Say Cheese!

September 23rd, 2009

Say Cheese! - Babies

And the photographer thought that it would be hard to get the baby to smile.

(submitted by Andrea)

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  1. Maro says:

    This photo is obviously dated….the hair….glasses….the crazy smile….it’s funny only because we ALL have photos that were stylin’ in the day and now make us laugh or cringe…’s funny and sweet!!
    Yay for proud young families!!

    • Angel Baby says:

      Oh when I look back at some of my old photos I think “What the…” I thought that outfit/ hair style/ eye glasses where da bomb at the time, but in the light on present day, absolutly cringe worthy 🙂 Well said Maro 🙂

      • Snowrider says:

        I agree Angel. I don’t know where it is so don’t ask me to send it in but somewhere my Mom has picture of me wearing a hideous and very flammable pink leisure suit. I looked like Herb Tarlik from WKRP. GAG!

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s awkward.. look at the baby.

  3. Su says:

    Being uncomfortable is synonymous to awkward. Had the man been standing there with pursed lips, it would not be as awkward. The forced smile itself (not the teeth) make this picture uncomfortable therefore funny.
    And i’m sure the girlfriend who sent this in asked permission first. probably.

  4. Juno says:

    She’s a beautiful baby, but she looks mortified!

  5. Alain says:

    I also feel that this is not awkward, but mean.

  6. mrsmarvel says:

    Even if it was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie standing there, it would still be awkward because they are obviously stiff and uncomfortable and not paying attention to their child. I don’t ever come to this site expecting to NOT see someone in a strange, uncomfortable, awkward pose or with unattractive haircuts, clothing and poor/absent dentistry. Why does anyone come here? To see beautiful people? Hell no!!

  7. heather says:

    Totally rude. I hope the people in this photo know about it.

  8. Errr says:

    I don’t get why everyone is indignant… this isn’t poking fun at his physical appearance, it’s poking fun at his facial expression. This is a family photo, with a happy mom and baby, and he looks like someone is giving him a wedgie.

  9. Afro Disiac says:

    Calm down, baby boomers – this isn’t really that mean. The father looks very awkward. I’m sure they went through makeovers over the years – my mother was no eye candy back in the ’80s and you should see how beautiful she is now.

    The site is called Awkwardfamilyphotos. They’re pretty darn awkward.

  10. Lilly says:

    Oh, relax all of you who are having a heat attack over the “cruelness” of posting this pic! It’s just a picture! You think those people don’t realize what they look like? They’re probably well aware that their pic is on this website any way, get over it!

  11. Telebasta says:

    The first thing I noticed was the guy’s awkward expression. His looks didn’t mean anything. Why do they mean something to you?

  12. Robert says:



  13. Maya B says:

    Cute baby…aaaaaand that’s all I’m going to say.

  14. Brooklyn says:

    All in favor of having AFP remove this picture from the site for unnecessary cruelty say “I”

  15. Heidi says:

    SHAME ON YOU “”… this is DOWNRIGHT MEAN! Take it down. Just plain ignorant. These people look perfectly happy and in love and they are blessed with a child….why are you making fun of them. This pic is not awkward, just a reg. family wanting to have their portrait done for some memories. I hope they don’t see this. Cruel.

  16. Act says:

    I don’t see where anyone is “making fun.” The husband’s weird, teeth-baring non-smile is awkward and kind of funny. The only people talking about perceived physical flaws are the people talking about how “mean” posting the picture was.

    • Ruthie says:

      Well-said, Act. Who is calling these people “ugly” but the people saying people are calling these people “ugly”? There’s no doubt looking at this photo what decade it was taken during, although my mother STILL wears glasses like that (we’ve been trying to drop subtle hints…).
      Also, weird backdrop, “awkward” but quintessential 80’s family photo pose. Baby needs a hand!
      There’s something to be said for people comfortable enough in their own skin that they’re able to laugh at themselves…gotta love ’em 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      I thought the exact same thing. I was really stunned to see all the negative feedback about this photo. I thought the guy’s facial expression was hilarious and then got a one-two punch of funny when I scrolled down to see the adorable little baby all scrunched up by herself. And seriously, literally no one is making fun of or even noting the people’s general physical appearance except for those accusing others of cruelty.

