August 7th, 2009

Supersized - Family Portrait

The whole family gathered around the man who started it all.

(submitted by JB)

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  1. Natalie says:

    I love the random ginger in the front lol

  2. Rebecca says:

    It’s nice to see that the former members of Menudo still all keep in touch.

  3. Carrie Green says:

    We have a pic like this I need to post! We have one wear my 9 year old cousin was seated and all of the family, elderly and all was gathered around her standing, like she was the matriarch of the family.We laugh at that pic so much..I’ll find it and post it

  4. Ally says:

    Yea ok….not funny to begin with, even less funny is the poor photoshop job

  5. Kristy says:

    Only half of them got the memo about wearing a white shirt.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Now I am not one to constantly be crying ‘photoshopped’, but this one is just too obvious. Especially with some of the people up top, they clearly were superimposed into this picture. The lighting and edges are different and don’t match…not that I really had to point out what everyone can already see!

  7. Jamie says:

    I happen to know this family and the pic is for real…one the daughter in laws photoshopped out the aweful white backdrop that picture people used…there was way too much glare.
    So the awkwardness still stands, y’all are too focussed on the fakeness of the background and not the real point of the fact the kid is in the middle!

  8. Lydia says:

    It is so photo-shopped! Can’t you tell that all the middle people are wearing white shirts and then the outside ones aren’t! der da der

  9. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    Hey everyone, it’s Jim Bob Duggar’s brother!

  10. ali says:

    the guy in the back with the red shirt is so photoshoped in ! its obvious its not funny if its photoshoped!

  11. kandee says:

    Um, somebody took the whole “be fruitful and multiply” way seriously!

  12. Cassie says:

    This looks like some of our family pictures. That’s what happens when Grandma’s got nine kids and 21 grandkids, sweet awkwardness. I should post the group picture with my brother in the background with his hand down his pants . My dad photoshopped a baseball mitt over his hand to cover it.

    • carly cupcake says:

      absolutely hilariously awkward. there’s always one of the guys with their hand down their pants pulling an Al Bundy. classic!

  13. emily says:

    Wooooweee! Look at that awkward alienesque kid with the handle sticking out of his/her/its head! All the way on the far left =)

  14. Luna says:

    It’s like half the family got the memo to wear white shirts, and the other half said “forget that, I’m gonna wear what I want!”

  15. Jeff says:

    It wasn’t shopped. There’s an overly bright light source coming from the upper left of the picture is all. This “photoshopping” stuff is getting as tiring as the “compound bow” remarks.

  16. Amy says:

    “Let’s all wear jeans and white shirts.”

    “No! Khakis and white shirts.”

    “Was there a dress code?”

  17. 12gager says:

    Evidently, not everyone got the memo about the white shirts.

  18. Tim says:

    …the teenaged kid in the middle started the population of Pittsburgh? Good trick!

  19. JoMama says:

    That is very…strange…why is that kid in the middle and not mom/dad/grandma/grandpa?

  20. Geoff says:

    “Where’s Waldo?”

  21. Jenn McClelland Hamann says:

    This is my family…and yes the photo is VERY awkward, however we still paid for it. Everyone in the pic was there, we were missing three at the time this pic was taken. The only thing photo shopped was the tan’ish back ground…the reason why is because my husband’s white’ness and white shirt (I guess) reflected off my brothers bald head and they were angels with halo’s in the pic. So my sister-in-law photo shopped the top of the back ground. The drop cloth on the bottom worked its way up in the back as the back drop. I didn’t understand the no shoes and still don’t. The leg is from the navy blue strip shirt nephew you can see his arm almost the entire way down. He is tall but he is sitting on a stool that was under the cloth, that is the way all the seating was. However I have to say the “love child” (that is what we call him) in the middle we have had a ton of laughs over. I think the poor young lady was just trying to get us all in. Next time I hope we do it outside, we just don’t fit in a studio anymore. Thought ya’ll might want to know how it really happened, I don’t know who posted the pic though. This is a pretty fun website, first time to see it! Small world.

  22. Blucat says:

    Why is the kid in the very middle of this photo??

  23. just wondering says:


  24. cate says:

    what does it matter if it is photo shopped, its a picture! a awkward does no good to point out it was shopped right after 5 other people already would look a lot better though without all the different colors and so many people.

  25. OBGYNKanobi says:


  26. Fantastic.

    I can vouch for this picture and also for the photoshopping… since this is my picture. Here’s the details. I am in the picture In red on the left side. The picture was taken by the “Picture People” in the North East Mall in Hurst Texas. The background was originally white, and the photo was so overexposed that you could not tell where the big guy’s head ended and the background started. So I changed the background and then altered the contrast on certain groups of people that were very overexposed. The grouping is exactly as it was set up in the studio.. no people where photoshopped into the picture. Here is a link to my original blog post from June 26 2008, where there is also a copy of the original photo.

