3rd Happiest Place on Earth

July 15th, 2009

3rd Happiest Place on Earth - Vacation

Wanna hear a story, little… No? Okay.

(submitted by Justin)

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  1. Lisa says:

    Oh man! My sisters and I have a posed photo on that same bench! Good old Story Land, it’s one of the most exciting things New Hampshire has to offer a child. That kid must have been from a more exciting state.

  2. Duncan says:

    It could be worse… It could be Santa’s Village.

    …or Six-Gun City.

    (Come on northern New Englanders, you KNOW what I’m talkin’ about!)

    • Nicole says:

      OMG SIX-GUN CITY! Now THAT place is torture. I used to love Story Land! But it does tend to get tedious… especially if you go every summer. It’s more for kids under 6 I would say.

    • Jenn says:

      The North Conway senic train ride is the worst! 2 miles of seeing nothing!!!! Six Gun City is right up there too!

      My favorite to go to is Clark’s Trading Post! The wolfman is awesome!!!

  3. Grainne says:

    I used to go to SL every year as a child and I have to say that it is a pretty fantastic place – this kid should have no reason to frown. Now I live right near it and curse about the traffic beig backed up around it. Ahh, adulthood.

  4. Cassie G says:

    Wt*, you get to milk a fake cow. Storyland owns.

  5. Lori says:

    if this is the third happiest, what is the first and second? and do they involve clowns too?! who likes clowns, anyway?!

  6. Jen says:

    As a kid I used to see Commercials for Story Land during Romper Room & Magic Garden and begged my parents to take me. All I ever got was the catskill game farm where the highlight was feeding dogfood to deer.

  7. MST says:

    Hey kid, we used to hire REAL clowns to sit there all day.
    Now you know how THEY felt.

  8. chels says:

    you should probably also submit Kermit.

  9. jennie says:

    pennywise before the sewer…………look little boy, smile or ill teach you to float ………

  10. Northern NH says:

    You should not be allowed to look that miserable at Storyland, unless you’ve actually worked there. Then you’d know the truth. 5 longest summers of my life. LOL

    • cg says:

      That’s five summers you’ll never get back.
      So sorry for your bad luck (bet you have some good stories, though)

  11. Leghound says:

    This is where you got reminded how happy you’d be next time you get to go somewhere.Course
    you’d be past thirty after this tantrum.

  12. hustler says:

    LOVE the fanny pack!

  13. Maya B says:

    This kid’s no dummy. Clowns are E-V-I-L!!!

  14. MB says:

    ” A boy can dream, can’t he? Someday I WILL go to Disneyworld!”

  15. Tita B says:

    I reject clowns too, kid! lol

  16. WVBOBW says:

    “Mom, I want to go to Hooters with Billy and Dad.”

  17. JenB says:

    Maybe he would’ve been happier going to Opryland

  18. Beli says:

    Wow, that brings back memories. Somewhere in one of my old albums I have a photo of myself on that very bench. If you can overlook some occasional creepiness, it’s actually a pretty fun place. Or at least it was 25 years ago.

  19. Suz says:

    Mom, I said I wanted to go to Disneyland, not Storyland. This sucks and this clown is super creepy.

  20. meme says:

    too cute…

  21. LT says:

    I hate clowns too.

  22. whoa says:

    priceless. He loos really happy to be there!

  23. Cheryce says:

    Ooooh. i hate clowns. I would have made the same face.

  24. Bobo says:

    At least the clown is looking straight forward so he can’t see the pride crushing look of heart break on the kid’s face. What’s a clown to do? Play on playa

  25. Tim says:

    “…I thought you said we were going to DISNEYland!”

  26. Seona says:

    I went there a bunch of times as a kid, it really is the third happiest place on earth…….

  27. Natalie says:

    “We thought it would be fun, Billy, to let your little sister decide where we’re going for vacation this year!!”

  28. CarrieM says:

    Oops — sorry for the duplicate comment.

  29. neverfirst says:

    Bad touch.

  30. Fleabitten says:

    Cheer up, kid! Not only did you get to go StoryLand, you got to meet Michael Jackson. LUCKY!

  31. Julia says:

    Story Land was the only trip and theme park my granny ever brought me on and I think my poor 14 year old brother felt the same being dragged along.

  32. Bethany says:

    HAHAHa I would be pissed to if I had to pose with that creepy clown!!!

    • JP says:

      I think most of us can identify! Poor kid – not the time to make him pose with a tacky model – you really have to be in the mood…
      Still, on the upside, we get to laugh! 🙂

  33. ashclan says:

    Hey brat, I’ve been to that Story Land in New Hampshire with my children five years ago and its a ball…for the 10 and under set. What’s you’re problem? Perhaps next year it should be summer school for you. I don’t remember that clown though. It used to be a great big Humpty Dumpty out at the front gate.

  34. Mark says:

    Took the kids to StoryLand last year. I’ve never seen so many kids melting down in my life. The rides are ok but the lines were ridiculous. Try making a 4 yr old stand in line for 15 minutes to get on a 30 second antique car ride in 90 degree heat. There were many kids there that had the same redfaced upset look as this kid does.

  35. Paul says:

    I can see myself in this. I was totally that boy that was always unhappy at the end of the day because they didnt let me ride the “one last roller coaster ride” before we had to go!
    Bless his heart.

    This picture would be even more awkward if the clown was a actual person 🙂

  36. CarrieM says:

    This is what happens when parents promise their kid a trip to Disneyland and then take their kids to Story Land instead.

  37. CarrieM says:

    This is what happens when you promise your kids Disneyland, then try to pawn off Story Land instead.

  38. Señor_Citizen says:

    Having been to Story Land in my youth, I feel his pain all to well.
    (It’s for little kids. Send this boy to Six Flags.)

    • CG says:

      Hey – I have been to StoryLand, too! And I was really, really crabby that day. Not even the nice swan boats or pumpkin coach ride could make it better.

    • em says:

      I grew up going there too — and it is truly a little slice of hell once you’re over the age of six.

      Also, if I’m not mistaken, he’s wearing a t-shirt from Camp Northwoods, which could account for his surly attitude since that place is basically the 7th circle…

    • masshole says:

      my parents took me there from age 0-4 as part of our annual NH camping extravaganza. i have very strange memories of the place (only 2nd to the creepy Santa’s Village). I drove by the place for the first time in 23 years last summer – still strange but the new rides are supposed to be better for older kids. However, this kid looks like he was there not long after and older than 4. Sorry dude. Suckfest.

  39. xtine says:

    This is SOOO not Disney World

  40. baxter says:

    this stinks. i wanna go to Orpyland!!

  41. mandy_Reeves says:

    Junior there is a little ticked off because he forgot to bring his compound bow with him. Ceramic clown knee shelf ftw!

  42. laurie says:

    I think this picture caption is my favorite so far. It fits…so beautifully.

  43. Thighmaster says:

    Not traumatized – just pi$$ed.

  44. Amy says:

    Why so serious?

  45. Melba says:

    Good for you, kid! Don’t give in to this type of foolishness!

  46. that guy says:

    nothing like a fun day of books and reading and crap on a hot summers day.

  47. Evan says:

    “Billy, do you like movies about gladiator clowns?”

  48. lagrange says:

    Looks like the kid from “Le Mis”

  49. Lamech says:

    For once, I’m actually less afraid of the clown.

  50. GoFigure says:

    NOBODY likes a clown!!!!!

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