  17. Lann says:

    Yeah. That’s not funny. It’s mean; I feel bad for those people.

  18. April says:

    I think I used to have that dress…and those glasses…

  19. braden says:

    actually I’m pretty easy going but I don’t think It’s cool to make fun of these people –
    Kind of misses the spirit of ‘awkwardness’
    No awkwardness – These people look in love and perfectly happy…

  20. brett says:

    mean. whoever posted this picture (unless it was someone in this photo): mean.

  21. Crystals Mom says:

    Bob…give em your Grrr face

  22. LindsayLu says:

    Let this be a lesson to you all… if you smoke and drink a lot of coffee, your teeth will look like this.

    at least their baby is adorable!

  23. Marney says:

    ***Any comments that are offensive to the point of being viciously personal, racist, homophobic, exceedingly profane, violent or too graphic in nature won’t be posted. We want to keep this site a friendly place to be awkward. Thanks!***

    What about pictures that are personally vicious? You should take this down. It’s not right.

    • Slappy says:

      May I remind everyone, that someone submitted this photo. Perhaps Mrs. Say Cheese. Maybe they can look at it and laugh, and they want to share the fun. I don’t think somebody ransacked their house and then posted it behind their backs, and now we are making cracks that they never expected. Anyone who posts photos know what comes after. And I applaud them for their self confidence.

      Thanks for the chuckle Cheese Family!!

    • Act says:

      How is this personally vicious? The husband got caught making a weird face. The only people commenting on anything else are the people who are so upset that “unattractive” people (which, uh, what? It’s bad 80s-ish fashion and a weird facial expression).

      Seriously, you’re all hypocrites.

      • Etraking says:

        Thank you thank you! I think people are rushing for political correctness when this is a simple matter of a normal looking guy caught making faces…and has the righteous gang above considered that its probably the man or his wife that submitted this photo!?

  24. kelly says:

    that’s a beautiful baby.

  25. Shelley says:

    This brings a whole new meaning to “Ok, everyone look natural…”

  26. KatieMB says:

    Well goodness.

  27. Just goes to show ya, there is someone out there for everyone!

  28. Hexipooh says:

    Poor baby looks abandoned! Why aren’t Mom and Dad holding, touching this little girl? That baby needs a parental shelf!

    • nite owl says:

      That’s my take on this — what were they thinking? “Let’s just prop the baby far away from our heads….” I’m sure this father isn’t so unfortunate looking, this was just a bad moment that made him look like he’s a hungry predator looking for fresh meat!

      • Denise says:

        I think Hexipooh and niteowl have captured what’s awkward about this photo. It has little (or nothing) to do with the parents’ looks. It’s about their expressions and the position of the baby. If you’re proud parents, don’t gnarl while staring blankly off into the distance. Smile at the baby, perhaps touch the baby. Don’t prop baby up at the bottom of the frame with its legs spread and a loaded diaper.

    • funda62 says:

      Yes this is why the photo is awkward not due to any imperfections of the adults. The baby is just kind of stuck there as an after thought.

  29. Mark says:

    This is the first picture I’ve ever seen published here to exploit someone’s unfortunate appearance. I think this is cruel, not awkward. I’m ashamed that the AFP standards have gotten so low.

  30. Molly says:

    I assume he was just caught unprepared. I don’t think there is any actual impairment. Thus it’s awkwardness.

  31. mrs. fuzz says:

    Is it just me or are one of her eyes bigger and BLACK?

  32. mel says:

    The baby sorta looks like “Welp, whaddya gunna do?”

  33. eve says:

    They’re so busy acting up for the camera they don’t notice the baby is slowly sinking into a hunched blob. Is she also wearing the Pampers Week Long Special diaper? Get a load of the load!

  34. December says:

    Yes, but awkward in the sense that they probably hung this up on their mantle and guests had to act as if everything were normal.

