The Role Model

June 21st, 2009

The Role Model - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“I was a year old here. My dad started me on the smokes the following year.”

(submitted by Gina)

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  1. Melissa says:

    Look at the bed and the curtain behind them…they are in a HOSPITAL ROOM!!

  2. Jeff says:

    See the bandage on his finger? He tried to take the beer away from her too soon.

  3. Tim says:

    Every day was a party at the Lohans and no one knew that more than littel Lindsey.

  4. modcenturygal says:

    I think I met this chick in rehab.

  5. Poldana says:

    Back in the day, my father liked to put salt in his beer but hated the foam it produced. I was more than willing to help out. Good Times. RIP Dad.

  6. Jill in AZ says:

    This compares to the day my dad brought home mercury in a baby food jar and let us play it with it.

  7. JerseyPam says:

    Is he visiting the baby in the hospital?

  8. Scrotus says:

    So what if she’s having a sip or two or three? She’s going to get cigarette ash in her hair!!

  9. motaboy says:

    Tomorrow they start the drunken compound bow lessons

  10. Arminia says:

    It’s a can of Ortlieb’s! I knew he had to be from Philly!

    • Gina says:

      Good guess! And for the record, this is in some motel in Wildwood which explains the fold out cot. I don’t know who used it but since it looks rickety and unsafe, I probably did! I survived though and my dad is embarrassed/honored to have won.

      • Arminia says:

        I just KNEW it had to be somewhere on the Jersey shore!
        It’s a great picture – really reminds me of my own family and neighbors. Congratulate your dad on his victory 🙂

  11. Krista says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but I don’t find this akward, I think it’s cute! Seriously, when I was little my grandfather used to let me taste the whiskey out of the glass, and my dad would let me have a sip of beer. Which, probably explains why I am the way I am! 🙂

  12. mary ellen says:

    but did he have a compound bow?

  13. Kandee says:

    Love the Sam “Ace” Rothstein glasses and blue polyester shorts.
    Where is he anyway? Looks like one of those old hospital rooms with the folding closet door or something. And what’s that he’s sitting on – a stretcher? Is that a Pabst he’s drinking? Great pic AFP!

  14. J@Y says:

    Ahhh… the 70s.

  15. Barbie says:

    ooh the thinks we survived….

  16. katy says:

    i think i met her in aa… said her first blackout was at age 3!!!

  17. Freak Speely says:

    Brilliant! xD

  18. Autumn says:

    That person in the background totally looks like she just walked in and is thinking “What on earth are you doing?!”!

  19. Amice says:

    “Oh can it, Rose; one sip won’t hurt her….” You *know* he said that!

  20. kiki says:

    Daddy obviously cut his finger opening a pop top. 🙂

  21. Rob says:

    Is that a Schlitz?

  22. Jay says:

    It’s a classic no doubt. I’m just glad he didn’t give her the smoke while he drank the beer.

    Now that I look more closely, I must know what he’s sitting on. Hide-a-bed? Hospital cot? So many potential backstories…

  23. Chris says:

    This made me snort….thanks for the great pic!

  24. Jasmin says:

    ahh the one thing that fathers across the world are all guilty of.

  25. JenJen says:

    Sigh…..A touching photo of a young Amy Winehouse!

  26. LewScannon says:

    Looks like a refugee from Goodfellas.

  27. Hannah says:

    Ah, what fond memories (:

  28. IAmNoOne says:

    Watch you doing?

    Watching the game giving the kid a bud.

    True. True.

  29. Señor_Citizen says:

    What happened to those simpler times?
    You remember…when a father and his little girl could share a warm can of beer and a Lucky Strike?

    • Xtina says:

      I think my dad became an alcoholic because us kids used to love solving the puzzles on the inside of the Lucky Beer bottle caps.
      Old school beer = something for every member of the family.

    • 70's child says:

      LOL! I love this comment!

      Seriously though, I think we all probably have a picture like this, and we turned out ok. We have coping skills. Kids today are practically shrink wrapped at birth and have no coping skills whatsoever (boomerang kids moving back home anyone?). My parents let us sample almost anything we wanted to, and today I might have a drink at a party once or twice a year, and I absolutely detest the brand of beer my dad drank, because I hated it when I was a kid.

  30. bluenosedwowser says:

    Win, toasted to perfection, smothered in awesome sauce and braised lightly in perfection.

  31. JoJo says:

    Bad enough he’s using his kid as an ashtray, but beer too?

  32. Jamie says:

    I’m sure I could find a very similar photo in my mom’s closet. Makes me miss my Pappy.

  33. N. says:

    And this hasn’t become a Hallmark card yet?

  34. Monica says:

    Ahhh, I remember those days. Being a kid was easy back then!

  35. island says:

    Nice father 🙂

  36. MST says:

    So much awkwardness, so little time to comment.
    Next year I’ll submit a photo of myself on Father’s Day at the computer, writing comments to

  37. Janie says:

    awesome!! such an inspiration to dads everywhere!!

  38. Matt says:

    Bad picture. Sure. But Awkward?
    The quality of this blog has deteriorated lately. Please don’t post so many pictures. Go for quality instead of quantity.

    • Lindsay says:

      if you aren’t happy with the site, don’t visit it! The rest of us enjoy a good laugh whether the picture is awkward or just plain bad judgement! 🙂

  39. Kati says:

    A worthy winner! I hope he has a “Father of the Year” mug somewhere in his kitchen…….

  40. Wendy says:

    Gotta start ’em young.
    I’m willing to bet that the kid never became an alcoholic though

    • Gina says:

      You’re right. Grew up quite normal. There’s also a picture of my Italian grandma shoving a huge slice of pizza in my face when I was younger than this. What is it with folks shoving inappropriate things in toddlers faces back then??

      • Wendy says:

        The same logic that gave us lawn darts and toys covered in lead paint. I have a similar picture of my grandmother (ciggarette in hand) giving me a sip of rum and coke at a similar age. This is also the same woman who would put whiskey on our gums when we were teething, not to dull the pain, but to get us to pass out.

        • Gina says:

          You know what’s scary? I just had a little girl of my own two months ago and people are STILL telling me it’s fine to put whiskey on her gums!

          • Sarah says:

            Oh yeah, my dad still stands by the old whiskey on the gums thing. I was a child of the 90’s and my dad (who also raised children during the 70’s-large family) would give us wine to ‘thin our blood’, and he let us sip out of his vodkas, rum and cokes, what ever a lot. Nine kids, not a single alcoholic in the bunch. He even put beer in our bottles. Awesome babysitter, my dad.

            Ironically though, when one of my older sisters was 2 she picked up a pack of my Dad’s cigarettes and the image scared him so much that he quit smoking.

          • Señor_Citizen says:

            So, I shouldn’t be doing that? Whoops…

        • Snowrider says:

          Oh man!!! Those old school lawn darts (Jarts) were great!!!

  41. TREEMAN says:

    …it´s never too early to start drinking and get drunken. never.

  42. Ummm...........Greg? says:

    Daddy’s Little Girl/Ashtray

  43. Amanda W. says:

    I think we all have a picture like this. Lets just hope he doesnt drop ash in her hair!

  44. Sarah says:

    Yes. This takes the cake. Good job, dad.

  45. Dee says:

    Ah, memories. What child from the 70s doesn’t have a picture of themselves drinking dad’s beer?

  46. monjakavala says:

    a whole new meaning to contributing to minors….

  47. eric bizzle says:

    yeah……..I remember my first beer too……..good times….damn good times

  48. eric bizzle says:

    did my mom submit this photo????

  49. Bald Outing says:

    definitely father of the year.

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