The Bacon Brothers

June 25th, 2009

The Bacon Brothers - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Sizzle on, boys. Sizzle on.

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  1. Epe says:

    Was this so the dog would play with them?

  2. alina says:

    looks like photoshop!

    • Mark says:

      Please refrain from offering your Photoshop Conspiracy theories unless you’re going to offer some evidence– which in this case is scant. Otherwise you’re just being a smartypants– which happen to look sharp with a bacon suit, btw.

      • C B says:

        Indeed…..a later comment prompted me to actually check google, and yes, you can see for yourself that people have and apparently do make suits to look (and apparently, smell) like bacon…, anyone can guess as to why because we’ll probably never know, but this is most surely real.

  3. Lola says:

    I just asked a question that might have never been asked before: Where do you get three matching child-size meat suits?

  4. Lollerskates says:

    Does anyone else think this might be photoshopped?

  5. Denise says:

    Don’t you just hate it when you go to a function and someone wears your same outfit? Sooo awkward…

  6. Julie says:

    I think my daughter is in love. She REALLY likes bacon.

  7. bluenosedwowser says:

    I’ve heard of coordinating your outfits with your surroundings, but never with your breakfast. Uniquely awkward, to be sure.

  8. NoEntiende says:

    Er… “seek” = “see”

    I’m having heart palpitations caused by bacon hysteria.

  9. NoEntiende says:

    I fail to seek the awkward in this photo.

    And yes, you CAN get suits like this. And placemats. And bandages. And personal lubricant. With bacon, everything is possible!

    Use the Google, my friends. You will not be disappointed.

  10. Keep those boys away from the microwave. And the lettuce and tomato.

  11. Amice says:

    Is this kosher?

  12. Vickie says:

    Which one is Kevin ?

  13. Lydel says:

    Very charming boys.. but why bacon??

  14. XLscooper says:

    These cute boys must be the children of Kevin and Kyra.

  15. Pippa says:

    They can’t have vegetarian parents…

  16. Al says:

    That’s totally photoshopped! Look at the area between the two boys on the right. sorry- not real.

  17. Mark says:

    I remember these outfits. That crazy dude was working on them in Silence of the Lambs.

  18. AV says:

    This reminds me of cheap beer and free bacon night from when I used to live in Wisconsin. 75 cent cans of Blatz and all the free bacon you could eat. Mmmm….

  19. grimey says:

    I want you to meat my brothers

  20. eric bizzle says:

    yeah…..I remember my Porkmitzva . Good times……..damn good times.

  21. Joel says:

    This isn’t just awkward; it’s awesome. Go, bacon.

  22. Penny says:

    Hmm, I am a mom to 3 boys and I can tell you I have never had the audacity to dress them in matching suits for a photo…though now that I see the bacon suits…hmm…fried egg sweaters and matching fry pan pants?? Hmm…I think I will go talk to their father.

  23. LilyBear says:

    Is their last name Atkins?

  24. Karenyo says:

    ….are these the children who grew up and produced 1) BaKon Vodka 2) Baconnaise and finally 3) the Bacon Explosion!!!

  25. Greatdaniel13 says:

    PETA is going to be so angry about this one.

  26. dave says:

    photoshop is a wonderful thing

  27. Just an observer says:

    A mother with a filet mingon frame of mind- everything is better wrapped in bacon.

  28. émilie says:

    oohh non je les trouve chou…. bon à part les habits qui sont ridicules.

  29. Melba's dog says:

    *pant* *pant* *pant*

  30. Melba says:

    My dog loves this pic!

  31. Piglet says:

    More like The Makin’ Bacon Brothers.

  32. Susan says:

    I am at work and just said out loud: WOAH!!!!
    Shocked and surprised at the bacon suits, but the kids are adorable.
    After reading the comments, I scanned back up at the photo. EEEE!, now it looks like they are wearing MEAT SUITS. Made from human meat. Sorry. I need to go now. *crawls away drooling*

  33. Heather says:

    seriously? I’m without words for these outfits, and I use that term loosely…

  34. Day says:

    Mmmmm… bacon. I think my heart just skipped a meat!

  35. J says:

    Certainly interesting…..




  37. Meli says:

    Kids are cute…very unique suits, don’t think anybody has them


    I need to know more…

  39. Melba says:

    Is that real or just turkey bacon?

    • Cloud says:

      Turkey bacon isn’t nearly as soft and elegant as pork. Obviously, you don’t know your ham. Tsk tsk tsk.

  40. Melba says:

    “Does this suit make me look fat?”

  41. Melba says:

    if we don’t get the back story on this i truly will go insane

  42. Robert says:

    Look at the little guy on the right. He is chagrined. Poor kids! How cute!

  43. Ian says:

    Gamm on…

  44. Lauren says:

    Cute boys, ugly clothes.

  45. Kitten says:

    I… um… Why would… uh… It’s not… But…

  46. turkey says:

    Ok they are too cute, even if their mama does dress them badly!

  47. princessluceval says:

    They’re cute! And mmmmm, bacon!

  48. Michael says:

    Ham it up boys.

    • C B says:

      Haha, good one.

      No, but seriously. Why are they dressed like bacon? I don’t see how the pattern could be discerned any other way….

  49. Ash says:

    Oh my god. what the hell is this?

  50. Dirk says:

    mmmmmm. Bacon.

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