On the Cob

June 18th, 2009

On the Cob - Family Portrait

Mom wasn’t convinced that taking a pic in a cornfield was corny enough.

(submitted by Amanda)

92 Responses to “On the Cob”

  1. colleen says:

    Dad is making an unsuccessful attempt to fade into the background

  2. lagrange says:

    Tonight watch all new reality series “Whatever happened to the children of the corn”?

  3. Shawn says:

    Mom sure looks a lot like Laura Bush, don’tcha think?

  4. graphicartist2k5 says:

    can you count all the ears in that picture?

  5. eeyore19 says:

    Did Anthony wish them into the cornfield?

  6. emm says:

    dad looks like “heeeere’s johnnny!”

  7. cornelius says:

    Looks like corneucopia, This literally had me splitting at the seams. Too funny.

  8. Spiderman says:

    How did Steven Spielberg get in this picture?

  9. Cricket says:

    Reminds me of an old Hee Haw sketch.

  10. vvkathy says:

    “Just because I’m from Iowa, doesn’t mean I’ve got corn in my back pocket!”

  11. Ana says:

    Well, I think that they’re damn happy to be there…Mother even got a corn pendant to celebrate the jolly occasion!

  12. Brent says:

    Meet the Corn’s Pop, Candy and of course Carmell

  13. panda says:

    Watch out for the corn-pound bow weilding maniac…

  14. dsto says:

    “Children Of The Corn IV-Midlife Crises”

  15. Kattjake says:

    That guy looks really HUSKy in that shirt.

  16. grimey says:

    So, they’re corn stars?

  17. MoFothanYoFo says:

    Gettin their corn on…rows, that is…like Kansas gold.

  18. Sandor says:

    The man’s like “no one can see me, my face is so well camouflaged, they’ll never know I’m here, it’s perfect, except wait, oh, the plaid flannel shirt!”

  19. Bar-b says:

    they’re grinning ear to ear

  20. MST says:

    Here, Mom, hold a piece of corn so the photo won’t look so awkward.

  21. Rich says:

    Is that a corn stalk by your side or are you just happy to be in this picture?

  22. mark says:

    My favorite part is the daughter leaning into the picture in fear that she might not be part of this masterpeice!

  23. Harley says:

    The corn seems to be eating dad. Normally corn is so sweet.

  24. Jeffy says:

    The Cobb family was a little cornfused on where to stand for their outdoor portrait.

  25. kiki says:

    Waiting for the crop circle to appear…

  26. Katie says:

    Only not awkward if it’s their field, and it’s commemorative in some way (had a great year, paid off the mortgage, 25th anniversary, something). But somehow, I don’t think so.

  27. Maya B. says:

    “Where, where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all aloooone?”

  28. Jenany says:

    Aww, shucks.

  29. lololola says:

    she’s holding the most awkward piece of corn I’ve ever seen

  30. Tim says:

    After scouring the entire cornfield, the family managed to convince Dad that Shoeless Joe Jackson was NOT going to appear.

  31. Tim says:

    COMING SOON: “Children Of The Corn II”…they’re baaaaaack!

  32. Dorothy says:

    Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.

  33. Mel says:

    Dad is all Incognito and trying to be one with the corn

  34. Mark says:

    Dad’s vogue-ing with corn stalks.

  35. laurie says:


  36. Freaked Out says:

    ok…I know it is not me, however I am totally freaked out that the girl on the right is the spitting image of me!!!

  37. Darth Curt says:

    That is just simply aMAIZEing.

  38. IAmNoOne says:

    Looks like that remake of HEE HAW is coming along just fine.

  39. Foghatdw says:

    “After his Rolls Royce dealership in Tampa fails, Walter and his family seek employment in Nebraska.”

  40. Olivia says:

    Some people amaize me.

  41. Marit says:

    The corny lady in the middle is wearing a cornpendant round her neck! LOL! I think its safe to assume that this was her idea.

  42. Nancy says:

    You’ve got some pretty witty fans! – and that’s more than a kernel of truth!

  43. I actually think this is a very clever picture. Doesn’t corn fuel America?

  44. Blondie says:

    children of the corn returns with a chilling prequel…FAMILY OF THE CORN.lalala

  45. Kevin K says:

    “If you build it……..they will corn.”

  46. Lurker says:

    If my family wanted to have a picture taken like this, they would get an earful.

  47. oy says:

    i think the guy in the background is a STALKer.

  48. rainbowskydancer says:

    this has got me all shucked up…

  49. deschanel says:

    corny…… enough….. i love that.

  50. Cloud says:

    God, this is a corny pic.

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