Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before

June 30th, 2009

Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before - Roller Coaster

Something tells us you don’t want to see the after.

(submitted by Will)

98 Responses to “Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before”

  1. Liam says:

    Good to see everyone is having fun!

  2. TC says:

    haha it’s Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland!!
    my friend lost her cell phone, her dignity AND her stomach’s contents on that ride.

  3. Tim says:

    The guy on the left is SOOO gonna hurl!

  4. Oscar says:

    You know that urban legend about the killer in the backseat of the woman’s car?

    Now you know how he spends his weekends.

  5. Carrie says:

    NO ONE in this photo looks well.

  6. ammy says:

    is that Steve Buchemi on the left?!

  7. me says:

    haha i love everyone in this photo!

  8. emily says:

    That kid in the top left corner is crackin’ me up!!

  9. richard says:

    the “after” picture everyone is referring to is a different group of people.same ride i think.just do a search for rollercoaster vomit.

  10. Po says:

    The after picture does exist on the Web – wish I could remember where I saw it. It was only a couple of weeks ago. Dude in Front left (looking at the pic) is in mid stream as it flies back on the rest of the occupants. So really, you most likely don’t want to see it.

  11. KT says:

    i’ve experienced “the after” and it was not pretty.. darn kid couldn’t hold down his orange soda.

  12. lauren says:

    These comments have me crackin up!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best yet!

  13. What in the World? says:

    All they need at this point is a big goose to get in their path — you remember like the one that hit Fabio on his roller coaster ride….

    Come to think of it – where’s that picture?! LoL! =-)

  14. Lacie says:

    I am getting such a great kick out of the boy in the yellow shirt in the back, you can tell that he is not in anyway faking his expression.

  15. Fara says:

    Not to ruin everyone’s excitement about the poor girl getting barfed on but with them moving at such a fast speed and down, don’t you think it will be the people behind the chunk blower that should be worried?

  16. Lee says:

    looks like the lady in pink knows exactly what is about to come her way courtesy of the kid behind her….

  17. Ani says:

    I should ask my sister to find the coaster picture of me where I ended up getting whipped in the face by some guy’s mullet. Gross. Mouthful of mullet at 92 mph is NEVER fun.

    I know where all the cameras are at Cedar Point… my sister and I have faked passing out, faked boredom, faked looking like we were about to be sick. It’s cheap entertainment to do that, go check out the pic on the screen, laugh, and move on to the next ride 🙂

    • Carrie says:

      The “mouthful of mullet” story is making me laugh so hard I’m in teras. Of course I was already almost there.

  18. Wendy says:

    Are we watching a murder being commited?

  19. Melba says:

    I counted only seven euphanisms for ‘sicking up’ in the comments.
    Surely, we can do better than that!

  20. PJ says:

    Don’t you think that a compound bow would be more effective?

  21. Ash says:

    I don’t think the guy in the front left is about to throw up.

    Those three guys obviously are a group of friends who know where the camera on this ride is and wanted to goof off on it. I think he’s faking a yawn in an attempt to be humorous, while his other two friends are reenacting a murder scene.

    • pplzizcrazy says:

      Front left could be a fake yawn, back left is definitely about to perpetrate a yawn of the technicolor variety.

  22. John III says:

    And I think the girl filled her pants…

  23. John III says:

    The guy in the front looks like he is putting up his hand to blow chunks in….

  24. Rich says:

    Back left is about 0.2 seconds away from blowing chunks.

  25. nicswife says:

    i think the blowing chunks IS the after!

  26. omawarisan says:

    He’s about to dye that white and yellow shirt cotton candy blue and green

  27. kat_venturé says:

    Me three!!!

  28. kiki says:

    If you’re gonna spew…

  29. Celeste says:

    Besides the guy getting choked, everyone looks like they are getting sick!

  30. Don says:

    Disbelief? Queasiness? Sheer terror? Manslaughter? Nothing captures the raw, human, roller coaster of emotions like…well you know.

  31. There’s a lot of barfing that’s about to happen in about 4 seconds.

  32. bethany says:

    The after will probably be the aftermath of the little boy in the back having hurled on everyone in front of him.

  33. jeremy says:

    Murder on the Orient Roller Coaster.

  34. Katie says:

    I can’t look at one person without laughing! All of them are hilarious!!!

  35. 12gager says:

    Please include the after!!! You can even put a disclaimer, I don’t mind.

  36. arty says:

    The kid in back row has got a nice present coming for the kid in front of her!

  37. Señor_Citizen says:

    New at Six Flags this summer…
    “The Strangulator”

  38. Mark says:

    Buddy, you’re not going to want to turn your head and lean. (You know what they say about spittin’ into the wind.)

  39. Tam says:

    The various expressions are hilarious more than awkward. The girl who looks so frightened that it hurts to the poor boy in the back who looks like he’s starting to taste his stomach acid. And then of course, there’s the attempted murder.

  40. Cloud says:

    “You knew about that $%#@ing gigantic drop, And you still made me go on it?!?! Taste the power of the Dark Side!!!”

  41. VTGIRL says:


  42. Jim says:

    Actually the roller coaster isn’t even moving. This is one of those radio contests where the last person still sitting wins a free meal at Chili’s. So far it’s been 18 hours with no bathroom break.

  43. Denise says:

    I suspect it involves vomit on the girl in pink. 🙁

  44. Lori says:

    … three.

  45. Bob says:

    is that billy mays?

  46. PaintingChef says:

    There is just not anything good going on with ANYONE in that picture…

  47. Mary says:

    I think the boy in the red shirt has already passed away.

  48. TREEMAN says:

    …me too.

  49. El Pee says:

    But, But…. I NEEEEEED to see the after!

  50. Laura says:

    “Let’s choke him, all in good fun!”… not sure how awkward this is – scary, maybe…I am concerned, though, for the boy in the yellow shirt in the back who looks like he’s about to blow chunks!

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