The Space Between

September 3rd, 2009

The Space Between - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“My brother was fussing the whole portrait session, and my parents were getting frustrated as they were just trying to get one decent photo of the family. Finally, they threw their arms in the air and told him to sit where he pleased. It was my brother’s decision to sit off to the side. As you can see from my smirk, I wasn’t upset about it. Considering how odd the picture turned out, I’m surprised my family selected to hang it in our home for all these years.”

(submitted by Yuri)

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  1. Poindexter says:

    And he was talking ‘fore I knew it, and as he grew,
    He’d say, “I’m gonna be like you, dad.
    You know I’m gonna be like you.”

  2. Rachel says:

    The world’s only Asian red-headed step child! Awesome!

  3. Maya B says:

    So Dad didn’t want Junior on his lap with poopy pants…who could blame him?

  4. Rachel says:

    ya’ll …he’s the servant boy….duhhhhh… that’s why he’s not “with” the family

  5. holly says:

    haha this kid probably wasnt even related to these people…he just jumped in on the picture

  6. s says:

    this picture is very sad 🙁

  7. Tim says:

    “Sure, they can put me down now…but once I start my schooling at Hogwarts, I’m gonna change ALL of this!”

  8. Joanne says:

    Poor little boy was tired and wanted to see sit down. Since Dad didn’t want him on his lap-he found a little place to sit-away from the family!

  9. CarrieM says:

    It might just be a bad choice on the part of the photographer. He may actually be his parents’ favorite child. It worries me that his knees are so skinny though. Put some weight on that little guy!

  10. hwlgcumberland says:

    I really don’t want to laugh at this picture but i have to right?

  11. Jules says:

    I wish the person who sent it in would chime in and clear up the mystery! Was this just a case of a little boy who was being uncooperative so they let him sit where ever just for the sake of getting a family portrait? Or was it something else? Inquiring minds want to know!

  12. Dorothy says:

    They took away his position within the family AND his pants? That is just too cruel!

  13. Smege says:

    I have DOZENS of family photos like this where my 2 year old is a blur. I have a feeling he just wasn’t in to it. But SO funny that they took it anyway!

    • Me :) says:

      Really? Because in the movie The Ring, after the chick watches the video any pictures that she took of herself or had taken were all blurry..

  14. Sonny says:

    I hope they photoshoped this photo or it was just the photogapher, he happened to have a bad taste with no skill. Lol…
    Just SAD!!!

  15. Suki says:

    Poor lil’ boy. the caption is funny tho.

  16. Chestna says:

    Yet another Scrolldown Classic for those of us with small monitors and old computers, LOL! Good one. I think I’m keeping my itty bitty screen after all. Some of these photos wouldn’t be as entertaining without the delayed reveal.
    And now, my favorite quote from Pumbaa:
    “Aw look at him. He’s so Cute and ALL ALONE!”

  17. Sarah says:

    Poor lil pumpkin….:(

  18. Aliz says:

    Not awkward. Heartbreaking! Poor little guy.

  19. Etraking says:

    I think he was meant to be photoshoped out of the picture at a later stage…for what reason I don’t know as he is a very adorable little chap.

  20. Whoa says:

    Now, you just sit there and THINK about what you did, Mister!

  21. Snowrider says:

    It’s strangley out of scale. He almost looks like a little Asian garden gnome. The more I look at it the more I get kind of creeped out…BRRRRR. Like he’s not really there..but when they developed the picture….he was there!!

  22. Juls says:

    In the event that the paternity test comes back negative, John wanted to ensure the future possibility of a quick crop on the family portrait.

  23. Jak says:

    Wow: my family dynamic in a nutshell…

  24. Stephanie says:

    he’s like 2 or 3, right? he probably just wouldn’t cooperate & this was the best they could do. so cute and funny. his little prim outfit. poor kid.

  25. Steve says:

    The lighting is almost perfect on the little guy, which almost leads me to believe he was added to the portrait later. Possibly had a meltdown while the first portrait was taken.
    Embarrassing placement, though!

  26. Sherry says:

    That is so weird that the boy is off to the side.

    He is so tiny, it seems they don’t feed him either.

  27. What in the World? says:

    Poor little guy….

  28. mel says:

    hmm looks like red-headed step-child syndrome… ;o)

  29. GW says:

    He doesn’t look traumatized at all. As a matter of fact, the little guy looks relieved. Why? That’s a little training toilet he’s perched on. When you’ve gotta go, YOU’VE GOTTA GO!

    You should have seen his face in the shots before the photographer got a clue and helped him out.

  30. Lissee73 says:

    Nobody put’s baby in the corner! Little brother maybe, but not baby!

  31. Jenany says:

    He doesn’t look too disturbed by the separation … bet he grew up to be very independent!

  32. amigo says:

    I love the caption!

  33. Penny says:

    Daddy scares me.

  34. Sarah says:

    They always did like little Suzie better. Now he’s got the proof.

  35. vsquared says:

    That’s just sad. 🙁

  36. vtfrogger says:

    sister’s got that “nanny nanny boo boo, I’m in the family and you’re not” look on her face

  37. sus says:

    I have a son about that age. My guess is he wanted to sit there and not in front of his sister, so rather than risk a temper tantrum, his parents just let him have his way.

  38. mel says:

    This is actually sad… not really awkward. Poor baby.

  39. Nick says:

    notice the evil grin on the sister’s face, she knows she’s Daddy’s favorite.

  40. Lynda Kaye says:

    Awww, the photog should’ve known better. The little fella should be standing in front of his sister.

  41. Lisa says:

    “But I don wanna sit on Dad’s lap” squirm, squirm, squirm. “Oh, just take the picture with him over there!”

  42. Leslie says:

    They didn’t want him blocking the view of his sister’s funky stockings. Go girl!

  43. cyclefiend2000 says:

    ostracized since birth!

  44. Della says:

    Ostracized from the photo. At least he got a stool.

  45. Debbie says:

    is this kid the black sheep or what?

  46. Novy says:

    Look at those little knees! I just want to pick him up and hug him!
    So why does he have to sit off to the side?

  47. nite owl says:

    Just a formal portrait of his “time-out.” How many kids can say they have THAT? Disneyworld…Grand Canyon….well, let me show you my time-out portrait!

  48. Tishomingo says:

    Why the hard chair? Why not a big soft cushy chair where junior can sit on Dad’s lap?
    Definately a patriarchal culture thingy, too.

    P.S. I kind of like the daughter’s tights. She and the mom look really sweet.

  49. poohsmt says:

    Oh, that little guy makes me sad.

  50. Rean says:

    “He looks nothing like me.”

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