  35. Jackie says:

    I agree with Rick and Amice. It’s not awkward to smile and not look like a Hollywood movie star. Most people don’t. I think this is a nice family photo. And, no, I don’t know the people in the picture.

  36. Joby says:

    This guy actually looks like my mate!

  37. Steponme says:

    Amice: Unfortunate?! Now THAT’S cruel! These two people found each other, fell in love (we can assume) and brought an adorable little baby into the world. They may not be the most attractive couple according to typical standards, but hey – it just goes to show you there’s someone for EVERYONE out there. (was THAT cruel?!?) Shave all that hair, give him a little dental work, and we probably wouldn’t be seeing his picture here.

    • Amice says:

      Well that’s what I meant by unfortunate–unfortunate teeth, and an unfortunate portrait smile, but you just expanded on my point that this pic doesn’t really belong here.

      Because nothing else about the photo is overly awkward, the unspoken message seems to be that he’s goofy looking and so that’s funny, but that’s not what this site is intended to be.

  38. 037 says:

    Not awkward at all. Yeah, they are goofy looking and they know it. No need to make fun of them, unless this is site is about mocking people without model looks. If that is the case, my bad for misunderstanding the intent of this page.

    • veronica says:

      yes, this site is about mocking people without model looks… because 99.9999% of people are without model looks. let’s just have fun and laugh at ourselves, because deep down, we’re all freakin awkward.

  39. Anne says:

    What we could potentially look like without plastic surgery, fake teeth, boob jobs and hair implants. How refreshing!

  40. Cee says:

    My guess is that if this poor man isn’t in front of a camera, he has a wonderful smile and looks just fine. Some people just aren’t comfortable in front of a camera.

    What I personally find awkward in this photo is the placement of the baby. I mean, that little guy doesn’t look comfortable, and looks almost like a prop and not part of the family.

  41. Romeo says:

    Oh my God…

  42. Wayneman says:

    I must say, the baby is surprisingly cute…

  43. Amy says:

    AAAAAAAAaaaaHHHHHHHHHH! he scared me!

  44. Labhaoise says:

    Harry and the Hendersons much??

  45. Suki says:

    smile like you mean it.

  46. Amice says:

    I think you crossed the line into “mean.”
    Unfortunate? yes.
    Awkward? no.

    • Rick says:

      Yep – there’s nothing awkward here … just making fun of someone’s looks. I’d vote for removing this one!

      • Shelby says:

        I agree. It’s not awkward at all. This one should be removed..

      • Alicia says:

        So, to clarify, putting their brand new infant who isn’t even old enough to hold their head up in a velveteen lined box ISN’T awkward? Seems like you guys are being overly sensitive to their looks and missing the OBVIOUS awkwardness in this family photo of a couple and their newborn!

        If you asked me, I’d say they haven’t had any sleep in a few weeks. As someone who has had a baby in the last year, I recognize that look!

  47. PopCollector says:

    Hurry up, man… I gotta pee!

  48. Rick says:

    There is a fine line between awkward and just posting pictures based on someone’s unfortunate features …. the latter borders on cruel!

    • Cindy says:

      remember….God made us and He doesn’t make junk. Only thing I would change (if change is necessary) is some braces…

      • Heidi says:

        This is true..not awkward..just plain MEAN. Everyone CANNOT LOOK LIKE A HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY…this is just picking on this couple and I think it’s cruel. It’s like making fun of the overweight or less than pretty girl at school. Whatever. This borders on immature.

    • LindsayLu says:

      agreed. AFP, stick to what you do best. let’s not make this another ‘make fun of other people’ site.

      • veronica says:

        c’mon, people submit pictures of themselves and laugh at themselves. don’t take yourself too seriously. these folks obviously don’t, and they’re gorgeous.

  49. Stacia says:

    “Even at 2 weeks old, Baby Sarah was aware of the awkwardness of this picture”

  50. k i c says:

    that is sooo disturbing…. but at least the baby looks cute.

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