Awkward Pose of the Week: The Banana Boat

May 20th, 2009

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Banana Boat - Siblings

This is for the “cheaper by the dozen” kind of unit that has trouble fitting all the kids in the frame. It’s not only a space-saver, but it’s also packed with continuity, an awkward essential. Feeling really daring?… Throw in a lean.

(submitted by the Fairchild family)

70 Responses to “Awkward Pose of the Week: The Banana Boat”

  1. Jordie says:

    Yeah, I agree, that is definitely the duck pond by the bell tower at BYU. ha ha.

  2. jose says:

    i think its suppose to b tallest to shortest …that tall guy should b behind the shorter guy…then it would of made a big difference…lmao.

  3. D says:

    wow they are all good looking

  4. Kara says:

    While it may be a little awkward, they’re still a really good looking family! All handsome/pretty/cute, I have to admit.

  5. Roxanne says:

    While they can be awkward at times…and I have made a number of these comments to the mom, the family is a riot and a half. Absolutely love them! : )

  6. jr says:

    Not awkward at all. Great looking family!

  7. joe says:

    what an attractive family

  8. motaboy says:

    marsha forgot to tell greg about the kaki rule

  9. Kakaka says:

    At least they’re all pretty.
    But, you see, it still doesn’t make it. hehe

  10. Goldie says:


  11. Teo says:

    Well awkward or not, the jean rebel in the back of this f-show family pic is hot.

  12. Nobody says:

    The family’s audition photo for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. Unfortunately in every audition group, there’s one member who just won’t put her hand on her knee. Maybe they’ll get in next year, when she goes off to college…

  13. Taliaaa says:

    wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. thats MEGA AKWARDD

  14. Sarah J says:

    This is on BYU campus in Provo. I’ve taken so many engagement photos there(as the photographer, not half an engaged couple), at least three couples, maybe five

  15. Aaron says:

    Don’t worry em, I submitted this. I thought it was awkward at the time it was taken because mom insisted that I scoot closer to Autumn. Through my clenched-teeth smile: “NO!!” And yeah, mom was mad about me forgetting the khaki theme.

  16. jessie says:

    gotta agree with bobblabla, i took one look at this and thought it had utah mormons written all over it.

  17. I’m pretty certain this photo was taken on the patio at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. I took some photos (not family ones) there 2 Septembers ago.

  18. Harp player says:

    banana boat! whoooooo hop on the fruit train

  19. bravo says:

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts deedle de de here they are standing in a row, big ones, small ones, some as…well you get it.

  20. bobblabla says:

    Welcome to Utah. Seriously I walk by this everyday. This was taken on BYU campus in Provo Utah.

  21. debbie antenucci says:

    the lens crafters r the funniest!!!!

  22. emilyf says:

    Wow, I feel awkward. Of course…I didn’t think it was awkward while we were taking it…but I guess come to think of it, it’s kind of a strange pose. We’re in order of age, yes. No twins, no memo to wear anything specific, either. I mean, Lil sis is sportin her soccer jersey…. The brothers never were big on that smiling thing, either. Anyway, let’s be honest…this isn’t nearly as awkward or anywhere close to as gross as some of the other ones! ha, so weird.

  23. CMF says:

    We’re gonna keep on, keep on, keep on , keep on dancing all through the night!!!!!

  24. sandifay says:

    When college Krazy Glue pranks go bad.

  25. Lindsey says:

    apparently SOMEONE didn’t get the memo about KHAKIS AND BRIGHT COLORS!

  26. gobalt says:

    banana boat, dada, dada, dada, dadadadda da da dadaaaaa da. BANANA BOAT

  27. gobalt says:

    banana boat dadadaaaaa da

  28. Matthew says:

    Is that at Milo Adventist Academy!?!

  29. Julie says:

    They’re in order of age. The two in the middle are probably twins. Cute, but awkward.

  30. Mike says:

    I’m pretty sure I know where that photo was taken…

  31. Tim says:

    I thought Up With People broke up…

  32. me says:

    I agree Shannon. Sunscreen! Especially the last girl on the right…she is the fairest of all the Fairchild children.

  33. Shannon says:

    Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  34. DeadPan says:

    What’s with the guy on the right wrapping his hand around his knee? Is he trying to pull himself closer?

  35. x says:

    “Rowing bench?”





  36. El Kev says:

    Why do I feel somewhat disturbed by the facial expressions of the two at the left of the picture?

  37. Micah says:

    Is that Bob Guiney on the far right?

  38. 12gager says:

    Someone’s butt is also hanging off of the bench.

  39. Laura says:

    Someone missed the khaki pants memo.

  40. Awkward, yes. But pretty family

  41. SJS says:

    Um… cousins? friends? date group idea gone wrong? And I have to know: did they NOT go girl-guy-girl-girl-guy-girl because they didn’t want the awkwardness of obvious symmetry?

    • candace says:

      They are probably in order from youngest (left) to oldest (right) Just a guess since the little girl in the first is maybe 12/13, and the guy in the back looks in his early 20’s.

      And they are the only two that find the awkwardness of the entire moment!

  42. Blinky says:

    I don’t think that neon green shirt girl is actually part of this group. You can tell because she just plopped down without being in the official ‘hand-on-the knee’ pose. That AND her bangs are swept to the wrong side.

  43. bingo says:


  44. The Pontificator says:

    I don’t see much “awkwardness” here. Actually, it’s a pretty good photo although the background makes the entire thing look “busy”.

    We need more pics like the one where the woman’s holding a giant squash! 🙂

  45. Brenda says:

    The guy in the back of the love train didn’t get the memo…why is he the only one in jeans?

  46. Jen says:

    That’s like US$200 in khakis. Well played, Gap Inc.

  47. Gabriela says:

    OMG that is so sick!!!!!!

    • pic reply says:

      okay its just a picture. You dont have to be like that with a picture, i mean come on. Its not meant to be “so sick”!

  48. gfw满塞 says:


  49. 姜建东 says:


  50. Randy says:


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