Say Cheese!

September 23rd, 2009

Say Cheese! - Babies

And the photographer thought that it would be hard to get the baby to smile.

(submitted by Andrea)

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  1. Lee says:

    These comments about this picture just showing “unfortunate” looking people are really strange and disappointing. The baby is cute but is making a funny face. The woman is smiling nicely, 70s fashion notwithstanding. The man however looks likes he’s just showing his teeth, with no smile expression at all – maybe the photo was snapped at the wrong moment mid-smile. That seems more awkward than “unfortunate”.

    If you felt like an equal you’d laugh, not feel pity.

  2. mamasmilkman says:

    Aw, makes me miss my guinea pig, Bareet.

  3. Kristen says:

    Oh my, that is the cutest baby!

  4. Erin says:

    That man looks like my stepdad. I showed my mom and she even agreeed. HAHAHAHAAH

  5. mirshe says:

    I wish braces were invented then

  6. Michelle says:

    This TOTALLY reminds me of the FRIENDS episode when Chandler & Monica go to get family pictures & he can’t smile. 🙂

  7. J. Brown says:

    I am a professional photographer and this pose is so strange to me. Why would someone place an infant in a poser and stand the parents behind them in this manner… the posing is completely off. They should have sat the parents down in a more natural pose with them holding the baby. No infant at this age sits up anyway and it is completely the pose itself that causes this portait to be awkward. Being a photographer I can’t tell you how many times someone went to speak or readjust as the flash went off… capturing odd/funny expressions at times. Just one of those great moments, and honestly probably a newer photographer who was still in the learning stage of knowing what poses work and what poses don’t.

  8. ARR says:

    This picture is the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  9. Daily says:

    That baby has the most ADORABLE expression on her face! If I were the mom OR dad in that picture, I would be absolutely beaming too! This is a sweet picture. The dad looks a little bit like Jeffrey Tambor. (I probably spelled that wrong.) The eyes and smile is the similarity.

  10. dawna says:

    that poor, innocent, adorable, cute BABY!

  11. Megan says:

    Oh my gosh… I remember doing poses like this back then. I was actually *taught* to do this pose as one of the free ones when I worked at Hess’ Portrait Studio aka Sears Portrait Studio. I hated it! But back then nobody was really trained on how to photograph families with their babies. It was all very awkward! LOLOL…

  12. Theresa says:

    Ok… Everyone say, “GRRRRRR”!

  13. YouWontLikeIt says:

    Ok, seriously now, some people’s faces are just awkward. It’s even more awkward when those people don’t know how to handle themselves..

    Anyways, even though that baby is awkward being so tiny making its diaper look huge and uncomfortable, its the cutest thing in the picture though!

  14. cahh says:

    This must have been an Olan Mills shot. They were the worst!! Seems the comments are directed toward the guy and his pose and the poor baby “sitting” there by herself in the corner. This is a photographer mistake. How they get people to buy what they put out is a trick.

  15. Lisa says:

    That baby is just TOO cute. I can’t stand it that someone is not holding her and snuggling up to her. They seem like nice people. This was probably the photographer’s idea. The man appears to be about to say something.

    I just can’t get over how precious that baby is!

  16. Vodka says:

    “I gunna eat da baby afer dis pikchur!!!”

  17. Whodathunkit says:

    You KNOW this photo is going to be pulled out at some special moment, like a 50th wedding anniversary party. It will definitely bust everyone up. I sure hope this horrible photographer took at least one decent shot of this lovely family. They look like really nice people.

  18. SweetPetunia says:

    OK, who’s Andrea? The baby? I’m not sure what everyone is getting so upset about this picture. Yea, it’s awkward, everything about that decade was. None of us looked good and, if you say you did, you’re lying. LOL What I find the most awkward is that baby is just sitting there, all by herself. For the love, someone pick her up! Give the girl a hug. 😉

  19. Troismama says:

    Why is everyone so upset? The guy got caught with a weird smile and pose. Plus I’ve never seen a “new” family photo posed like this. It’s awkward because the parents and the baby look like they are posing for completely different photos…do they even know there’s a baby (a totally cute baby!)? Scrolling down you wouldn’t think a baby is going to appear.

  20. Lulus Mom says:


  21. monavis says:

    Have you ever posed for a lot of professional photos only to find that your smile becomes lopsided or awkward after a while? This is probably a case of “smile fatigue”. Cute baby though!

    • Sidekick says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head. After a long night of partying at our wedding reception, the photographer said he needed a few final shots so he had my husband and I both look at a lit candle and we were told “not to blink our eyes” and look thoughtful. The result was hilarious. I look like I’m about to fall asleep and my husband has a zobie-like trance look.

  22. anniebananie says:

    Oh what an adorable baby!!! The only thing awkward is that they are not holding her and snuggling the heck out of it! PICK UP THE BABY!

  23. jasm5 says:

    This picture would look a lot nicer if the baby was positioned more closer to the chest level rather than waist level. Maybe if the man’s hand was on her shoulder too. The man’s smile is obviously forced, and that’s what makes it awkward. The lady’s smile is natural and she looks genuinely happy. The baby is absolutely adorable.

