What About Grandma?

July 14th, 2009

What About Grandma? - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

These kids with their fancy kneeshelfs.

(submitted by Mike)

213 Responses to “What About Grandma?”

  1. tiasharon says:

    Are we sure grandma’s really there…in the flesh?

  2. DM says:

    I wouldn’t engage as well in that kind of pose. Bet she wanted an normal pose but couldn’t get what she wanted.


    ps Look at the cheeky fase of the man on the left. Bet the knee-pose was his idea!

  3. laurie says:

    Arthritis in the knees has more than one ill-effect….

  4. Lamech says:

    It’s called a time out for naughtiness.

  5. JerseyPam says:

    Grandma had no partner for the 3 legged race, so she signed up for the unpopular potato sack race.

  6. Jess says:

    Aww porr gramdna
    you see this is what happens when the photogrpaher doesnt know how to count,grammas scramblin for the right level

  7. Nathan says:

    It look like they just forgot her…
    ”Ok gang, nice photo… But where’s grandma?”

  8. Jenny says:

    poor grandma, its not her fault she smells like bengay…

  9. mitch says:

    where has been taken this photo? reminds me of somewhere I’ve been…

  10. troismama says:

    This was one of Marnie’s get togethers. Grandma didn’t comply with the right casserole dish and spoon. See what happens when you don’t listen.

  11. Tim says:

    Grandma never liked the kids anyway.

  12. Tam says:

    grandma would rather do the boob shelf.

  13. What in the World? says:

    That is hilarious! 🙂

  14. Carlos says:

    What’s a knee shelf?

  15. Doc says:

    My first thought was that they don’t know that lady and that the photographer just didn’t frame the shot properly . . . but she definitely has the same face shape as the Knee Shelf Kids. So I concur with Barbie . . . be it for reasons of leg length or debilitating arthritis, she was kicked out of the photo for inability to do the knee shelf. I call age discrimination!

  16. MST says:

    Are we sure that’s even their grandmother? She may have been left there by a previous family.

    • Blucat says:

      Later on her children discovered her at the police station wearing a cop hat and eating an ice-cream cone

  17. MarvinJ says:

    This is hilarious… This isn’t at Camp Mountain Run in PA is it? Looks strangely familiar.

  18. Family Man says:

    “Look, if she can’t do it, she can’t be in the picture. I know it’s harsh, but rules are rules. Max? Just the six of us in this shot, okay?”

  19. rkwilson says:

    the kids are avoiding the old lady funk.

  20. cathy says:

    LOL Looks as if she is just some bystander who refuses to get out of the picture..

  21. Gina says:

    I think grandma had the right idea. “I have no idea who those people are…”

  22. Poindexter says:

    “Sorry mom, but if you can’t cross your legs, you can’t be in the picture; keep taking the glucosamine and you can try again next year.”

  23. wes says:

    she’s probably not even part of the family … just some old lady that they couldn’t get to move.

    • Doc says:

      But if that were the case, the photographer would have zoomed in to cut her out of the shot. Unless this, like the pantless man by the riverside, is a time when you put someone in the foreground so you can get on film something awkward in the background without being detected.

      Nah, they know her.

  24. Suki says:

    poor grandma. 🙁

  25. AllAboutDave says:

    Thats so sad… but funny. Actually, I think her hands are balled up into fists. She looks like she’s plotting her revenge against these whipper-snappers.

  26. CG says:

    Poor little critter. Bless her heart!

  27. Jennifer says:

    Looks like it’s time for photoshop! 🙂

  28. JD says:

    haha thats so mean! i feel bad that shes all alone lol, still it doesnt make it NOT funny….

  29. Valerie says:

    she just didn’t get to the group fast enough.

  30. Mary says:

    and at that moment at the family reunion is when Gertrude found out she was adopted……

  31. Nomi says:

    Psst… I think it’s spelled shelves.

  32. Mah Jong Queen says:

    i dont even think she is part of the family, she may be just a random

  33. Michelle says:

    Where’s the beef?

  34. Kim says:

    I am truly, LOL.. this is hysterical!! Poor Grandma.. and in pastels too!

  35. Diane says:


  36. Don says:

    You think she’s trying to push that bench over?

  37. Heddy says:

    I think this is just a random lady who happened to be sitting near the family when the photo was taken.Surely no one would shut out Grandma that way!!

  38. Tony says:

    One of these kids is doing her own thing…. one of these kids just isn’t the same… one of these…..

  39. Horia says:

    Aw, she probably wasn’t able to cross her legs, so that’s why she was trying to stay out of the photo.

  40. Anne says:

    Poor Grandma! lol

  41. rebelle says:

    poor granny! the family may have been left out of the will after this photo op!

  42. simonX says:

    why are the two guys on the flanks not following the agreed ‘hand placement’ pose?

  43. Bernardo says:

    Grandma always was the inconformist.

  44. baxter says:

    as soon as grandma decides she actually WOULDN’T rather be in palm springs with her friends, she can join the fun party.

  45. Kaje says:

    and she looks pissed?

  46. Selena says:

    Awww, poor Nana! But, it’s hilarious. : )

  47. JY says:

    Her Highness, Queen of all of Cropped Pants Land, was holding court while her courtiers all sought to catch her attention by performing that oh so special Cropped Pants Land curtsey.

  48. Claudia says:

    aww hahah she looks left out….

    • Ann O. Nymous says:

      She isn’t this family’s grandma. She just sat down, dammit, and she isn’t getting up so some darn fools can get their picture taken.

    • just wondering says:

      She’s probably pissed at them for not getting up on her level AND not getting close to her side! SO THERE! I am NOT gunna move, either!

  49. Barbie says:

    Grandma’s legs aren’t long enough to do the knee shelf, or even touch the ground there for that matter..

  50. Barbie says:

    LOL, this is just funny!!

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