The Anniversary Party

August 12th, 2009

The Anniversary Party - Grandparents

What better way to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary than by preserving their love forever in cardboard?

(submitted by Megan)

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  1. Leeny says:

    I want to see the photo of grandparents with the cutouts

  2. dsto says:

    At the Grandparents Hall Of Fame.

  3. emm says:

    UPS was a lot cheaper than airfares…

  4. Kerry says:

    I was there – it’s not photoshopped. This is my aunt and uncle. You should see the pictures we took after the shindig got going…the cardboard cutouts was the life of the party!

    • Boppie says:

      I have quite a few relatives whose presence would improved family events for the rest of us if they had attended ‘en cardboard’.

  5. Harry M says:

    50th year is the cardboard anniversary, since the recession.

  6. Tofudisan says:

    I’m betting G&G are on a Church mission and this is how the family keeps them involved in spirit. My boss’s daughter became a nun. While she was in the convent she couldn’t be a maid of honor her sister’s wedding. So they had a life-size cardboard cutout of her in the wedding party.

  7. Lynda Kaye says:

    Oh My! I thought they were ghosts!

  8. Boppie says:

    Third cousins twice removed only get to pose with cardboard Grandma and Grandpa – sorry!

  9. MCR says:

    Fittingly, Grandpa was Chairman of the Board.

  10. devans00 says:

    Looks like a scene out of a bizarro movie like Little Miss Sunshine or something.

  11. MP says:

    It would be more awkward if human grandma and grandpa got a photograph with the cardboard version of their respective person.

    • Angel Baby says:

      No, what would be even funnier is if the guests all brought their own cardboard cutouts and had their cutouts pose for pictures with the g ma g pa cutout.

  12. QuestionEvil says:

    You know if you put a slight blue glow to Grandma and Grandpa they’d look like Jedi Force Ghosts.

  13. gamergf says:

    What a bunch of stiffs.

  14. Well at least they weren’t stuffed. That would have been really awkward, not to mention unwieldy.

  15. LeHarp says:

    OMG, this is the best idea ever! I am totally splurging on a cardboard cutout of myself that I will have delivered to every family event from now on. It will be in the background of all the pictures and it will look like I was there! This way, I can stop going to those things and yet not be labeled as a recluse!

  16. Maya B says:

    Grandma and Grandpa had an unfortunate encounter with a steamroller on the way to the party…

  17. wvufan says:

    Some people will do anything to get the senior discount.

  18. Modine says:

    Flat Grandparents are the new Flat Stanley. Coming soon to a party near you.

  19. Long Gone John says:

    It’s an awkward family photo WITHIN an awkward family photo! But do they cancel each other out or amplify one another? Hm, Awkward Family Photo Theory is becoming a complex field in this modern age.

  20. wendy says:

    Great idea for a wedding…. just put cardboard cut outs of the bride and groom on the altar

  21. Pete says:

    The ginger ale wasn’t the only thing that went flat at grandma and grandpa’s 50th.

  22. maureen says:

    I love how Dad is so not into this photo.

  23. Deb says:

    It’s the glare from the lights and the creases from the folding that make it extra-special.

  24. tiasharon says:

    Are you kidding? At $78 a plate they had to cut the guest list somewhere!

  25. Mikee says:

    Don’t blame Grandma and Granpa for leaving early…Matlock was on.

  26. Bruce says:

    Can you imagine the size of the photocopier they had to use to make that copy of themselves?

  27. emm says:

    i have a picture just like this with the ayatollah khomeini back in the 80s.

  28. Mary says:

    Are you sure this is even an annivesary party? Maybe this is a restaurant that can’t afford to hire a host or hostess. “Donner party of three!! Your cardboard host and hostess will seat you now!”

  29. KyGirl says:

    This looks photoshopped. Look at the perfect borders around G-ma and G-pa…and the shadows don’t match. The lighting hitting G-ma and G-pa is weird…completely different than the family. Oh, and whoever photoshopped this left part of the background in between the grandparents. This makes them look like cardboard cutouts. 😉

    • Maureen says:

      LOL. Obviously done by amateurs. They should have photoshopped the little girls dress a little shorter too.

