Awkward Setup

May 22nd, 2009

Awkward Setup - Kids

Sam, meet Kari. Kari, meet Sam.

(submitted by Sam) (Subitted by Kari)

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  1. HU says:

    Its funny that people think Kari’s picture was taken in the 80’s! Hahahah, it cracks me up!

  2. Carol says:

    Britney was having a manic day….

  3. Harding University says:

    This is awesome, I went to college with Kari, She is so much fun!!

  4. springjack says:

    Sam would grow up to be a well-known B movie director, winning the 1997 horror Saturn Award for ‘The Hair That Ate Poughkeepsie’.

  5. Karen K says:

    I’m SUPER thanks for ASKING!

  6. Seriously Distracted says:

    Doesn’t Sam look like an older version of the son in the photo “Awkward Pose of the Day: The Pile On” ?

  7. graphicartist2k5 says:

    “hey kari, do you like my aquanet hair?” “oh, sam, your hair is sooo sexy that i will give you the perfect airheaded early 90’s smile that will show you how sexy i think your hair is!”

  8. D F Stuckey says:


  9. Luz says:

    What’s up with Kari’s hair. Nice hair Sam.

  10. Jason says:

    Kari is a hottie!!!

  11. HUBisons says:

    Go Harding! Go Kari! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the alma mater represented proudly!

  12. ohnoabear says:

    i went to high school with kari.

  13. 007Lemming says:

    I love the windblown stoner look. hehe, I said blown.

  14. Kate says:

    Is it just me or does Sam look like he needs a white Ferrari Testa Rossa and a guest spot on Miami Vice?

  15. MST says:

    Everyone makes fun of mullets until you see one that REALLY works.
    I am indeed humbled.

  16. Alex says:

    hahahahahahahaha MST that was hilarious

  17. Goran says:

    its a crossbow

  18. James says:

    McLovin Mug-Shots.

  19. Ally says:

    Glad I was born in the 80’s instead of being a teenager in them.

    • NuttyMom says:

      Wait a few more years and then look back at our photos from your teens. You’ll be surprised by how cool you THOUGHT you and your friend’s looked.

  20. Scrotus says:

    Kari looks like fun.

    Pretty face, awesome hair, no missing teeth, and a whole pharmacy full of goodies in her bathroom!

  21. karen a says:

    I think Sam looks a little like Michael Phelps!

  22. El Kev says:

    Mr. Weed, I don’t think they would have been on Love Connection. They look more like a date set up on Studs. Anyone remember that show?

  23. ms artist says:

    Oh, and talk about a sweet mullet.

  24. MST says:

    I think Kari is cute too…. she’s the one on the left, right?

  25. Mike says:

    OK, now that song is stuck in my head. But at least I have images to go along with it. I’m glad it wasn’t Jack and Diane.

  26. gary says:

    This is my “twisting look”

  27. Shannon says:

    The lady is having a bad hair day. No comment on the guy.

  28. G Dawg says:

    @blow – they play Don’t Stop Believing in the middle of the 8th inning at every Dodger game now. It’s GREAT! 50,000 fans singin’ along….

  29. MrWeed says:

    I wonder what episode of Love Connection these two lovebirds were on.

  30. lil momma says:

    before and after shots

  31. blow by says:

    @sammmm… glad someone can appreciate fine 80’s ballads.

  32. Tim says:

    Everyone at the class reunion wondered “wahtever happened to Sam?” unitl “Kari” appeared….

  33. sammmm says:

    @blow by That was absolutely amazing! I almost died laughing. You should be working with this blog on the captions!

  34. Alan says:

    Kari soon realized why none of her friends wanted her to drive them to school in her new convertible on Picture Day.

  35. Mick says:

    What is with her Marge Simpson necklace?

  36. David says:

    Don’t really get this one…

  37. blow by says:

    “Just a small town girl livin in a lonely world,
    Took a midnight train going anywhere.
    Just a city boy born and raised in south detroit,
    Took a mid night train going anywhere.”

    “Don’t stop believin,
    Hold on to that feelin,
    Street light people”

  38. Smooches says:

    rwblake…I believe you are correct with this one! I’m gonna have to call Kari and get her styling tips. I’ve got a session of headshots coming up and I want to look my best!

  39. DK says:

    I don’t think Kari is hissing, looks more like she is preparing to cough up a hair ball. BTW great feathered mullet Sam. I am jealous

  40. Jewelsgrl says:

    You gotta love a good mullet.

  41. wellen says:

    the hair of Kari looks scary. ouch!

  42. crp says:

    Love the wisps that technically make Kari’s hair 3-4 inches bigger. My first thought was that Kari might be a little too wild and crazy for Sam but then I noticed Sam’s almost contortionist-like flexibility. A man turns like that to check you out and you know he’s interested.

  43. lalinha says:

    Hi I’m brazilian, i read notice blog (i dont speak english)

    I Like blog!
    In your blog is very funny!

  44. lil p says:

    i think kari is really pretty!

  45. Señor_Citizen says:

    Combined annual hair care costs for Sam & Kari (including mousse): $7,293.58

  46. El Kev says:

    Kari looks kinda cute.

  47. kt says:

    kari says, ” HAAAAAY”

  48. Sassy says:

    Yup. Samantha.

  49. Funk2thapeople says:

    It’s definitely a compound bow

  50. DeadPan says:

    Are you sure his name is Sam?

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