Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before

June 30th, 2009

Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before - Roller Coaster

Something tells us you don’t want to see the after.

(submitted by Will)

98 Responses to “Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before”

  1. BestfriendisNinja says:

    The kid in the yellow and white shirt looks like he’s about to throw up everywhere. 🙂

  2. Meesh says:

    The kid in Yellow …about to have a conversation with Ralph??

  3. xemily09 says:

    Roller Coaster rides gone wrong. just completley wrong, although hillarious.

  4. Banez says:

    OMG I’m loving this photo! =D

  5. crystal says:

    🙂 (: <3

  6. Summer says:

    Murder on the Roller Coaster Express…

  7. amber hansen says:

    OMG Mary! The comment about the boy in the red shirt passing away had me crying with laughter. Literally tears are streaming down my checks as I type this. It is 12:45 am and I am sitting here laughing my ass off at your comment. I love it!

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