    • Dr. No says:

      Despite everyone’s protestations about these images being photoshopped, this one actually is, but it’s a pretty good job. The background and the lighting are believable, but the giveaway is grandma’s shoes. Their perspective and the angle of the lighting on them doesn’t match Grandpa’s. Obviously Grandpa was there but Grandma couldn’t make it – but hey people, give ’em credit for a good job.

      • eee says:

        Don’t get what you’re saying? Neither grandma nor grandpa are actually present it’s a cardboard picture of them?
        Doesn’t look photoshopped to me except the crossbow has been removed from the girls hand.

  30. littlemissk says:

    Could be more awkward if the cutout was of a couple at their wedding complete with tux and gown. On another note: where in the world did they go to get that done? There is a business that actually makes those?

  31. Jenany says:

    pretty darned awkward – but not as much as it would be at a funeral … thankfully, that’s not the case

  32. Amice says:

    You just *know* this is Marney’s doing….

    “Come on people; keep the lines moving! Photos with the cut-out on the right! If you absolutely *must* speak with Mr. & Mrs. Mike Byron, it’s the line on the left!”

  33. Andrew says:

    Hey, what are you gonna do? They passed away six months ago, but the family had already booked the hall…

  34. Nyla says:

    I wonder how many people will cry photoshop before they read the caption.

  35. Alekx says:

    I actually think this is a hilarious
    and great idea for a reunion/anniversary.
    It’s cute.

  36. Kathleen says:

    They were too busy to take pictures with everyone so they had a cardboard cut out made for extended family…?

  37. Cincoflex says:

    yes, so natural, so real and believable!

  38. 3kids0time says:

    Perhaps the anniversary couple couldn’t attend the party in person and sent the cardboard likeness in their stead?

  39. rebelle says:

    I know! they’re photo shopped to hide the crossbow!!

  40. DOGDANCING says:

    Little sis is totally PO’d she has to wear her sisters dress.

  41. Maureen says:

    So, do they take cardboard grandma and grandpa with them when they go out or is that a standard cardboard grandma & grandpa in front of that restaurant for anyone to use?

  42. bikermomrt says:

    Could they have put the little girl in a bigger dress?

  43. Jimmy says:

    I guess the props store was fresh out of Darth Vader cutouts.

    • Darth Vader says:

      I guess the Jerk Store was fresh out of YOU!

      • Wayne says:

        I didn’t understand your hostility until I saw your name, now it is hillarious!

        • Darth Vader says:

          It’s a Seinfeld reference. *woosh/exhale* George comes up with what he believes to be the ultimate “comeback” to a workplace nemesis. The comeback is the jerk store “joke”. When his nemesis transfers to another branch, George flies all the way to the new location just to sit in one of their meetings and *breathes* use the joke on the guy. Needless to say, it back fires.

          *wooooosh/woooshh* And now, my explanation is complete.

  44. Kristie says:

    Kids… Grandma and Grandpa had to hit the sack early. Here – go stand by their cardboard cut-out for a picture…

  45. k says:

    Grandma and Grandpa are really one dimensional people. They lack depth of character.

  46. laurie says:

    Grandma and Grandpa look a bit…board.

  47. wendy says:

    This reminds me of a friends dad who seriously considered writing in his will that he wanted to be stuffed and mounted in the living room after death. After checking various taxidermists for prices and learning that it’s not legal to stuff a human corpse he scrapped the idea. He was fun to drink with

  48. Pinky says:

    Was really hoping that was a holograph; leaving disappointed.

    • just wondering says:

      Party-goers, kids, friends, …we are too busy to pose with ALL of you…set up a card board picture of us…that will suffice

  49. Will says:

    hahaha — that is great! A classic!!

  50. Brian says:

    Grandpa is such a cut-up!

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