  24. Melba says:

    Baby is cute as a doll. But rather unfortunate placement of the (pom pom) balls!

  25. Deb says:

    nah, I don’t think this is cruel, I think it’s totally awkward posing & awkward fashions of the day! I think the photographer must have given instructions to “smile with your teeth” or some such & it looks like dad wasn’t used to smiling that way. That said, these look like nice people, I wish I knew them!

  26. Becca says:

    All I have to say is, that is an ADORABLE baby! Seriously! I just want to hug it!! 😀

  27. Laughingontheoutside says:

    I think everyone is taking this a little to the extreme, if you think that the friend that posted this was being cruel than you obviously think theres something wrong with the way they look. I happen to think theres nothing wrong looking with either of them but in all fairness his smile is a tad on the ackward side. Some people just dont like to be photograghed and Im thinking he is one of these people. He looks uncomfortable but did this so he and his family could have a memory of when the baby was just born. It looks like he might have been saying something when the picture snapped. This was prolly take in the 80’s long before you could pick your fav picture on a computer and have it printed.

    • Sluggie says:

      I was thinking the same thing about him possibly talking when the pic was taken. I don’t think this pic is mean. Its the unfortunate pose and smile that make this funny. I do think that if you’re thinking this is mean then perhaps you have a problem with how these people look. I don’t see anything wrong with their appearance. Its purely the poor abandoned baby pose and the grin that do it for me.

    • Sam says:

      No it’s not cruel at all.Aren’t all of us a little goofy looking some time in our life?In my case most of the time.And being caught off guard makes the best pics.Granted it is awkward when it’s staged and you’re still off guard but thats what makes life grand.

  28. CB says:

    Okay, a few points:

    -I love a bearded man
    -ALL 80’s/early 90’s photos are awkward
    -That baby sure is cute
    -That man is probably quite attractive, but clearly is one of those “I freeze and make weird faces when there’s a camera” kind of people.
    -Could they have taken a more unaffectionate photo?

    I think those making comments to the “meanness” of the picture, are creating the meanness, in implying something about this man’s look being the most awkard thing in the photo. News flash: he’s not even that unfortunate looking! Only that he’s bearing his not perfect teeth in a strange way…..

    AFP, thank you for the awkward photo, and I think those who think this is “cruel” are really reaching……like, come on. This is cruel? The cruel thing is that fashion created an era where that lady’s dress was once stylish. And her hair! Who in the 80’s didn’t have hair like that? TOTALLY awkward now.

    That baby looks lonely.

  29. which is more awkward, the dad’s strained smile/grimace or the baby in the box?
    (why is baby not in someone’s arms? bizarre.)

  30. Fionafern says:

    This photo is absolutely awkward and it has nothing to do with their looks, It’s the pose. Babies are ‘hands-on’ little beings.

  31. Lola says:

    Noone puts baby in a corner.

  32. MS says:

    Its NOT the God-given physical attributes of these people that makes this photo a candidate for “Awkward”. It’s their pose, his “growl” and the way they are posed with this precious, although poorly positioned infant that makes this awkward. What man DIDN’T have the Grizzly Adams thing going in the late 70s early 80s??? Its all the “staging” that makes this AWKWARD.

  33. Andrea says:

    Yea so these are my parents’ friends and it’s from 1990. It’s not poking fun at the couple or being mean, it’s just how awkward they look in this particular photo. They took other photos that turned out great! So get off your high horse and just laugh a little!

    • Mike says:

      I’m pretty sure I know this woman, and used to work with her. I’d love to know what state she’s from, and what her first name is. I’d bet I know this lady.

  34. Quiet-one says:

    That guy sure takes the term “Cheesin’ it” to a totally new level!! I’m just curious why neither of them is holding the baby, it looks like they left it on the table there,

  35. SWMBO says:

    I understand that a “friend” sent this in – but this makes me uncomfortable- not awkward, but bordering on mean. PLease stick with awkward _ FWIW – I hm not one of the “photoshopping” “that’s not awkward” type of fans normally. This is the first time I have had an issue with a picture.

    • Rod says:

      what’s awkward about this is their particular poses/smiles, not their general appearances. as someone said before, im sure other pictures from this session look great.

      • imlovingattention says:

        I have to agree with Rod. His mouth is partly open as if he’s growling! but his eyes look terrified at the same time… I love the fact that his ears are completely hidden in his beard/head hair! his shoulders leaning forward and … do i dare say? his hands in his pockets?!?! that would complete the awkward husband look! lm*o! my boyfriend always seems to pull this pose when we’re around my friends!

  36. AngelaH says:

    I bet if found this family today they would still be happily married with 3 or 4 well adjusted kids. Nothing awkward about that!

  37. magnum51 says:

    what’s mean is to think they are not good looking enough to be on this page… I’m pretty sure the guy looks better in rethan on this photo, and the women has a nice smile that’s what is awkward in it.

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