September 25th, 2009

10 - Mom & Dad

This father isn’t going to let anything spoil his moment.

(submitted by Kim)

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  1. Kaern says:


  2. Lisa says:

    The awkward girl splashing in the photo looks just like me!

  3. Raye says:

    …I think I’ve swum in that lake before

  4. mamasmilkman says:

    “I know she can’t swim. Now, just calmly handover that camera.”

  5. Jessica says:

    This looks a lot like where i go on VC Its called Loon Lake New york

  6. Fran says:

    This looks like montclair VA?

  7. Matt says:

    Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. Jason Voorhees was never a strong swimmer…

  8. CarrieMac says:

    Hilarious! Since he’s obviously standing up, it looks like she’s drowning in 3 feet of water. Or maybe she’s just real high-maintenance and can’t have him be the center of attention for five seconds.

  9. Eric says:

    What you CAN’T see in this picture is the dolphin she is riding.

  10. Daily says:

    She would always do ANYTHING for attention. Crying, Screaming, Drowning… when WOULD she grow up?!

  11. leeny says:

    He has a look of self satisfaction on his face that suggest he had something to do with her “fall”.

  12. ThatChick says:

    so i think that mom, DAD, and their kid were on vacation. dad was like ‘aww, junior/princess is taking a picture.. thats my camera, but whatevs..’.

    mom is just awkward because she didn’t really pay attention to what was going on and decided to jump off the platform, slipped a little once landing, and just didn’t bother staying aware of her facial expression.

  13. amber hansen says:

    Oh and by the way Operation Wedding thread is not funny. I don’t know where you get your humor Tamara but that sucked.

  14. jenniep says:

    you cant even see the rope he used to yank her off the platform…………goodjob!!!!!!!!!!

  15. What? says:

    I would like you to me my wife Grace, oh look, here she comes now.

  16. Crystals Mom says:


  17. AwkWerrrd says:

    “Cool guys don’t look at explosions…”

  18. Anne says:

    She just surfaced before being dragged under for the last time, and he’s looking forward to the insurance money.

  19. Anne says:

    Oh my gosh i think this is right next to the cabin my auntie and uncle own! :]

  20. carol says:

    Yeah, he’s got it going on. She can wait!

  21. Ed Smith says:

    This man understands the importance of guarding his belly button from the harmful rays of the sun! His wife in the background understands the importance of splashing water in her own face.

  22. Andrea says:

    The caption is a reference to Bo Derek in the movie 10.

    She comes out of the water slowly and with self assurance, appearing to be the perfect female specimen, or a quote 10 unquote.

    And now you know! (smiles, tooth PING!)

  23. Allison says:

    Alright, what happened to the last post about the “putting on a happy face” with the parents and the brand new baby? Who got offended and had that taken off?

  24. Hey, I think we’re all forgetting about the third person in this unfolding drama, the photographer, who is looking right at the drowning woman, and . . . taking a picture.

  25. Maya B says:

    It’s OK, Dude…she can handle that gator all by herself. Just keep looking at the camera.

  26. Matt Jeezee says:

    Yea, you know how creepy those underwater spiders are.

  27. The Russian Judge says:

    I only give her a “6”

  28. Tamara says:

    I don’t see the humor in this. People splash in water. At least on Earth. And she’s splashing herself in shallow water (she’s obviously standing) and she’s so far behind him he doesn’t have anything to do with her SPLASHING HERSELF.

    • Rod says:

      Tamara: BOOOOOOOO! you have no sense of humor whatsoever. What a killjoy.

      And fyi, she clearly is not standing, she just fell from the platform. You can see the splash from her legs behind her.

      • Tamara says:

        So what if she jumped, fell, or the water isn’t shallow. She’s in a swimsuit in a lake going off a dock. Very ordinary. Not funny.

        • CutiePie says:

          You have no imagination.

        • KB says:

          true, jumping off a dock in a lake is ordinary, but clearly it’s the juxtaposition of the expressions/scenarios that’s funny. why are you on this site again?

          • Tamara says:

            It’s the Operation Wedding thread I’m not visiting again so if people want to leave mean spirited comments for me there then that’s fine. I promise I won’t be reading them. But let’s make nice from hear on out please. Lots of people post opinions here that express they don’t think the photo is funny nor awkward. And the truth is, I think most of them are (especially the comments), but not this one.

  29. monavis says:

    I’ll stop at nothing to show you my fading farmer’s tan!

  30. CB says:

    Maybe a spider just touched her leg under the water…..*shudder*

  31. Angie says:

    That’s it, Honey! Just keeping moving those arms!

  32. Haha!
    “Dad, help me!”
    “Just a minute honey, you know Dad is working it right now.”

  33. Queen of the World says:

    He will stop at nothing to have his moment in the sun.

  34. hcw80 says:

    Ed had his eye on the cooler full of cold beer and the grill full of hot brats. After 30 years of marriage he had learned to just turn a deaf ear to Margie’s constant nagging. He was unaware that the loud, “ED! ED! ED!” in the distance was a call for help. He just thought she was going to harangue him about getting sand of the beach towel…again.

  35. june says:

    I’d say his concern for his wife is underwhelming.

  36. Rubysarms says:

    Weights tied to feet? $50.00. Self-timing camera? $250.00. “Vacation” at the lake? $750.00. Walking away with cocky self-assurance? Priceless.

  37. Johnny Cat says:

    This instantly made me think of that short story by Stephen King with the platform in the lake.

  38. Su says:

    His concern for his wife is overwhelming.

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