Eye Contact

October 14th, 2009

Eye Contact - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Has anyone seen Aunt Telcia?

(submitted by Nicole)

1,172 Responses to “Eye Contact”

  1. Shawn says:

    I won’t lie, my heart skipped a beat.

  2. Grouchy Dude says:

    Looks Photoshopped but funny as hell….

  3. jacks says:

    i just don’t know what to say about this, other than there has to be a joke behind it, if not, that;s some creepy stuff!

  4. Jaemae says:

    Took me a minute to figure it out and it was a little startling. but..why..just why?

  5. lacey says:

    lol i dont know why everyone is saying they jumped. it didnt freak me out, im just so confused why they would do this. there really needs to be a story behind this one

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