    Oh.. and here’s some anonymous comments I received on my blog regarding the post… probably from the photographer herself…

    “It is amazing that you can be so negative and hurtful to this person who was your photographer. Until you have had to be in that person’s shoes and tried to get that many people to look at you and not make silly faces and not get glare on glasses you could not understand what a great thing they did for you. Anyone can be critical of something they dont understand. If you had told them that you were not happy with the child in the center holding himself in the manner that he did, they might have taken another shot. There are alot of details that your photographer had to pay attention to. Would it have killed you to speak up at the moment instead of bashing them behind their backs?”

  27. whitch says:

    exactly! take out everyone but the three in the middle, and you STILL have an awkward photo that’s funny.

    • amy says:

      I agree–regardless of all the other folks in the background, I love how up-close-and-personal the 3 in the middle are. It’s like they are makinf an akward sandwich with that poor kind in the middle. Really? you must sit that close? really? And I agree that bad/obvious photoshopping adds to the awkwardness.

    • Crotch Cricket says:

      Are the middle 5 the original group?

  28. Alameda1 says:

    Talk about a carbon footprint.

  29. Joe says:

    You know, this really isn’t a bad looking family. I just think they would’ve looked a lot better in their proper 7 separate different family group photos. This family shot REALLY should have been taken outdoors.

  30. TerryLee says:

    The boy in the middle started it all? 😛

  31. Kiki says:

    Since when is Photoshopping allowed on this site? If those are the new rules, it’s no fun anymore, really. I can think of a thousand pics I can mash together and throw up on here. I thought the point was to capture actual, real, genuine awkwardness.

    If you’re heading in the faux direction, then that’s one less reader.

    • charmy says:

      people can’t always make it to their family photo due to being across the country, or sometimes family members die but the family wants to keep them alive by photoshopping them in…there is nothing wrong with that…

    • Lacie says:

      Who cares, honestly, if it makes the pic funny then why does it matter if its photoshopped?? I think that its people like you that take all the fun out of having to point this out EVERY SINGLE TIME. Just have a good laugh with the rest of us would ya?

      • anthony says:

        If you think its photoshopped then take a closer look. or better yet learn how to photoshop like a pro and you will see that it is more than likely this photo was not shopped at all. shadows are consistent and free of irregularities, lighting is consistent, edges of the people do not appear to be cut and pasted, even carefully you will not be able to get every strand of hair. People love to cry wolf just so someone can back them up. Learn a skill =)

        • tre says:

          the poster of the picture said it was photoshopped. while it may not be that people were put in the picture, it was still adjusted. obviously the pros did take a closer look and noticed. learn a skill.

        • a guy says:

          You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. It is definitely shopped.

      • Dawna says:

        I don’t think it was photoshopped for the purpose of sumitting it to this site. & it’s definitly an example of something awkward that people do to their pictures.

        My Nana & aunt photoshopped a picture for our family calendar once & the result was definitly awkward & funny.

    • Aud says:

      I think the fact that it is obvious that it’s photoshopped makes it awkward to begin with.

    • Josh says:

      oh my gah, who the hell cares if it’s photoshopped.

      “If you’re heading in the faux direction, then that’s one less reader”

      you know what, it WAS photoshopped. leave now. hah. you and your useless threats, as if your viewing keeps this website alive.

  32. Laura says:

    This looks like the bloomin’ onion of family photos!

  33. L says:

    Everyone dons patriotic colors

  34. Anon says:

    “The man who started it all” is a teenager?? I don’t get what that even means.

    • TerryLee says:

      hahaha.. i commented the same thing! 😛

    • emboscada says:

      Wow, if you don’t what that means, I bet you have many awkward family photos. It’s called sarcasm.

    • rufus the stunt bum says:

      look at the dude to the right of the middle kid. lol

    • anon14 says:

      I think this is the present and the future at once. The bald guy in the back is the future of the guy in the middle, the man in the dark blue shirt holding the kid is the future of the center teen, the little redheaded girl in front is now the woman in the dark blue in the back, the redheaded kid int he front is now the tall redhead in the back-I could go on but I won’t! That is the beauty of Photoshop-then and now in one photo!! LOL!!

    • May Ann Naze says:

      Seriously? Don’t you expect the family Patriarch to be sitting in the middle of this photo? Instead it’s a teenager.

      You’re welcome.

  35. cranky says:

    What benefit is there to all this honking that something’s been Photoshopped? Who cares? Just sit back and let the beauty of awkward wash over you like a summer rain. Ahhhhhh…soooo awkward….

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