Rear Window

May 17th, 2009

Rear Window - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Never before has a birthday cake photograph been so chilling.

(submitted by Tessa and Rebecca)

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  1. Joy says:

    This photo is scary beyond ALL reason. I cannot get calmed down. Too funny!

  2. Kate says:

    I really love this photo. I wish the cake was in focus a bit more. It looks like there are posed little figures on it. So awesome.

    • Zucchini Queeni says:

      Why do some of the little figures on the cake have little white umbrellas hovering over them? Or are those little white hatchets?

  3. Foghatdw says:

    As Jimmy Webb takes a photo of his sister at MacArthur Park, a song takes shape in his mind…

  4. Cassidy says:

    That girl in the window probably never gets a birthday cake…
    Poor creepy neglected little child lol

  5. Maggiee says:

    This would make a great movie poster or book cover…something like that. Cool photo!

  6. emm says:

    isnt this shot from ‘night of the living dead’???

  7. Carmen says:

    This photo is so amazing, I can’t even begin to express how much I’m in love with it.

  8. Asa says:

    I feel a great urge to write a horror-script for a movie. It will start with a birthday. And maybe a cake. And no one will be happy.

  9. kait says:

    This photo kicks a**.

  10. kashmir says:

    …its not a ghost…its her younger sister…the reason for the facial expression is that she had out of style square glasses and her sister had cateye ones, so she is squinting so sh can see… she doesnt even look like a ghost….

  11. Magdalene says:

    Holy cow batman. I didnt notice the girl looking through the window at first! What with the black and white colouring, it gives me the heeby jeebies. o_O

  12. Blucat says:

    *Twilight Zone theme plays*

    Little Margie realized that maybe she didn’t really want to eat the cake her big sister made for her after all…

  13. Heather says:

    That is CREEEEEPTASTIC!!!! I love it!

  14. noturavg says:

    You’re all going to think I’m lying, but the same girl appears in the background of every photograph I have of me holding a cake. And I have hundreds.

  15. agatheringstorm says:

    This is the best picture on the whole site, imo. I have this as my background on my computer. I did think it was a boy in the window, though. I guess it’s a girl by the clothes.

  16. Steve says:

    Stephen King’s Family album.

  17. lagrange says:


  18. lagrange says:


  19. Anna says:

    It’s like Alfred Hitchcock directed her birthday party…

  20. Hairball says:

    L2theEO- “wow.. this could be a great cover for a pshyco movie”

    I got it “The Uninvited”

  21. Swain says:

    Scratch marks on the door and everything.. Holy f***

  22. scooper47 says:

    Photography by Roman Polanski.

  23. pecosita says:

    Birthday on Elm Street

  24. Automne says:

    A Tale of Two Sisters…

  25. cheryl says:

    this is a bad site…i stumbled it and now i find it hard to ever leave…

  26. L2theEO says:

    wow.. this could be a great cover for a pshyco movie

  27. D F Stuckey says:

    So, 50’s girl is hlding the cake and 80’s girl is supposed to travel back in time and get throught he dorr to get it get it?

    Strangest and most artistic ‘Delicious Cake . . . You must eat It’ I have ever seen.

  28. Raffaello says:

    I can’t figure out why such a creepy make me laugh instead of scare me o.O

  29. James says:

    “Julie, only Sarah will be having a birthday.

    Chin up. You’re a strong girl. Now setup the table while we take a photograph of Sarah for her birthday party. Please, don’t be seen outside.”

    • Rod says:

      I have tears rolling down my face from laughter because of this comment.

      • Joseph Peterson says:

        I can’t breathe and have tears rolling down my face from this and the Ingmar Bergman comments. I seriously can’t gain composure and trying not to wake the house by laughing/crying in a pillow. good gravy, this is the best thing I have ever seen on the internet!

    • tellmewhatyouthink says:

      I’ve read all the comments, sad I know, this one takes the “cake”(I know, I’m sorry, but had to be said).

  30. MST says:

    Fellini’s home movies.

  31. Veronica says:

    I can’t think of a funny comment because I am still crying from laughing so hard…………

  32. motaboy says:

    is that a ghost in the window?

  33. Zach says:

    Funny thing is, this is a beautiful photo.

  34. saint says:

    This is one of the best photographs I’ve ever seen. And it fills me with such joy to know it’s just a candid. You couldn’t stage a better picture. Damn.

  35. Ehcanadian says:

    That surpasses classic. I have not full out laughed this hard in so loong. There´s something about the facial expressions combined with the ´´festive´´ occasion, and the BnW. Something very, very special…

  36. RJG says:

    Looks like the things on the cake are rocket ships? I’m askeered

  37. Addrock says:

    I shat brix.

  38. 007Lemming says:

    I see dead people.

  39. mariah says:

    Oh no, there’s nothing wrong with the cake. Mwahahahahaha.

  40. Adrian says:

    “I know what you did last birthday”

  41. Grue says:

    I love this photo with all my heart…

  42. Will says:


  43. carol says:

    14!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

  44. kegbot says:

    Um, who took this, Ingmar Bergman?

  45. Sean says:

    It’s not the girls fault she has photophobia.

  46. Horace says:

    My Haunted Birthday.

  47. Horace says:

    the black n white feel of the picture really does something with the grimmy and creepy feel. lol at the girl in the back.

  48. Claudia says:


  49. HB Kake says:

    I love to look at pics of other cakes.

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