May 21st, 2009

Mommy-the-Pooh - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

This father was so relieved when he found out he was gonna be Eeyore.

(submitted by anonymous)

329 Responses to “Mommy-the-Pooh”

  1. 2muchstuff says:

    the dad looks like a real life Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

  2. antannecy says:

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  4. Monica says:

    The mom looks like a kid herself, and they should have put the baby in a piglet outfit… relative to siza and all.

  5. Skyggebo says:

    I have a guy living in the house next to mine in Askim, Norway. He collects trains and dresses up like Winnie the poo. He works as a acconter and is a really boring guy.


  6. Shimmo Shimmo says:

    I have a family in Warsaw (Mokotow or something) dressed like this all the time.
    They are really cool family.

  7. Thesearemyheroes says:

    I think this is the best picture on this site. Someday I will do a family photo like this. Brilliant idea! Thanks for the many laughs this photo has brought!

  8. mamaroo says:

    OMG, this is too friggin’ cute! LMAO!! Props to “iameeyore” for giving us the scoop on how this pic came to be!

  9. iameeyore says:

    We have yet to figure out how this made it to the site. I had it on my Facebook last year for a while. As I started adding friends, they always were commenting on it and bringing it to the top of the update lists, so I took it off because I was tired of hearing about it. After all, it is 8 yrs old now.

    But then it showed up on this and two other websites all in the same week. And we don’t know who put it out there, because I removed it from Facebook several months back, and it just started showing up about 2 weeks ago.

  10. ricelover says:

    this one is so good it even made it into a swiss newspaper!!! haha

  11. bananafANNA says:

    I can’t stop laughing!

  12. Melissa says:

    According to the laws of nature, crossing a bear with a donkey would produce a sterile Tigger. That’s the end of the family line, thank God!

    • Littlethingsinlife says:

      That was absolutely ignorant, I feel sorry for someone who is so small minded and can not appreciate something as small as this. RUDE

  13. Spanky says:

    Shouldn’t they be holding cros.. I mean compound bows?!?!

  14. Dian says:

    I lol’ed a big lol.

  15. Katy says:

    so cute

  16. Katy says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha… family without concept! pooh bear is too much!

  17. KaZe says:

    Wtf, AWESOME PIC <3

  18. mindy says:

    So a Bear crossed with a Donkey DOES make a Tiger…… I had always wondered..

  19. Kurr says:

    Look at their expressions! It’s the dad that wanted this photo and the mother is totally not cool with it! AHAHAHA

  20. zzoo says:

    charming! life is short, so be sure to act silly as often as possible.

  21. Kharlos says:

    Brilliant! Awkward to the max…. in a good way though. I hope to do this kind of crap one day.


  23. mfb says:


  24. lilly says:

    iahahahahaha.. this is the greatest pic ever! .. i wish my dad did the same for me.. i love it!! hahaha

  25. Abby says:

    Hahahahahahah…..wait wait wait…no here we go again…hahahahahaha…..I can’t breath! Lol!

  26. ahahah says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, can’t stop laughing. baby tigger is loving this setup.

  27. Shy says:

    How come the background of most photos look the same ? Are they “manufactured to look awkward” ?

  28. Paco says:

    Hats off to you, Eeyore. If you didn’t send the picture in, and Pooh didn’t send it in, that only leaves Tigger.

  29. iameeyore says:

    I am the dad from this picture. Not sure who sent this in to this site or how it got here. The way this went down, was this…..
    My wife had the Pooh costume from a few years earlier. She had dressed up for my nieces B-day. While she was pregnant with our son, my friend went to DisneyWorld in Orlando and came back with the Tigger outfit. He is about 8 mos old in this pic. When it got close to Halloween, we thought it was a shame that they had matching outfits but I didn’t have one. We were at the Disney store later that week and saw the Eeyore costume and bought it.
    This super silly pose was actually the photographers idea at Sears. We were originally doing the standard man-kneeling-kid-on-one-knee-mom-leaning-in pose. So, while I got a kick out of it, it was all the photographers idea.

    • Winnie lover says:

      I see a very cute and memorable picture. Two parents that are madly in love with each other
      and completely mad about their baby son. This is precious and unforgetable. Any one who
      makes fun of it malicously purely is jealous and I feel sorry for their soul. It is funny but they
      knew that.

      • WTH says:

        Are you kidding? Okay, the picture is alrightfor a family picture and it is nice of the parents to “play along”. However, to say making fun of it “malicously purely is jealous and I feel sorry for their soul” is absurd. It is AWKWARD for adult to dress in these costumes. Silly, yes. Fun, perhaps, Awkward, FOR SURE!!

    • nat says:

      i think this picture is adorable. the awkward pics are the ones with families with weird faces hahhaha

      • Edamame says:

        Your baby is absolutely adorable in the Tigger outfit! He looks like he is having a wonderful time.

  30. Swixie says:

    Some people go to A.A meetings. These guys go to A.A Milne meetings.

  31. Biotech is Godzilla says:

    Happiest Baby Ever.

  32. Adawehi says:

    Bet there’s more than one pooh in that photo.

  33. IsafromBrazil says:

    Your website is famous here in Brazil too… Congratulations.. a brilliant and an innovative ideia…

  34. Nina says:

    AWESOME POSSUM. They need a Piglet.

  35. Streppy says:

    That dad has that naughty donkey look on his face…

  36. Curse10 says:

    Oh god… That woman looks exactly like my mom.

  37. Felicia says:

    Not only awkward, but just plain ridiculous. lol

  38. Holly says:

    I feel sorry for that man…you know this was all the woman’s idea.

  39. pema mikyod dorje says:

    Fantastic…great photo

  40. Frank says:

    I guess some people will go to any length to have a photo published. I will say that it is a cute photo. I don’t have kids but ill bet they do!

  41. lool says:

    lol the dad is a really good doneky

  42. Josh says:

    “Where’s Christopher Robin?”

  43. Arachnid says:

    Why didn’t they just let the baby dress up?

  44. Pooh Luver says:

    awwwww….. this is ADORABLE. Not awkward at all. (though Mom does look like she’s thinking “why did I agree to this?”)

  45. liuyuan says:


  46. DisasterUnicorn says:

    This is so amazing. I can’t stop looking at it. lol. I agree with the folks who think it was Dad’s idea… he’s really diggin being Eeyore.

  47. Carla says:

    ohhhhhh, so cute, tão fofo!!!!!!!!!

  48. Just Me says:


  49. Denel says:

    I think this is a cute photo. My sister dress up with my nephew so they match at Halloween as well.

  50. Jedi says:

    This is cute!! The shot could have been a bit better (photographers fault!), but this is a cute family moment. I think the little guy should have been Piglet though.

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