)

  17. anon says:

    That kid was awesome in The Road Warrior.

  18. jacbeth says:

    Fizzy hair style. How long does it last?

  19. Chris O. says:

    Fun Fact #347- That household has a carbon footprint greater than Manhattan each morning when the hairdryers are running.

  20. El Kev says:

    A drummer? You don’t say…..

  21. Colin says:

    shouldn’t this be on “”?

  22. eoms says:

    Is that GW Bush?

  23. Shannon says:

    I wonder what they look like today!

  24. IsThatAFact says:

    My God – the hairstyles of this family must be descended from an inspired mating of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb and the Lion from the Wizard of Oz….I can almost hear what that little girl is thinking…there’ no place like home…there’s no place like home :-D

    Only downside is the chap could have had a massive medallion on a bit more of a hairy chest – it could have been the complete package ;-)

  25. mark says:

    Oh my, Achey Breaky Eyes!!!!

  26. garethcook says:

    I gave your site a rave review on Wednesday on my blog:

    You guys keep on producing the goods – you are now getting a big following in the UK too!

    Loving your work …..

  27. Evilbeagle says:

    When you look past the whole over the top 80s vibe, they are a good looking family. But wow… I wasn’t even that 80s in the 80s.

  28. Xtina says:

    Stacy and Clinton had best not see this.

  29. axy says:

    The family that sprays together, stays together?

  30. Ellen says:

    I want to know where they are too, I’m guessing making a killing selling on eBay.

  31. dude-ski says:

    i met this guy on facebook….he’s a drummer. he’s alive and well and enjoying the “fame” from their old family pics.

  32. Shatzi says:

    This is pretty darn fantastic. Thank GOD for the 80′s.

  33. Eric Bizzle says:

    HEY !…we’re from Joisey too….wicked.

  34. Shannon says:

    It’s the hair people again!

  35. Bingo says:


  36. Jeff Smith says:

    Hey – it’s their life……’s now or never…..

  37. Bonny says:

    My GOD, I love this family. I need to see where they are today and if they are still rockin’ their do’s.

  38. joanna says:

    dude’s even got the chest hair to match

  39. Nicbow says:

    I wanna see a side by side comparison of the two with dates…!

  40. IceColdStuBrew says:

    They look like a happy family

  41. Haha! says:

    Billy Ray would be proud.

  42. Z says:

    It’s Fabio!

    But people who give their children mullets should nto be allowed.

  43. Amanda says:

    that is borderline child abuse

  44. Steve says:

    I have a feeling there’s a Camaro in the garage. Or more likely, the car-port.

  45. alicia says:

    that little girl’s (boy’s?) face is so cute! little munchkin!

  46. forkicks says:

    Three cans of Aquanet- $6.00
    Amazing Cosby sweater in XS- $15
    Industrial strength blowdryer- $65
    Bonne Bell lip smacker in Precious Pearl- $3
    teasing comb- $2

    Totally bitchin’ family photo- Priceless

  47. This photo makes my day.

    I just wrote about your site on my personal blog – “The Pursuit of Techyness,” and everyone loves your site!

  48. Amy says:

    O M G! what’s bad is that I had a hair do just like his!

  49. J says:


  50. Kim says:

    I want to meet you because that is the funniest thing I have read. The comments get funnier as I continue reading down this post.

  51. medfica says:

    ’85 Mustang 5.0 two-tone, Silver and Grey. An Iron Maiden album cover is etched into the back window. Inside cover art from Led Zeppelin IV is etched into the rear quarter windows. The car wreaks of a pungent mixture of Calvin Klein’s Obsession, Liz Claiborne for women and Armor All.

  52. RockitQueen says:

    Firebird in the garage, Thunderbird in hand.

  53. DD says:

    gotta be wearing poly bellbottom pants

  54. Gary says:

    Or a red and primer Nova

  55. andy says:

    dude, come on. it’s def a z28 with t tops, crager wheels and an alpine stereo…and it smells like drakkar. he cranks billy squier’s ‘the stroke’ whenever it comes up on the cassette deck.

  56. Raggedy Android says:

    Nice… :)

  57. Child of the '80s says:

    Depends on the humidity. On normal days, I could spray my bangs and they would stay up all day. I knew girls in high school who would apply a new coat of Aqua Net between each class…

  58. Child of the '80s says:

    Depends on the humidity. On normal days, I could spray my bangs and they would stay up all day. I knew girls in high school who would apply a new coat of Aqua Net between each class…

  59. Child of the '80s says:

    Depends on the humidity. On normal days, I could spray my bangs and they would stay up all day. I knew girls in high school who would apply a new coat of Aqua Net between each class…

  60. Hannah says:

    Yes please! Before and after photos needed!

  61. Kim says:

    I’m gonna pee my pants. This is hysterical.

  62. patricia says:

    too damn funny forkicks!!!! exactly what I was thinking!

  63. k says:

    Don’t forget the trip to Chess King for the sweater….

  64. Rain Likely says:

    Haahaa – The Feral Child . . .

  65. Heather says:

    bahahaha. Strategery.

  66. Nate says:

    Not sure if anyone else got that, but damn funny. A Bon Jovi line, perfect.

  67. Quinn says:

    Yes, born and raised in St. Louis

  68. Lori says:

    Stacy and Clinton may have had some mullets too….

  69. OldPhotoLover says:

    Oh no way, this is definitely not the early 80s, hair wasn’t that teased and sprayed then lol…this pic looks very mid-late 80s.

  70. 82 says:

    nope. tanya is her name.

  71. 82 says:

    yep. i got ‘em.

  72. Bobby Five says:

    Dont forget the chrome chick mud flaps and a bumper sticker that says ‘Bitchin”

  73. Christina says:

    I knew a girl in junior high who used so much aqua net on her big hair that flies would get trapped in her bangs. That stuff turned these hairstyle into helmets…

  74. Eightiesgirl says:

    Or an I-ROC

  75. Big Daddy Bull says:

    You young-bucks need to get your decades straight! Poly bellbottoms were in the 70s…Big hair was in the 80s.

  76. emm says:

    no–acid washed jeans… and bright white tennis shoes…

  77. Seriously Distracted says:

    Drakkar — You just brought back a flood of memories!!!

  78. Sam says:

    he’s related to my ex-husband?

  79. Stroke Stroke Stroke….

    you’re hilarious.

  80. ShariD says:

    It had to be acid-washed TAPERED leg jeans – straight legs were not “in” – the TAPER was the thing – or pegged if you had the material. The thing about the tapered leg jeans was that it gave everyone that “ice cream cone” shape – that was never a good look on anybody…….

  81. Lola says:

    Tight at the ankles!

  82. Hambone says:

    CHESS KING! HA HA HA! I haven’t heard of that place in decades!

  83. Sarah says:

    Hahahahaha, “ice cream cone shape”! So true!

  84. meri says:

    oh, yeah, tight at the ankles, pinned, rolled, however you could get them tight. I had a pair that were so tight they had a little half zipper at the ankle to the hem. Memories!

  85. Meesh says:

    me too!! and a denim bow at the top of the zipper!!!!

  86. mynameisstolen says:

    i was just telling my coworker about my acid washed pegged jeans with and extra large tshirt sleeves rolled up and white keds and white socks. i miss 1989.

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