June 22nd, 2009

Shhh - Babies

Here’s Santa taking some time out from his busy schedule to freak out some nice people.

94 Responses to “Shhh”

  1. Heather says:

    Why is everyone saying this is creepy? I reckon it’s a great idea. It was probably one of those Santa photos where the kid didn’t want a bar of sitting on Santa’s lap, so the next best thing would be to put mum in there instead but still have Santa in the pic….. pity more shopping centre Santa’s wouldn’t think like this clever St Nick.

  2. Rendiggy says:

    Oh, nice… nightmare juice. I was running low…

  3. uunan says:

    stalker santa

  4. William says:

    The next picture that Mom and Baby appeared in was on a Milk Carton……

  5. Nami says:

    Santa gon keel yew

  6. Angie says:

    he knows when you are sleeping…he knows when you’re awake…and he knows when you’ve left the back door unlocked.

    • juliet says:

      crikey, i never thought i’d say this but:
      Angie – hee heee heee brilliant comment!!
      can I use it please? (but always reference you as the originator..etcetc)

  7. Katie C. says:

    I have seen this many times before – it was a Wal-Mart or Target backdrop I think. It is hella creepy.

  8. Angela says:

    that is the creepiest Santa I have EVER seen!

  9. j says:


  10. NuttyMom says:

    Mom looks scared.

  11. the king says:

    looks like santa’s taking tips from the creepy burger king…popping up in random places.

  12. jdub217 says:

    Santa looks pretty menacing back there…

  13. Jillyb85 says:

    I almost didn’t see Santa, I just saw Mom and the Baby. That freaked me out a little bit!!

  14. Larry N says:

    I beg to differ on the bow its a full length double curved long bow.He does have a compound bow in the sled with cornhuskers name on it

  15. k says:

    santa has a compound bow behind his back

  16. Jennifer says:

    That is creepy as all get out! Why would anyone use that backdrop? I’d say, “No way! Give me plain old blue or something.”

  17. RedCrossDude says:

    Santa is visiting the Awkwards!

  18. Santa stole my soul says:

    I have a picture of my son… with this exact same backdrop. I think some one actually wrote “stranger danger” on the back of it. Anyways, when we had the photo taken the photographer was well aware of the creepiness of it and actually apoligized and explained that it was part of the holiday package that year and said that she hated having to take photos with it…

  19. JenB says:

    My 3 year old cousin had a pic like this with Santa and I was (and still am) convinced that it’s super creepy. Everyone else thought it was cute, but there’s something sinister about that Santa.

  20. Pamela says:

    Aaawww…cute baby! 🙂

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