Sixteen Candles

July 8th, 2009

Sixteen Candles - Birthdays

It’s so much easier when they just forget your birthday.

(submitted by Michael)

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  1. Anne says:

    The boy’s wondering what the point is, since they can’t bring a birthday cake on a camping trip.

  2. j_bryon says:

    The “16 Candles” theme is perfect!
    I can so picture grandma saying to grandpa “Look, so got her boobies!”

  3. kenth says:

    Even has the jealous older sister… outstanding!

  4. johnnyc says:

    I’m english, and i noticed the englishness..

  5. little magic says:

    Please mail all of Margaret’s birthday cards to:

    Margaret Leecham
    Tent in the forest with bird decorations

  6. freddie says:

    The father has such an English face. Seriously, you go there (I’m Australian) and you see literally thousands of blokes with this face or similar.

  7. lorie l says:

    Cute kid but I know how she feels. I have many teenage pictures where one can tell I didn’t want to be there.

  8. Angela says:

    Mom is sporting the rare, but always awkward “overbite grin”

  9. nb says:

    PLEASE make a record cover from this photo.

  10. Leghound says:

    Anybody who responds that way to an effort to celebrate their b’day deserves a compound bow.
    The lack of gratitude is extremely awkward.

  11. Melba says:

    Next up- blowing out the candles on the whole wheat, completely organic birthday cake. yay.

  12. Taylor says:

    *Uses sarcastic tone*
    Yeah! Everyone loves to spend their birthday camping in Yogie Bear’s Family Camp, and we ALWAYS hang our cards on the clothes line. She looks so thrilled. “Oh wait dad! Get grandma’s hand knit humming bird birthday card pouch in the picture!” lol. Well, she had to have something to put that awesome “Style Queen” card in! Sheesh. Grandma thinks of everything.
    Sis can’t help but wonder what’s in store for her birthday! Maybe they’ll spend her’s in Amish Country!

  13. IAmNoOne says:

    Shortly after this pic was taken, she and her crew had a dance off against Micheal Jackson and his crew.

  14. Steve says:

    “Make sure you get my Style Queen card in the picture.”
    “To do that I’d have to leave out part of your mother.”
    “DO IT!!!!”
    “Ok, ok…it’s your birthday. Sheesh.”

  15. Michaela says:

    I absolutely love the caption!

  16. Peg says:

    Sister’s thought…”Just wait until Style Queen sees what I hid in her sleeping bag”.

  17. Kandee says:

    What’s with the b/day cards being hung on the clothes line? Did they get wet and were hung up to dry, or is this something specific to camping? Bless her heart – 16 is such an awkward age.

  18. Courtney says:

    We’ve all been there. Poor girl.

  19. dramaking says:

    if that’s not the sneer of a teen age girl, I don’t know what is…she’s so disgusted. aaaah, good times!

  20. Dorci says:

    Wow, taking a backseat to the birthday cards. That’s gotta sting.

  21. VoldemortWearsPrada says:

    Girl in tan jacket: “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia !!!”

  22. yzh says:

    Were the people in the backgroud supplied courtesy of Photoshop?!

  23. punkasin says:

    Nothing says “Style Queen” like athletic pants

  24. laughing_hard says:

    That girl in the background is mad because all she got for her birthday is a card.

  25. Sarah says:

    That boy in the background is pretty much a cardboard cutout.

  26. LindaH says:

    Yes, definitely English. I’m sure they’ve camped behind me more than once. It’s Miss 14 behind her I’d be worried by. She is so slipping out for a quiet smoke and some cider as soon as possible!

  27. missturtle says:

    If my parents made me go camping for my 16th birthday… I would look more evil than that.

    • Cee says:

      I did go camping on my 14th, 15th and probably 16th birthdays. They were horrible and ackward. In hindsight, I think I secretly enjoyed myself.

  28. Jeneva says:

    loving the popped collar with the subtle “style queen” birthday card right over her shoulder

  29. Kattjake says:

    Ahh the teenage years…nothing can embarass you like your parents.

  30. susan says:

    actually, today IS my birthday and I can so relate to that girl. summer birthdays SUCK!

  31. MST says:

    I think her sister behind her is even less thrilled… her birthday is tomorrow.

  32. Family Man says:

    Bet there’s a compound bow in that tent.

  33. mat says:

    Funny how you can just tell what country people are from. Definitely English.

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