Deeply Denim

July 25th, 2009

Deeply Denim - Engagement

There is no aphrodisiac quite like denim.

(submitted by Miranda)

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Can’t you just hear the “wa-chicka-baw-baw” music?

    • Blucat says:

      uhh, i think you mean “bow-chicka-wow-wow!” Paul’s solo prom picture was “wa-chicka-baw-baw.” See the subtle difference?

  2. Mbatu says:

    Are acting out a scene from “Twilight”?

  3. Tritch says:

    “as long as I can have you here with me, I’d much rather be, forever in Blue Jeans… Babe.”
    Diamond fans to the core.

  4. pcbuff says:

    Honey is sweet
    But it ain’t nothing next to baby’s treat
    And if you’ll pardon me
    Id like to say
    We’ll do okay
    Forever in blue jeans
    -thx Neil

  5. JPT60 says:

    What so they are both wearing Kentucky Tuxedos while having a passionate moment on camera. You guys find everything awkward.

  6. Whoa says:

    Wait, this is from the A-ha video:

    Take on meeeee
    Take me onnnnn
    I’ll be gooooooone
    in a day or TWOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  7. Awkward Turtle says:

    She loaned him her left earring.

  8. Tim says:

    “Now, stick out your tongue and say AHHHH…”

  9. J.F. says:

    In the 90’s, he was a lengend in his own mind and she had a weakness for denim clad modern-day Lotharios.

    A match made in Heaven.

  10. Suze says:

    Tangled up in blue.

  11. RJ says:

    Collar grab adds that unmistakable “Glamour Shots” feel.

  12. ViJayUK says:

    Am I the only one who hears the old Beverly Hills 90210 theme playing?

  13. you know who. says:

    Code blue[jean]! Begin CPR, STAT!

  14. Sophsoph says:

    10 years later, they were still wearing the denim…

  15. Ellalee says:

    Oh my goodness.

    That is some picture.

  16. Truff says:

    I’ve got a fever and the only cure is….MORE DENIM!

  17. hupla says:

    I like how the plain white t-shirt adds a casual element to the fancy denim suit.

  18. Aleta says:

    I wonder what this couple looks like now . . .

  19. Karen says:

    ooooo….matching highlights!

  20. CarrieM says:

    She looks like she’s semi-conscious. Maybe he’s about to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

  21. Sheri says:

    Wasn’t this a promotional still from a-ha’s “Take On Me”?

  22. jenny says:

    where are they now?

  23. Darrin says:

    I think she has passed out from all that denim, he looks like he’s just about to start CPR.

  24. Sarah says:

    should we be seeing this? it looks rather personal…

  25. Zaphod says:

    Nothing beats the Canadian Tuxedo

  26. nite owl says:


  27. John D says:

    He was a rebel dentist looking to heal his broken heart. She was one root canal away from losing herself forever . . . in Danielle Steele’s “A Bridgework Too Far”

  28. Lauren says:

    the “squeeze-my-chin” shelf.

  29. Tan says:

    I would comment, but my comments never make the cut. I’ll try anyway…”They not only shared a love for denim but when they discovered their mutual penchant for silver earrings and Lady Clairol in Ash Blonde, they could not conceal their passion.”

  30. Katy says:

    Nice matching blonde highlights, too.

  31. MCR says:

    And he says to her, “Oh, my darling Jean…”

  32. KatieMB says:

    OMG. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
    OMG. Can’t. Breathe.
    OMG. What. Were. They. Thinking.

  33. pooper! says:

    The hair and earring on this guy is epic. I wonder if these two are still together? I wonder what her mom thought of this pic, seeing her daughter all breathless and willing in his arms. This had to be the early 90’s? I’m so uncomfortable just looking at this pic! Awesomeness!

    • Jeanne his mom.. says:

      OH MY GOSH!!! THAT is too funny!!!

      The hair? don’t EVEN try to touch it! the earing…. (I must have blocked that from my memory….) too much!

      NO, they are not together, his wifey put that up there. (Miranda, YOU go girl!)

      HE was voted best hair in his senior year book…. guess what? 10 years later he is bald. (OK, he does shave part of it…. it looks good!)

      And I can honestly say, I NEVER saw these pictures!!

    • Jeanne his mom.. says:

      This is too funny!

      Are they together still????? uh, NO! His Wifey found this and posted it…. Miranda, YOU go girl!

      Then lets talk about the hair…. DON’T even TOUCH the hair!!! He would work on it for hours!! the earring…. hmmm, I must have blocked that from my memory.

      HE was voted best hair in his yearbook….. took great pride in that…. guess what?
      HE IS BALD now! yep! (OK, he has to shave part of it, but bald! … 10 years later!)

    • Jeanne his mom.. says:

      well, the computer said it didn’t take the first comment…. so I did it again… stOOpid computers!

  34. MacBastard says:

    Quite a chin grip he’s got there….

  35. Sarah says:

    LMBO!!!! I really did LOL here… Nice. haha xD

  36. MB says:

    “Honey, wake up and smell the denim.”

  37. Lisa says:

    This pose is so awkward. He looks like he’s contemplating biting her chin like it’s an apple.

  38. Jill says:

    “Here, baby – there’s a little schmutz on your face, right there. Lemme get that before they take the-”


  39. laurie says:

    There is an ad for Levi’s on the side of my screen.

    I find this to be no coincidence!

  40. Kelly says:

    For realz?

  41. DK says:


  42. Binky says:

    This picture leaves me in a very awkward state of speechlessness. Wow.

  43. Liquidduck says:

    Her “Who’s idea was it to wear so much denim under these hot lights?”….”I am going to….pass…..out……”

  44. H. Bergeron says:

    Looks like she is unconscious to me.

  45. Ball says:

    Looks like chain-gang clothes

  46. Gravy-Locks says:

    ……as was the style at the time.

  47. Gina says:

    “aching to be released from their Denim prison”

  48. Lisa says:

    Her chin…is so mesmerizing…

  49. Amice says:

    I’m just glad the photographer didn’t get there 45 seconds later….

  50. grimey says:

    Diffident dudes decided Denim decorum deleteriously deaccentuates dressy duds.

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