The Space Between

September 3rd, 2009

The Space Between - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“My brother was fussing the whole portrait session, and my parents were getting frustrated as they were just trying to get one decent photo of the family. Finally, they threw their arms in the air and told him to sit where he pleased. It was my brotherโ€™s decision to sit off to the side. As you can see from my smirk, I wasnโ€™t upset about it. Considering how odd the picture turned out, Iโ€™m surprised my family selected to hang it in our home for all these years.”

(submitted by Yuri)

182 Responses to “The Space Between”

  1. elizabeth says:

    i think i went to school with that kid…

  2. Charlie says:

    That kid is precious.

  3. kelli says:

    This family thakes their potty training VERY seriously! He is sittling on a tot pot!

  4. plums says:

    But soon the young child will have grown to become: SUPER WARRIOR!

  5. BLAH BLAH BLAH says:


  6. Aussie Robbo says:

    What little kid? I don’t see a little kid ! ~spooooky~~~~!!!!!!

  7. Sher says:

    Independent lil bugger..well done him!

  8. ruby munchow says:

    this picture represents love, at its highest level/
    ya ma .

  9. Jay B says:

    TYou know who their favorite is??

  10. chivi says:

    he’s so cute!

  11. Emily says:

    You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.

  12. Kelli says:

    The Tribe Has Spoken.

  13. yuriko says:

    I should clarify about our family photo.. No one is edited out, my brother isn’t treated like Tiny Tim or an outcast and he is wearing pants. Weird layout I know, but know that my brother is loved and for some odd reason my family chose this photo to be hung on our living room wall. It didn’t occur funny to me until my husband and friends pointed it out. Hope you enjoy it like we do…

  14. ANONYMOUS says:


  15. brian says:

    The little guy on the footstool is my nephew Koi.
    he’s not being ostracized or left out of the family. He’s always been a rather independent individual. And he’s just showing the family just how independent he can be.

  16. Kim says:

    isnt that the first appearance of the little kid from The Grudge?? freaky……

  17. Megalynn says:

    He must be the black sheep of the family, poor little guy.

  18. ENP says:

    The kid looks like Spock at the beginning of Star Trek III.

  19. Mari says:

    Isn’t he the black-haired kid in that creepy horror movie a few years back? That’s not a kid! He’s a doppelganger!

  20. Spazzberry says:

    maybe a dirty diaper or accident caused the rift

  21. James says:

    Sorry, Marge. Little Timmy was shunned and is going to STAY shunned! Now, look happy or it will be just me in the picture

  22. Eric says:

    Holy crap, what if that kid is really the girl’s doll.

  23. Liz says:

    hasn’t this already been on here? this site needs to be updated more often too

  24. lagrange says:

    Is that kid having a “time out”????

  25. ziggy says:

    Asian Alec Baldwin?

  26. Bastet11 says:

    “We don’t get too close to him..he is a vicious biter..”

  27. superstar says:

    The caption is hilarious. this is the best

  28. Billy Bob says:


  29. AllAboutDave says:

    Isnt anyone going to comment on his outfit? Is it a bathrobe? A smoking jacket? A baby blue double breasted jacket? With a crest no less!

  30. binkymae says:

    I know you were not thrill to have been pressured into adopting me Aunt Jane, but seriously!

  31. Amberosia says:

    This totally remids me of trying to get Christmas pictures in 1999. We were not so politely asked to leave JCPenny because my then two year old daughter was completely uncooperative. We ended up going to place in the mall called Picture People and the only reason we were able to get a shot of her at all was because she got attached to a toy car.

    I sent out a picture that year of my small children sitting in a Woody Wagon (with a surfboad) against a blue snowflake background because the photographer thought it would look more Christmasy.

    • Anon says:

      Could you post that picture on AFP ??? PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sammi says:

      Your comment is making me laugh on so many levels! I really want to see how they attach a toddler to a toy car ๐Ÿ˜›

      Oh and I agree, you should submit some photos.

    • StrictTime says:

      That reminds me of a Christmas portrait session that lasted 4 hours and produced one shot—my three sons, all dressed in suits on a sled, because the youngest (2 year-old) WOULD NOT SIT STILL IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE PROP! When my husband came home that evening and I was in the kitchen drinking vodka, he knew something was wrong…

      So I feel your pain Amberosia : )

  32. BPG says:

    Psst over here, can I get in the picture too.

  33. dub says:

    Dad looks like one of those cardboard cut outs…

  34. Joe says:

    I’m surprised! In Asia, it’s usually the son who’s placed into the spotlight and gets most of the attention because they’re the ones who carry on the bloodline with the family name. Interesting.

    • Allison says:

      How do you know it’s Asia? If it were a Black family would you say it was Africa? They could be third- and fourth-generation immigrants for all you know.

  35. glasstabletop says:

    I must say, I find the husband/father extremely good looking.

  36. charmy says:

    Every good wizarding family has a family photo with their house elf…Seriously though that is the tiniest kid I have ever seen!

  37. Stephanie says:

    They could have just as easily photo-shopped the kid onto his dads lap…..poor kid.

  38. Carlos says:

    Kid looks like he’s sitting on a potty!

  39. Connie says:

    Awww… they let his imaginary friend stand in the picture with them. That’s sweet.

  40. julie says:

    I just want to hug that little guy..

  41. Frank says:

    [Phil Colins music] “You’re no son. You’re no son. You’re no of mi-ine.”

  42. Kristine says:

    This picture made me laugh outloud. There isn’t anything sad about it…ever been around a stubborn 3 year old? If he wants to sit there, so beit ๐Ÿ™‚ It may be that his child runs at 100 mph and this was as good a sitting picture as one could hope for? I think the little one is adorable. I love the way the photographer made sure he was just as nicely illuminated as the rest of the family, as if it were supposed to be this way!

    • Candy says:

      I think…or I hope that you are right. I agree, he is the cutest little boy! I just want to hug him & kiss the top of his little head (that’s what I do to my son…he’s starting to get to old for it though). ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Sara says:

    Can’t you see that the middle child was so obviously photo-shopped out ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Suki says:

    The kid just wandered in from the photo shoot on the next door.

  45. ditt says:


  46. kandee says:

    What if the little boy’s position was all the photographer’s idea? I can only hope … Bless his lil’ heart – he’s so darn cute!

  47. Anonymous says:

    It will be easy to cut him out of the photo after his mysterious death.

  48. Vikki says:

    I hope it was because the little boy was having a melt-down…

  49. andi says:

    The kid looks stoned! I agree though, the kid was probably fussing and carrying on and they figured it’d be easier to just let him have his way and sit where he wanted.

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