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May 26th, 2009

Home Team - Family Portrait

When you’re a father of five girls, it’s the small victories that count.

(submitted by Anthony)

94 Responses to “Home Team”

  1. joe smith says:

    I’ll bet Dad hasn’t seen the bathroom in years.

  2. izze3r says:

    The ‘small victory’ is that Dad got his family of females into these football jerseys for the photo.

  3. rose says:

    i dont get it? small victories? can someone explain!? its really bugging me!

  4. seattle_dave says:

    I feel like such an underachiever…I’m 41 and I haven’t even gotten married yet, let alone fathered five children.

  5. cabrinad says:

    I think the numbers on their jerseys reflect their actual ages in this photo!

  6. chrisinmb says:


  7. Caithris says:

    And the winning numbers from tonight’s draw are….5, 10, 12…

  8. nomaso says:

    I’m guessing Dad wanted boys.

  9. Libi says:

    OMG, I DO know these people #5 was my friend in HS….She had this pic on her myspace…I am dying laughing as I see it here now! hahahahahahahaha…poor Karla!

  10. Sarah says:

    ahahahaha. Go dad!

  11. John says:

    No one in this family will have to ask “Mom, how old was I when this was taken?” “It’s on your shirt, sweetie!” Everyone should do this. 😉

  12. Sterling says:

    Are #12 and #38 clones???

  13. Charlie says:

    LOL 80s much?

  14. Trevor says:

    hey, its Billy Mays! what is he selling this time: … i’ll double the offer for only $19.99 get to of these jerseys for only $19.99!

  15. Brian says:

    I know this family…

  16. Lili says:

    Um, I think I may know these people. I’ve said that about photos here before, but this time there is nothing to help me rule safely rule it out…

  17. April says:

    LOL Well, Dad’s pumped about the whole thing isn’t he! These jerseys are blue and orange right?

  18. Lisa says:

    I think it’s great they’re all wearing their ages!

  19. Melin says:

    I’m thinking the number on each persons jersey is their age!!!

  20. notpicperfect says:

    BINGO !!!

  21. Peter says:

    This picture is just plain creepy…

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